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Christian Watford and Victor Oladipo try to go for the ball during Tuesday’s win. Chris Howell | Herald-Times



In my postgame Q&A, I try to explain what got into Will Sheehey on Tuesday, as well as the most encouraging and discouraging parts of the first three games.

Inside the Hall’s Zachary Osterman resuscitated the Inside the Hall podcast, and brought along Dustin as his first guest. The talk about recruiting and IU’s 3-0 start.

I would be remiss to not point out this wonderful piece of journalism by the Noblesville Times’ Don Jellison. It was thoroughly mocked by the IU beat gang on Twitter last night. I’ll excerpt the highlight.

If I was Tom Crean (which I can’t be, because I can’t move that fast), here would be my lineup next season … Daniel Moore, Austin Etherington and Jeff Howard. Toss in the Elston kid from Tipton and maybe the fifth man would be a player from Ohio, or Illinois, or Alabama.

The women’s team has had very good defense in its first two games, Jeremy writes, and tries to improve to 3-0 tonight against Memphis.


Indiana understands the jokes. They get them. Now they just want the jokes to be over, Dustin writes.

The Star’s Jeff Rabjohns gets in on the actual score controversy, and writes that both coaches deny any running up of the score.

KentSterling.com’s Kyle Miller interviewed a bunch of students and asked them if Bill Lynch should be retained. This is worth watching, because the last guy is former Bloomington North center Hogan Stanger, who beasted New Albany’s Donnie Hale in the regular season finale last year.


Purdue set a new single-game scoring record under Matt Painter, putting up 103 points on Alcorn State and giving up just 48, the Lafayette Journal & Courier’s Jeff Washburn writes. In the other Big Ten contest, Northwestern had to survive a scare against Texas-Pan American, but got 22 points from Drew Crawford.

Tonight’s big game is Illinois vs. Texas in Madison Square Garden. D.J. Richardson is not as tough as coach Bruce Weber wants him to be, but he’s still the team’s best defender, the Chicago Tribune’s Chris Hine writes.

Minnesota’s Rodney Williams has the ability to play in the NBA, but is juggling basketball against raising his four-month-old daughter, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune’s Myron P. Medcalf writes.

When Williams learned his girlfriend was expecting last year, life abruptly changed. But he said having a daughter helped him grow up in ways he never anticipated.

“It’ll be a lot of work, but I have a lot of people in my corner, so I feel like this is going to be an easier process for me,” Williams said. “Any time I need more time to see my daughter, I just talk to Coach. He makes it happen for me.”

Michigan has shown an ability to convert on the fast break, so coach John Beilein expects them to run more tonight against Bowling Green, AnnArbor.com’s Michael Rothstein writes.

Three hours before tipoff Tuesday, Michigan State forward Delvon Roe was performing Shakespeare across the Michigan State campus, the Detroit Free-Press’ George Sipple writes.


Penn State’s Matt McGloin is a kid undeterred by his own mistakes, the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Bernard Fernandez writes.

Ohio State safety Tyler Moeller, who has missed most of the past two seasons with various injuries, will get a sixth year of eligibility, the Columbus Dispatch’s Tim May writes. Wisconsin defensive end J.J. Watts hopes to tear up Michigan’s offensive line the way Purdue’s Ryan Kerrigan did, Madison.com’s Tom Mulhern writes. Senior linebackers Greg Jones and Eric Gordon have been consistent factors as Michigan State worked its way up to Big Ten contention, the Lansing State Journal’s Denny Schwarze writes.

Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez needs to prove progress by defeating either Wisconsin or Ohio State, the Detroit Free-Press’ Drew Sharp writes. Iowa tailback Adam Robinson has taken advantage of a less-crowded backfield and is now close to a 1,000-yard season, the Des Moines Register’s Andrew Logue writes.

As Northwestern and Illinois prepare for Saturday’s contest at Wrigley Field, the Wildcats seem like a team on the rise, while the opposite is true for the Illini, the Chicago Tribune’s David Haugh writes.


The Rolling Stones’ “Paint it Black.”


  1. I think 4G is from Noblesville, he and the Jellyson guy who wrote that crap seem to agree on a a lot. It tells me a lot about folks from Noblesville. I am not joking here, haha!

    disclaimer: if you are from Noblesville, I am sorry as I have never been there. I just read garbage by a guy on this blog from Noblesville and read a crazy story by a guy named Jellyson so I judge it based on only those 2 people!

  2. Just a random thought on in-game crowd chants…

    In the wake of the recent backlash about the “You Suck” chant in Assembly Hall, I’ve come to believe that IU seriously lacks a respectable tradition of chants/cheers/etc in support of EITHER the basketball or football team. I just don’t see much that’s both unique to IU and legitimate enough to stand the test of time (I’m not yet sold on the Zombie Nation thing, but it’s a start). I’d welcome anyone’s opinion that could prove me wrong and change my mind.

  3. Yeagleyball…

    when they chant “you suck” they’re talking to the IU teams =)

    83 points…

  4. Yeagleyball, you are dead right. It’s like they’re stuck perpetually in 1983. Although Glass has done better the last 2 years to coordinate the in-game activities, PA, sound, cheerleaders, and band, it ranks about a 4 out of 10 in my book. Now, that’s better than the 2 out of 10 it’s been the previous 6 years or so. Bottom line, this really isn’t near as important as what’s happening on the field, but I think everyone needs to tour some different schools (espescially in the SEC and Big12) and see how to properly use your band, your cheerleaders, and your in-stadium video/sound. Think of some of the lame cheers often used:

    “GO BIG RED”
    “I N D I A N A” to the song “Wipeout”
    Hand springs and cartwheels during timeouts

    Basically, their go-to thing is the William Tell Overture. It gets used at every game and is the real only thing they do that is well coordinated, tradition-rich, and meaningful to people in the seats. Personally, I can’t stand the “Hey Baby” and “Shout” songs the band plays. You might as well turn on elevator music during a timeout. No one gets fired up by it.

  5. Yeaglyball,
    I feel the same way.
    I believe that is a result of conservative Hoosier fans and being scolded by Bobby, if anyone acted up. I believe it could be football related too.(not much to cheer about)

  6. In commemoration of the Beatles finally being released to Itunes, here are 5 of my favorite Beatles titles that also lend themselves well to the promise of the Hoosier basketball season and the crowd here at the Scoop:

    1) “I’ve Got a Feeling” (that we are going to surprise people this year; from Let it Be )

    2) “Get Back!” (to where you once belonged, IU!)

    3) Guy Marc “Michelle”, Ma Belle (from Rubber Soul)

    4) Jordan, you’ve got to “Carry that Weight” (from Abbey Road)

    5) “Fixing a Hole” in 4guards’ head (as the team and coach slowly disprove him; from Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band)

    Any further contributions?

  7. The South definatly has some cool stuff in regards to chants, bands and cheers. Somtimes I am embarrased at some things IU does. They do need to mix things up music wise, and be a little more, “cutting edge”.

  8. If that Jellison article was NOT merely a satirical piece, then Mr. Jellison clearly has not emerged from the 1950’s with his attitude.

  9. I like the tradition of doing the same songs, cheers, etc. The ‘cutting edge’ stuff is real tacky in my opinion and the NBA-type crap is extremely lame. I can compromise to the extent that we need to do it because young people like it, but I’d rather not change a thing. I’m disappointed that they’ve changed the starting line-ups.

    The ‘you suck’ thing is bad by the students, but overrated. Student sections have been doing that forever. I’m not justifying it or excusing it, but I just don’t see it as being such an earth-shattering deal.

    As far as the student section and better and more organized cheers and whatever, who cares? With the past couple years being an exception, our record in Assembly Hall has been fantastic, so I’d say what we’ve always done works fine. Gimmicks and funny creations of the students are OK, but really not a concern to me; so much of it becomes more about the students wanting attention that wanting to support the team.

  10. I thought the Jellison piece would be satire, but its not. Its serious op-ed. I think its terribly ironic that the guy writes that while knowing that we have a boatload of Indiana kids committed to coming in the very near future, and with additional heavy emphasis on recruiting hoosier kids Ferrell, Harris and Hollowell. The cake’s in the oven Mr. Jellison, you just need to give it time to bake.

  11. Wisco,

    I agree with your point about the results on the court (and hopefully someday the field) being what matters most, rather than what’s coming from the stands.

    My point is that much of what drives a “gameday” atmosphere comes from the crowd being engaged and working together. I think one of the best examples of this is Ohio State’s 4-corner O-H-I-O cheer (even Illinois does an alternating ILL – INI between the two sides of their football stadium). I’m not advocating we necessarily copy these, just that I’d love to see something proprietary to the school develop…our current stuff is just plain weak. I can’t see better (respectable) crowd interaction hurting the existing effect of Assembly Hall.

  12. If Jellison is only infatuated with Hoosier BB players, my directive to him is to focus solely on Indiana HS BB and forget about writing about his inability to understand collegiate B ball. So much for trying to make his mark in journalism by capitalizing on SENSATIONALISM.

  13. It would have made more sense to say he wants a lineup next year of:


    Also would have helped if he actually knew the names correctly.

  14. Fair enough; I just don’t necessarily think we need the stuff, but whatever. Now, I will agree that late arrivals-especially for big games- is annoying. I really don’t like the NBA, strobe light, cIrcus-type stuff. Maybe I’m just old school, and I do like change in most areas of life, but I kind of like that IU basketball is always the same. The uniforms, the warm-ups, playing Indiana our indiana when they take the court and Indiana fight when they leave the court, etc, etc. I think some innovations would be fine, I frankly don’t care a lot, just don’t want tradition to be sacrificed just in the name of doing something new. And I definitely don’t want an NBA atmosphere. That said, as I told my friend the other night during the new player introductions- what I want most is for them to win.

  15. Oh, and since we really don’t have much of a tradition in football, I’m open to about any innovation there.

  16. Random thoughts thrown in–
    i. I hail back to IU in the late 70s and early 80s so I love the traditional stuff in the Hall.

    ii. I really do not care for the “you suck” during Dr. Hoosier, but will tolerate it…it could be worse. At PU football they chant 1,2,3,4 first down “BITCH” That stuff just shows no class…Coach Knight for all his many many many faults, would not tolerate that.

    iii. I like the intro with the lineups, but the last game I was there they shortened it and did not show all the “I’ts ___” clips. I liked the longer one that included coach McCracken and Knight. I thought it paid tribute to the tradition. On a similar note, the highlight of football season for me was the pregame bison video. I really appreciated that.

    iv. The main attraction at all these events should be the STUDENTS–team, cheerleaders, band, cheering section! I applaud the general admission seating for the lower rows, but at the second tv timeout, tell the ushers to back off and let everybody else in the student section move down and fill that thing up! It’s embarrassing to see it 1/2 full. Back in my student days we never came late to the games. . . .

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