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Indiana coach Bill Lynch reacts as Penn State kicks a PAT during Saturday’s game. Chris Howell | Herald-Times



Fred Glass said Monday that he does not want to add any further comment on Bill Lynch’s job status, and Lynch told reporters that Glass has been nothing but supportive. But it undeniable that this is a trying week for Lynch and for his players, which Ben Chappell admitted, Dustin writes.

The players are going to stand behind Lynch, ESPN.com’s Adam Rittenberg writes.


First of all, an official declaration. After a round of voting on Twitter, YogiStock is the official name for this recruit frenzy. Please replace all #Zellerpalooza hashtags with #YogiStock. Thanks. Here are some Yogi Ferrell highlights from Park Tudor’s scrimmage.

After YogiStock is over, it may be time for HarrisSomething. Gary Harris told Inside the Hall’s Alex Bozich that he has been recruited by Tom Crean himself and he is not surprised by the resurgence on the recruiting trail.

Today’s opponent, North Carolina Central, is going through growing pains but has an athletic, experienced bunch, Dustin writes.

The IDS’ Nathan Hart continues to evaluate Indiana’s lineups in terms of a total plus-minus. Turns out, so far, the starting lineup has been the best one.

Crean is trading offense for defense and so far that is fine, the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette’s LaMond Pope writes.

A day after I wrote about Tom Pritchard, here comes two more takes: from the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel’s Pete DiPrimio and the Indy Star’s Terry Hutchens.

SI.com’s Seth Davis writes 10 sophomores as prime for a breakout season, and Christian Watford is one of them.


Michigan State, despite Kalin Lucas’ 28 points, struggled with Chaminade in the first round of the Maui Invitational, eventually winning by eight, the Lansing State Journal’s Joe Rexrode writes. The Spartans play Connecticut today.

Long Beach State pulled down 21 offensive rebounds and defeated Iowa in the Virgin Islands, the Des Moines Register’s Rick Brown writes.

Taran Buie and Jeff Brooks had career nights as Penn State easily beat Central Connecticut State, the Centre Daily Times’ Jeff Rice writes.

A large slate of games tonight. Purdue guard John Hart has made the most of his opportunities as the Boilermakers prepare to play Austin Peay today, the Lafayette Journal & Courier’s Jeff Washburn writes.

Illinois has been too reliant on the pick-and-pop play so far and needs to be more diverse against Yale, the Chicago Tribune’s Chris Hine writes.

Unusual, non-neutral location tournaments have helped Ohio State, the Columbus Dispatch’s Bob Baptist writes.


Ohio State linebacker Brian Rolle is excited about the chance to take on Michigan’s Denard Robinson, the Cleveland Plain-Dealer’s Doug Lesmerises writes. Rich Rodriguez is more confident than ever that Michigan is on the right track, AnnArbor.com’s Pete Bigelow writes.

Wisconsin plays host to Northwestern on Saturday with a share of the Big Ten title on the line, but the game is not yet a sellout, Madison.com’s Tom Mulhern writes. Northwestern could return to Wrigley Field for more games, the Chicago Tribune’s Teddy Greenstein writes.

NFL scouts are still high on Iowa’s Adrian Clayborn, despite a lackluster season, the Des Moines Register’s Andrew Logue writes.

Penn State’s offensive line upheaval continues with suspensions and injuries forcing changes, the Harrisburg Patriot-News’ Jared Shanker writes. Michigan State has to win for the first time at Happy Valley this Saturday, the Lansing State Journal’s Joe Rexrode writes.

Illinois looks like it is headed to Houston for a bowl game, the Champaign News-Gazette’s Bob Asmussen writes.


I don’t want to like this song, but I do. OneRepublic’s “Secrets.”


  1. 2012: Yogi, Harris
    2013: Baker, Smotherman
    2014: Blueitt

    That should take care of it for the next 3 years.

  2. Tempting to request that the next poll be: “Will Bill Lynch be retained for 2011.” If I was more of a betting man, I’d be dropping a few bucks on him coming back, regardless of this Saturday’s outcome, regardless of the fact that him being a lame duck next season will hurt recruiting into the future, etc. Look, the guy apparently is an honorable man (and that’s not to be undervalued, by the way), but there has been no measurable improvement in this team over the past 3 seasons. Wins don’t mean everything, but nearly no wins does.


  3. Spwedway: I know, it makes me sick, but I am starting to agree with you.

    I have a hard time fathoming that Glass would be dumb enough to throw another year in the garbage and insult the fan base even further, but it looks like there is a good shot it will happen.

  4. Just be glad we still get to be part of B10 football. Went to my first Pac 10 game (“the big game”) and confirmed what I’ve always assumed: Pac 10 football can’t live up (atmosphere, game quality, intensity of rivalry).

    Take that, Tom 🙂

  5. Glass has already said so a year ago, don’t understand why people try to look past that. He does not want to come out looking like he is not a man of his word.

  6. With how it worked out for the succeeding classes I’m great with it, but that could not be known at the time, but just for interesting discussions sake, would you rather have:

    1. Our team now. (not taking into account future recruiting, because like I said, no way to know at the time.)
    2. Current team minus Rivers and Guy, but still have Nick Williams and Malik Story
    3. Current team minus Rivers but still have Williams
    4. Same but have Story instead of Williams
    5 + 6. same as above, but replace Guy instead of Rivers
    7 + 8. Same but replace someone else.
    9. Have no 2010 class but still have Williams and Story and get the same future recruiting classes we have now.
    10. Who are Nick Williams and Malik Story?

    Just something I was thinking about and couldn’t come up with an answer I liked and wanted to hear peoples opinions. I am happy with how things have gone and worked out, but I’ll be honest, I always liked Nick Williams game and he has pulled down 11 rebounds and put up 29pts in 2 games this year for Ole Miss while having only 2 TO’s to go with 3 assists and 2 steals. He just did the little things for a terrible team here, I wish him the best.

  7. I think we’ll see BL back next year, but I also think we’ll see massive staff changes. I don’t think we will see the status quo. Fred Glass is a pretty sharp guy and understands that the program is improving but that the losses stem primarily from deficiencies in coaching. Lynch is a good guy and a good recruiter. He has several good head coach traits. What he does not have is competent subordinates. That is primarily his fault, but I think he chose loyalty over competence, hoping that competence would emerge which unfortunately did not happen. There are many defensive coordinators that performed on a DIII level, but then were able to step up and grow when given the opportunity. These guys (Palcic and George) are at DIII level and have not progressed. The running backs coach is no super star either and should probably be looking.

  8. If Lynch is allowed to continue to coach, here are the changes I think need to happen.

    Dennis Springer – FIRED

    Matt Canada – Removed from OC, retained as QB coach only, or fired.

    Brian George – Drop the Co from his DC title.

    Joe Palic – Fired

    George Ricumstrict – No longer Co-special Teams coordinator.

    These are the major changes needing done.

  9. Hoag, I would say #3 for sure. Not that I dislike Rivers but I too really liked Williams. Gotta have Guy as a big man so that factored in to not being #2. I was so surprised when Nick left but then it came out that he and Story were roomies. Story never looked happy to me but I liked his game more than others.

    Mike P, I can agree with all of your coaching changes but I would let Canada go and possibly George as well. They have had their time and George should have been able to see this coming…

  10. J Pat,

    I will give you my reasoning on why my list is how it is.

    Springer, I will just copy a previous post I made about him.

    In 2007, under Gerald Brown, the Hoosiers gained 2046 yards. In 2008 under Springer they gained 2003 yards, last year only 1045 yards and this year they are on pace for just 1234 yards.

    His only other job as a running backs coach was at Bowling Green State University, the year before he took the job (2002) BGSU gained 2629 yards, 3 years later when he was relieved from his duties as RB coach, BGSU gained only 1581 yards.

    Pattern look familiar?

    Lynch also made Springer the Assistant head coach, season before he gets here, IU won 3 Big Ten games and goes to a bowl. Since Springer has been on staff, IU has only won 2 Big Ten games total in almost 3 seasons.

    It’s hard for me to say cut Canada loose completely, he is not a very good OC, but the QB position seems to be solid. I’d give him at least one more season in the capacity as the QB coach only.

    On George. As the Co-DC, he has also been the defensive tackles coach. While I know the tackles don’t set the world on fire, they are solid. I think he could take the defensive reigns by himself and make a difference.

    Palic has been in charge of the secondary, that in itself is why he needs to go.

    Ricumstrict, he has done a solid job with the defensive ends, however the Special teams have been horrible and a change is needed there. Bad!

  11. 4guards, aren’t you leaving out Davis and Hartman (I think it’s Hartman, we’ve got so many commits I’m going to have to make a list)who committed for 2013? Or are those just players who haven’t committed that you think will?

    I’m tremendously pleased with the recruiting in recent months. Crean is doing it right–he’s doing what the Indiana coach should always do–he’s building the core around in-state talent and supplementing as necessary from there. That’s what you call building something to last, and I’m all for it.

  12. Thinking- I think that’s what you call a “blanket statement.”

    Which Pac 10 game did you go to? And which Big 10 environment did you have in mind to compare it to? OSU vs. Michigan? Northwestern vs. Minnesota?

    One one level, there is no doubt that there is not a single Pac 10 game that could hold a candle to Mich-OSU, either in Columbus or Ann Arbor. The best Pac 10 team of all time plays in a dirty old coliseum in Watts; absolutely no atmosphere to speak of. Same could be said of UCLA and the Rose Bowl: when you have to leave the college campus and drive in traffic to a smoggy stadium next to the freeway in Pasadena to watch your team pay, say good bye to ambiance.

    However, I think you’d be shocked if you attended a Washington-Washington State game in either Pullman or Seattle. Same goes for a “Civil War” game between Oregon and OSU in either Corvallis or Eugene. Just as loud, passionate and fun as most Big 10 environs; definitely better than any matchup involving Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota or Purdouche.

  13. Mike P, I think the cuts need to be a bit more drastic. Canada is the only one I would consider keeping and he is “iffy.” He’s shown some creativity from time to time, but overall his play calling has been lackluster. George is out. Yes, he has done reasonably well with the tackles but ask yourself whether or not any other B10 team would keep him on. If your answer is no as I suepect it would be, then why should IU keep him. Same with Ricumstrict. I’m not trying to be cruel. I realize these are human beings who have families. But, I think they are better served working in environments in which they can be successsful even if those situations are not at the B10 level. Perhaps some of them will develop and go on to be very effective at this level. I certainly hope so and wish them well.

  14. Tom:

    Sure it was. But I think I made that clear with the smiley face and mention that my Pac 10 sample was one game.

    As I said before, it was the “Big Game” (Stanford @ Cal). Simply put, it was just a disappointing atmosphere/game. I don’t think WA/WSU would do much for me, but I agree that the Civil War would probably be a worthwhile ticket.

    I’m comparing only to IU home games. In terms of atmosphere, football understanding (crudely judged by boos, cheers, and random comments), tailgate scene, and the like, this “heated rivalry” didn’t come close to IU/Purdue, and I even found it disappointing relative to IU/Illinois, IU/Kentucky (going back about 4 years), IU/Ball State (when BS is solid as they were with Davis), or even IU/Michigan or IU/OSU when the opposing fans fill the Rock.

    Random tidbit: USC isn’t in Watts. Firestone Park, Florence-Graham, Central Alameda, and Vernon are the neighborhoods separating USC (in West Adams) from Watts.

  15. eric
    Those are all guys we are in on (not committed) that I think we can and should get.
    My only concern is that we have not offered Baker yet, and that is a big mistake. Louisville is really gaining ground quick.

  16. iufan23,

    Canada has to go. I don’t have to ask myself if other schools would keep them, no school in the FBS would keep any member of this staff.

    However, if Lynch is retained the cuts you’re talking about are unrealistic.

  17. 4g-For 2013 it is Zac Irvin over Smotherman and then Baker. That makes three with Davis and Hartman. Then IU goes out-of-state to recruit a good big man for the 4th.

  18. J Pat,

    Can’t say for sure it is coaching, but the numbers don’t lie and history has repeated itself.

    2007 – Average Per Rush – 4.5 yards (Gerald Brown Coach)
    2008 – Average Per Rush – 4.3 yards (Dennis Springer Coach)
    2009 – Average Per Rush – 3.8 yards
    2010 – Average Per Rush – 3.6 yards

    The amount of carries per season have went down, though yards per carry have went down, even though they have installed a running package that has allowed Nevada to gain 3348 yards on 6.5 yards per carry this year.

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