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Bill Lynch was fired on Sunday as Indiana’s head football coach. Chris Howell | Herald-Times



An Old Oaken Bucket win was not enough to save the job of Bill Lynch. Fred Glass had three options — extension, no extension but coach the final year of the existing contract, or move on. He chose the latter, Dustin writes. For the first time, Indiana seems prepared to pay the going rate for a football coach — and it’s about time, Andy writes. In the interim, Glass will speak with the fired assistant coaches today and a transition team, with both administrators and athletics people on it, is in place, I wrote.

Glass is going to consult with a large group of people, but the decision is his own, the Indy Star’s Terry Hutchens wrote. Hutch also goes through a possible list of candidates. Three Big Ten wins in the last three years was ultimately too much to overcome, the IDS’ Connor O’Gara writes. Glass’ decision and resulting press conference proved he is the right guy to make this hire, the IDS’ Justin Albers writes.


D’Angelo Roberts told me Wednesday that he will remain a Hoosier as long as the new coach is not pass-pass-pass (his words, not mine). Tre Roberson told the Indy Star’s Kyle Neddenriep that he’s committed, though Purdue and Iowa State are pursuing him. It’s a similar situation for Fort Wayne Luers’ Kenny Mullen, according to the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette’s Greg Jones.

The first name to discuss is Brady Hoke. San Diego State is putting together a “retention package” that includes raises and contract extensions for Hoke and several assistants, the San Diego Union-Tribune’s Brent Schrotenboer wrote.

ESPN.com’s Adam Rittenberg threw out some early names, including Hoke:

Some early possibilities for IU: San Diego State coach Brady Hoke, former Minnesota coach Glen Mason, Houston coach Kevin Sumlin, Wisconsin offensive coordinator Paul Chryst and Michigan State offensive coordinator Don Treadwell.


Durrell Summers scored 21 points to join the 1,000 point club at Michigan State and lead the Spartans to a win against Tennessee Tech, the Lansing State-Journal’s Joe Rexrode writes. Penn State made 12-of-19 3-pointers to defeat Furman, the Daily Collegian’s Jared Shanker writes.

John Shurna scored 23 points as Northwestern defeated Creigton to move to 4-0, the Chicago Tribune’s Teddy Greenstein writes. Notre Dame went on a 26-7 run to end the Old Spice Classic and defeat Wisconsin, Madison.com’s Chris Hays writes.

Al Nolen is out for Minnesota, but the Gophers are unusually used to missing key pieces and making do, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune’s Myron P. Medcalf writes.


There is every reason to believe Wisconsin is headed to the Rose Bowl, Madison.com’s Tom Mulhern writes.

Iowa’s bowl picture is going to remain unclear until next Sunday, the Iowa City Press-Citizen’s Pat Harty writes. It looks like Penn State is headed to the Outback Bowl, the Harrisburg Patriot-News’ David Jones writes.

It’s difficult to find improvement at Michigan during Rich Rodriguez’s years on campus, the Detroit Free-Press’ Mark Snyder writes.


Fall Out Boy’s “Thanks For the Memories.”


  1. I can’t claim expertise about any of the names being floated, but I think I’m on the Kevin Sumlin bandwagon (even if he did play at Purdue).

    5 years under Stoops at Oklahoma, success at Houston, from Indianapolis, a dynamic offense scheme that can take advantage of the skill players already in place, etc.


    I like how competitive SDSU was this year, but Hoke has had precious few winning seasons in his career. I’m not yet convinced he’s our program builder. Leach worries me just based on his reputation as a shady character (true or not, IU doesn’t need that perception as we re-establish ourselves as a straight-laced athletic program).

  2. thinking:

    Certainly Sumlin has a good resume from an o-coordinator standpoint, but my thoughts are this: I believe that we need a defensive-minded head coach and focus, and bring in a strong o-coordinator to run that side of the ball. With IU’s offensive skill over the past decade or so, we would still be able to get good recruits on that side of the ball. The difference, though, with having a defensive-minded head coach would at least be to bring the IU defense to league-average most years. There aren’t too many consistent success stories out there with programs that cannot play defense year in and year out. League average D plus good solid offense would give us a legit shot at a bowl fairly regularly (note that I said a legit SHOT, not a guarantee). THAT is the kind of product that can be had if this is done right.

    Just my $0.02.

  3. I like the above mentiones as well as I want to add Luke Fickell from OSU to the list. He is in his 9th year on the OSU staff and is co-defensive coordinator and LB coach. We need to emphasize defense, tackling techniques, positioning from here on out or we will continue to flounder. Here in Columbus I watched him as a player as well as on the staff here.

  4. Hoke made Ball State nationally relevant. Glass would be a fool not to do everything he can to get Hoke here.

  5. I want a “splash”, I want a coach that nobody thinks would touch the IU football job. Somebody who has a name and experience that would bring instant credibility and respect to IU football. I will settle for nothing less. Glass has said what most on here never thought…he will show the money. Swing for the fence…go for the “home run”!!!

  6. 4guards,

    I know you’ll see this as me just picking a fight, but I assure you I’m not. I just have some reservations about entrusting the responsibility of legitimizing IU football to ANOTHER MAC-experienced coach. No doubt, Hoke churned up one remarkable season at Ball State, but overall, he finished with a career losing record there (34-38). While Lynch’s record in the MAC was worse (37-53), Hoke would be the second consecutive coach we hired who couldn’t produce a winning record in the MAC.

    How can we expect a coach to make IU relevant if he can’t consistently put together strong MAC teams? In six seasons at Ball State, Hoke’s teams only had a winning record twice.

    So far at San Diego State, he’s 12-12. Not bad (also not mind blowing).

    I’ve heard a lot of chatter about Hoke as our next coach even before Lynch was given the boot. I guess I’m just not sold as much as some.

    What do you see in him that makes him seem like the right man for the job?

  7. Graham’s article in the HT today was downright sparkling – I think that’s where JPat’s “home run” line comes from. It is a true “fan’s manifesto” for the coaching search.

    I am just so, so thankful that Glass did the right thing, in spite of the defeatist, “we are eternally doomed” culture that still persists within the fan base.

  8. That’s fair, Speedway. What if Sumlin brought Brian Stewart, his D Coordinator at Houston (long-time NFL defensive coach, 3-year D Coordinator for the Cowboys)? Seems like Stewart’s NFL chops could help us recruit talent (and for heaven’s sake size, please) on that side of the ball.

  9. Let’s remember where Terry Hoeppner came from…the MAC…and by all accounts, he was well on his way to building IU to a competitive program.

    I think Brady Hoke might be the best we can get, and I am relatively convinced he is a good choice. He was a defensive line coach at Michigan, so he should be able to improve our defense, plus he’s turned terrible programs around in a short period of time (Ball State and San Diego State).

    Of course, I have my reservations because he hasn’t proven himself for any sustained period at one school, but I’m not sure we can find that type of person. Hoke seems like a solid fit, and like someone who would probably be willing to take on the challenge.

    I truly want a coach with a defensive mindset, but also one that isn’t afraid to open up the offensive playbook. We need a coach with some proven success, and one who can bring in quality assistants. The next trick is finding kids who want to BUILD a tradition…because there is virtually none in Indiana football.

  10. Here is the list Dan Dackich says Glass should go after.

    Rich Rodriguez

    Gary Patterson

    Chris Peterson

    Jim Harbaugh

  11. Harbaugh is the only one I like off Dak’s list but Dak is a bball guy forced to cover football because of this…

  12. J Pat,

    How could you not like Gary Patterson (TCU) or Chris Petersen (Boise State)?

    I spelled Petersen’s name wrong in my first post.

  13. I like Sumlin. I read a post from a Hoosier fan who lives in Houston and he said that he’s highly thought of down there and has done a great job. Remember what RMK said once, A good defense is the best offense. We’ve always seemed to be able to score enough points to pull off the win but can’t seem to put on a good enough stop.

  14. IU will not get a top tier coach like Harbaugh, Patterson, Peterson, etc. Hoke is the best of the reasonable possibilities out there. He led Ball State to a 12 win season while being nationally ranked, and turned around San Diego St in only 2 years.

  15. JPat- Didn’t mean it as an insult. Both of you used the “home run” line and it is very appropriate. Actually, I now that I think about it, Graham might have said that IU needs to “swing for the fences.” Same concept.

  16. 4guards,

    You have NO CLUE who the best reasonable possibility is, nor who IU can get.

    With that said, Brady Hoke would be a solid hire for this program, and would be a cheap hire compared to any of the four on that list.

    Still, don’t let yourself be a total fool and think that if Glass is willing to spend Crean type money for a football coach that IU can’t attract those kind of coaches.

    Any of the 4 on that list would seriously consider a 2 to 2.5 million/year, 6 year contract to coach at a Big Ten school, even if it is IU.

  17. Mike, I like those guys, I do…I like Peterson better because he is not conservative at all, mixes it up and is younger. I work with kids every day and I guess I am using name credibility as my tool here. If a kid hears Peterson or Patterson…they might not be 100% sure who they are. With big Jim from the west coast to the east coast..I can hear the teenagers now…how long did he play in the NFL? does his brother coach in the NFL? was his dad a coach? does he have a bro in law that coaches college basketball

    very impressive. I am being narrow minded I know but instant name credibility.

    PS I want IU to stay away from Rich Rod!

  18. HoosierSmitty,

    You’re right — Hoeppner was a MAC guy. It’s important to note, though, that his career record at Miami (OH) was much better than both Lynch and Hoke. In six seasons, he was 48-25, and his teams had winning records in each of those seasons.

    My point is, if we’re taking someone from the MAC, shouldn’t it be someone who’s proven he can win in the MAC first?

  19. Also, two other things:

    1.) I pray IU doesn’t even call Rich Rodriguez. We need coaches with squeaky-clean backgrounds. We already went down the hire-a-coach-with-baggage road and we all know how that turned out.

    2.) I completely agree that a defensive-minded coach would suit the school well. It’s been proven over and over that, in the Big Ten specifically, a team with stellar defense and an average offense trumps an opponent with the reverse. Also, defense is our greatest area of need. I think we’ve proven that we can draw quality receivers and quarterbacks to IU. Let’s find someone who can build a defense to support the offensive progress we’re making.

  20. I hate the thought of Rich Rod, hate it.

    I can tell you this, any kid who plays football and is looking at the next level coming out of high school knows who Patterson & Petersen is and what their respective programs are doing.

    Chris Petersen has been on College GameDay and has his own College GameDay commercial for crying out loud. You seriously don’t think players know who he is?

    That said, of those four, Harbaugh has the most “star power” and the most upside because of his connections.

  21. Casey,

    I loved Hep, but you need to think of something first. Hep took over a program in which his boss (Randy Walker) left for a Big Ten school. Hep took over a program that was solid.

    Hoke was the coach who took over Ball State after Lynch was fired and eventually turned it into a 12-0 school. Now at San Diego State, he took over a team that had 5 consecutive losing seasons prior to his arrival, going 2-10 the year before he got there. In two seasons he has took a 2-10 team and made it an 8-4 team and done it with mostly another coaches players.

    Make sure you look at what he was handed and what he done with it.

  22. Dakich is nuts. Why would Harbaugh leave Stanford for IU? He is either going to the pros or Michigan. Why would Patterson or Peterson leave schools where they have legit shots at BCS games every year for IU that never goes to bowl games. Patterson gets more talent at TCU than IU does.

    IU has to hire either a young coordinator who can recruit or a guy who has won at each level, like when Cincinnati hired Brian Kelly.

    IU is at best a stepping stone job for most coaches, its never going to be the top job for a great coach.

    Most importantly, IU has to come up with the cash because no one is coming for Lynch’s salary.

  23. Cooper…quite simply it is the Big 10 and $$$ talks, smaller school and crap conference walk, period! IU is much more attractive now than it was just a couple years back…

    the $$ is there, Glass would not have come out and said it if it if he was not willing to pay big $$$

  24. Harbaugh is a midwest and Big Ten guy. Micigan is his dream job, but with his family ties to Bloomington, his parents now living here, if IU was to pony up the dough, why would he not consider it. His salary at Stanford is 1 million, if IU puts up 1.5-1.75, that is a 50-75% raise.

    TCU just joined the Big East, which is a BCS conference. Pulling him would be harder to do now.

    Petersen gets a BCS nod because Boise State goes undefeated almost every year. He lost to a top 25 team this year, and most likely will not make a BCS bowl now. If he can repeat his success in the Big Ten, he is in an automatic qualifier school. He makes less than a million per year. So the 1.25-1.75 possible pay scale might be enough to make a change.

  25. J Pat,

    I’m glad I went to double check his salary. What he is making a Boise would require IU to pony up 2.25 or better. He is making 1.6mm/year, he was only making like $900k.

  26. There isn’t enough money to ruin a respected and well-established coaching career on Hoosier football. Harbaugh would be completely nuts to take slightest glance at IU. Anyway, he probably can’t stand his blowhard brother-in-law. This hire will be even less exciting than Tom Crean.

  27. I looked and could not find it on the net but I thought I remembered PTI on ESPN talking about a raise at one time…

  28. J Pat,

    Here is what I found:

    On February 22, 2007, the Idaho State Board of Education approved a new contract for Petersen, paying him $4.25 million for five years, or $850,000 per year. Petersen’s salary will be paid mostly by revenue from the Football Coaches Club, the Bronco Athletic Association booster club and media and public appearances. State-appropriated funds will cover $150,000 per year.

    On January 1, 2010, after leading Boise State to another undefeated regular season, Petersen was rewarded with a new five-year contract extension, with other terms of the contract to be announced later. [3] On April 22, 2010, the State Board of Education approved the new contract, which will pay Petersen $8 million over the course of the five-year deal, or $1.6 million per year. The contract also includes automatic one-year extensions to the contract each time Petersen wins at least eight regular season games


    I know Harbaugh is close enough to his family to come into town and watch his nephew play a youth league football game.

  29. Anybody have an idea what the odds are of Tony Dungy accepting the job? He would have recruits standing in line to play at IU.

  30. Love this discussion…clearly the next month will be spent in much the same way.

    For my $0.02, Dakich is crazy. There is no way we would want RichRod with the NCAA problems he has had, and an inability to win at Michigan. The only way we would get Patterson was if TCU had not just moved to a BCS conference today. I would love Harbaugh to come, but I don’t see him leaving my beloved Cardinal for my equally beloved Hoosiers. He’s the hottest coach in the country and I’m praying against logic he stays at Stanford anyway.

    Petersen is intriguing though…he has to be fed up with fighting for a BCS spot every year and at least thinking about a move. How many years could he keep grasping at BCS glory in Boise?

    Also, he gets 30,000 people at a game in Boise and gets paid $1.6 million. That tells me that if he could get 50,000 people at Memorial Stadium the money would be there to get him.

    Also, remember the magic of incentives…and Big Ten Network money.

  31. Patterson isn’t leaving TCU since they are moving to the Big East. He will have a guaranteed chance of playing in the BCS every year.

    Petersen could leave, but considering he is already getting $1.6m, we’d have to pony up $2.5m+ over 6-7 years considering we aren’t a football school and it would be a major rebuilding project.

    Rich Rod already makes a ton at UM and he hasn’t been fired yet, and may not be fired at all.

    Harbaugh is the only high profile coach that I can see who would maybe consider it and that is only because of his midwest and family ties. IF we offered him $3m+ for 7 years then he might take it, or Stanford may just sign him to an extension for the same amount. I’d say our chances of getting one of these 4 guys is less than 5% if that. I’d love to be wrong though.

    Hoke would be a great option. Great job by Mike P. pointing out that he has inherited train wrecks and turned them around at both stops. There is alot more to look at than cumulative W-L record. We need a guy who can build a program. Guys who have taken “down” teams and built them up. Not guys that have won and perennial winners or guys that have done average at powerhouses (Shannon). Jerry Kill at NIU is another quality name to consider. Has turned around the SIU and NIU programs. Only downside might be potential health problems.

  32. The Scoop put up a poll asking who we should hire. Of the guys on the poll list I went with Hoke, although I admit not knowing anything about several of the candidates. Definitely don’t want Leach or Mason.

    Hugh or Dustin:

    After that poll I’d like to see a poll asking how much time the fans are willing to give the new coach to turn things around:

    a. Immediately
    b. 2 to 3 years
    c. 4 to 5 years
    d. More than 5 years

  33. I like the idea GFDave. It would be good to ask also what “turn things around” means. Bowl eligible? .500 in the conference?

  34. Brady Hoke would be a fantastic choice if he wants to leave the sand & surf of balmy San Diego. He has the ties to recruit the midwest well and the coaching pedigree to become the BigTen (12) coach that we all thought Hep would eventually become. Come to IU Coach Hoke, SDSU is not in a BCS conference and the cupboard will not be left bare like it was for Hep. If you can win at Ball State and SDSU, then you can win anywhere!

  35. Mike P and Cln: That’s exactly right. Defining “turn things around” could be a poll too. We should know what the expectations are in both time and performance. Nothing wrong with trying to flesh that out. The new coach will get fired for not meeting expectations, he might as well know what the fan’s are.

    Another way to look at it is: What is your vision for IU football?

    In basketball, the vision is quite well understood: Compete for and win B10 and National championships.

    I suspect the visions for IU football are more varied.

  36. Think about the coaches who turned down IU bball because of the trainwreck. The football situation is considerably worse. The teams in IU division of the big 10 (can we please rename conference) are all much better football traditions making it even more difficult for IU to make bowl games.

    IU is close to the worst BCS job there is. I don’t see any coach leaving their current job at a BCS school for IU. As for Peterson he only has to look at Hawkins at Colorado

    how about Randy Shannon? Players graduated he can recruit Florida, had a decent record in his first job and IU could get him for 1-1.5 mill

  37. For the state IU basketball was in, grabbing Tom Crean was an absolute steal. Maybe we can pull off the same in football.

    I certainly feel more confident with Glass calling the shots than I have in a long time.

  38. It wasn’t a comment on Crean, I’m happy to have him. bball had considerably more going for it in a state you can field an entire team from if you want and a great tradition. IU still had to give Crean 10 years and 2.3 mill.

    IU football has nothing going for it, your QB is gone, Indiana is not a recruiting hotbed and your in a conference where its going to be tough to win.

  39. Cooper,

    Any coach who thinks they way you do, is a coach who has the mentality of a loser and isn’t a coach I’d want here anyway!

  40. Santa, all I want for Christmas is Harbaugh to move to Bloomington to be near the in-laws. Would be awesome.

  41. Ok I think IU should Hire the Stoop brother at Florida State who is a Defensive Coordinator….. I really think IU needs someone who can teach someone to tackle and hit hard…

  42. Jim ain’t going nowhere. He has built himself a powerhouse at Stanford and they are going to be Pac 10 Champs next year.

  43. Oh my fricking God ….have we really just lost it for real ? Ain’t nobody of any real success coming to Btown unless Mellencamp AND Cuban fork over the cash ….We are a loser program and would be very lucky to get Brady Hoke from perrenial powerhouses Ball State and San diego ” state ” that is ….not San Diego Univervisty ….seriously, you all just crack me up ….

  44. HoosierWynn, you win the Debbie Downer award for the day. Man, cheer up and look on the bright side of things.

  45. Like I said before, any coach who has the mentality and attitude like that of HoosierWynn, is a coach who we shouldn’t want here anyway!!!

  46. Dustin,

    I think we are all in Jubilee’s camp here!

    The Liger by itself would account for at least two home Big Ten wins. What opposing player is going to go after a high pass or cut to IU’s sideline with the Liger roaming free?

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