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The debate has begun in earnest over who will replace Bill Lynch. Chris Howell | Herald-Times



Dustin and I spent some time going through the rosters of college football coaches and came up with 26 names. The top five are broken down in detail here by Dustin, including Brady Hoke, Steve Addazio, Don Treadwell, Ken Niumatalolo and Mike Haywood. Here are another 21 options I wrote up, divided into three clear categories: The Gerry DiNardos (failed coaches elsewhere), the Cam Camerons (current assistants) and the Terry Hoeppners (lower-level coaches).

Fred Glass will be making the decision and he has a large group to get consultation from, but Chuck Neinas is an important man in this search. I wrote that Neinas will play behind-the-scenes matchmaker for Indiana.

The Star’s Bob Kravitz wrote that he would start with Hoke and go from there. A couple of low agents talked about what kind of money it would take to the Star’s Terry Hutchens.

The IDS’ Connor O’Gara and Geoffrey Miller have their own list, and list the pros and cons of each option.


Akron talks and plays soccer like the Jerry Yeagley-era Hoosiers did, not a surprise given that Caleb Porter is in charge of the Zips, Jeremy writes.

Here is the much talked-about dunk from Hanner Perea last week. You’ll know it when you see it.

At Inside the Hall, Alex Bozich breaks down Boston College and also answers some questions from Twitter.

The success of November set up Indiana up for the next month, the IDS’ Ryan Winn writes.

On Dec. 22 at Indianapolis Marshall, a host of IU prospects including Trey Lyles, James Blackmon Jr. and Jeremy Hollowell will take the court.


Without Al Nolen, Minnesota saw a 13-point lead evaporate against Virginia in the Big Ten/ACC Challenge opener, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune’s Myron P. Medcalf writes.

Five games today. The big one is North Carolina at Illinois. Both sides feature plenty of freshmen who are struggling to adapt to the college game, the Champaign News-Gazette’s Paul Klee writes.

Opponents are focusing on Jared Sullinger and that has made life difficult for Ohio State as it prepares for Florida State, the Columbus Dispatch’s Bob Baptist writes. Northwestern is 4-7 in the Challenge but can make it two wins in a row against George Tech today, the Chicago Tribune’s Teddy Greenstein writes.

Michigan saw high-major basketball last week and realized it has to improve, AnnArbor.com’s Michael Rothstein writes. Iowa coach Fran McCaffery started his playing career at Wake Forest, tonight’s opponent, the Des Moines Register’s Rick Brown writes.


You may have heard that TCU is joining the Big East, giving the conference 17 schools.

It was a move designed for football, not basketball, and the conference will regret it just like the ACC has, Fanhouse’s David Steele writes.

Sound familiar? ACC basketball hasn’t exactly fallen into an abyss, with national titles the last two years from North Carolina and Duke, but again, scheduling, travel and, to many, a watered-down product have diluted the brand. In recent years, the storied ACC basketball tournament has struggled to sell tickets, largely because there are now too many teams and too many sessions, a far cry from the compact three-day festival it was for decades.

Meanwhile, football has, to put it mildly, underachieved. In from the Big East, of all places, came the aforementioned Boston College (ending nearly a quarter-century of conference allegiance), Virginia Tech and Miami. Super-conference, here we come! Then … there they went: no programs in the annual BCS title chase, mediocrity posing as balance, and a championship game that registers virtually no national interest. There isn’t great local interest, either.


2Pac’s “California Love.”


  1. Nice article on rivals.com at yahoo sports on Coach Crean and the Hoosier program.”Hoosier High”
    Beat BC !!!!

  2. HT should do a story on Assembly Hall’s 40th birthday coming up(opened in 1971). Sure would have been nice to have a new basketball stadium for Crean to hang our next banner. I was hoping Glass would make getting the best hoops facility in the Big 10 a priority.

  3. D-5:

    Not a bad idea on a retrospective on the Hall’s 40-year anniversary, but I’m gonna have to respectfully disagree with the athletic department’s priorities. I’d place the football program first (as that is the program that needs to generate the revenue to provide for all other sports other than hoops), and I’d place a new stadium for the baseball program second (because of promises made and delayed). Trust me–I’m not fan of the configuration of Assembly Hall and I’m hoping that eventually they’ll replace it–but I think we need the money rolling in from football first.

    Just my $0.02!

  4. 17 teams is insane! Is someone going to leave the Big East?

    The Big East makes as much as the Big Ten now…I know it’s a “brand,” but give me a break.

  5. Speedway-

    All true, but I still think it could be very dangerous to become complacent with the sport that gives Indiana University its primary national exposure and identity. The vibrancy the university and influx of hidden revenue that IU benefited from during the heyday a highly successful basketball program may not be as simple as the measurable bottom line on a balance sheet.

    Maybe the plans for a beautiful new stadium are on hold until Knight’s return. Or maybe there’s too much attachment to the out-of-date house he built our storied name and we’re just too stuck on its old reassuring frame(tongue-in-cheek).

    I often wonder if they should consider the average super-sized American is much heavier than the era Assembly was built. I’ve heard many on these blogs contend how dusty our banners when making argument how far removed our glory hoops days..Hopefully the balconies and all that brittle concrete around the expanse of support structures can withstand the excess banner dust as well the extra 15-20% tonnage packed into the cheeseburger butts in the seats.

  6. Hugh are you so close minded you can’t mention that the Volleyball team is in the NCAA Tournament and HOSTING this weekend’s games in “Hoosier Morning”.

    They are every bit as popular as Women’s Basketball now (both average around 1,000 fans a night) which gets some coverage from the HT.

    I have heard that for IU to be eligible to host the tournament again they need to sell out this weekend’s games (not a huge task considering the University Gym only seats 1,500-2,000) and for that to happen they need at least a little bit of coverage from the HT.

    Ticket info is at iuhoosiers.com. Please come out and support the team regardless if the HT does its duty and reports on this big event like it should.

  7. The top 5 names you mention for coach…I just am not sure I agree at all. IU is a much more atractive job now and is capable of getting a proven head coach of another program, even a large college program. These 5 names are like we have seen in the past 3 hires. I want BIG! I personally do not want some coordinator considered an up and comer. I would take Hoke or maybe and I mean maybe Niumatalolo but come on guys. Maybe you feel your list was realistic of the top 5 but if more than one radio or online sports guy can bring up Harbuagh and others…you can as well. I also think it is a shame that this is one story I cannot get to on this blog. Have a great day, love you guys!

  8. I can’t speak for Coach Weismiller since I have never met her (and I think John could have written that a little nicer about volleyball) but I have worked and talked with Coach Dunbar and can tell you she is very much a high quality individual who wins games (something Weismiller didn’t do after a while).

  9. J Pat,

    Jim Harbaugh is not coming. I repeat: Jim Harbaugh is not coming. Maybe for Christmas. That’s it. Anyone saying he is a realistic candidate is just trying to drive up their ratings/page views.

  10. Hugh, I have nothing to drive up ratings for myself and I actually think he is a realistic candidate given the circumstances. I truly believe that he would listen if called. Chances are he will not come but I think it is realistic and I can dream, right? We can agree to disagree, respectfully!

  11. Hugh, in reflecting on your post I have heard of read at leeast 4 sports media mention his name….for ratings??? I don’t know, I do know I don’t want a crap hire!

  12. Why would Harbaugh want to come to Indiana or even listen? He’s already got a decent gig, is in line for the Michigan job if it opens, and could be an NFL candidate for the 49ers job if that opens. He’s going to bide his time and wait for something better – which will surely come.

    The chance to hang out with your brother-in-law is not motivation for a successful Division 1 coach to coach in the Big Ten basement.

    Hoke is probably the best we can hope for. The Navy guy is intriguing, but I’m not sure about that. I want defense, not offensive gimmicks. Which is why I would think Randy Shannon is a viable option.

    The more I look at it, the more I would be interested in Randy Shannon from Miami, Fla. The guy was successful at Miami, just not successful enough for them. When he was the defensive coordinator at Miami, Miami’s defenses were near the Top 10 in the nation.

    Shannon isn’t a sexy pick for any major schools looking to make a splash, so he might be willing to come to IU for a second head coaching chance to prove himself. The problem is that I don’t think it would be a destination job for a guy like Shannon, which makes it a less attractive option for IU. We don’t want to be building block for someone who is going to leave the program.

    I’d just love to have someone in place soon before we lose any (more) recruits or current players.

  13. Hugh, sorry for stretching this out in 3 posts but my son is home sick and I am bored as he is resting. This is something I am very passionate about and I guess opinionated too. I care so much about IU hiring the RIGHT guy. Since Mallory was let go in 96…every hire has been considered bad when you look at the win/loss records. Hard for me to say as I liked Hep and Cameron but it is a fact. If this hire is flubbed up…IU could be awful for many more years. With the upgraded facilities as a selling point…IU is in the drivers seat to sell itself and persuade a high profile coach to come here. Build it and he will come…it is built, let’s go for it. I have broken down the numbers a year ago on what the stadium can bring in sold out every game at full ticket price and IU obviously has the money right now from what Glass said. Glass would have never made that comment if he was not willing to show the money. Go get a proven big name head coach and sell the new facilities and show the money(2 things we have never had/done)! The little guy like me would reup my Varsity Club if a Harbaugh or Gruden is hired! I get chills just writing it…

  14. Smitty, there is a lot to be said for being close to family and who says someone would not like the challenge of taking over a dead football university with the #1 biggest weight room in the nation, the 2nd biggest scoreboard in the Big 10(one of 2 LED), new endzone and coaches offices…plus Bloomington ROCKS!!!

  15. I am not particularly excited about any of the names being thrown out there yet. How about an NFL coach like Childress, Rivera, or Frazier if he doesn’t get the Viking job. We need someone who will attract better recruits regardless of the offense or defense they run.

  16. Harbaugh has many reason to come here. He is a Midwest & Big Ten guy, has family in Bloomington & at IU. He is the co-owner of an IRL team that is based out of Indy. If IU is willing to put up the 2-2.5 million per year, it might be enough to make him listen. The Michigan job won’t open up till next season, at that point Michigan might be a real mess that even Harbaugh won’t want.

    Hoke should be #4 on IU’s list.

  17. Educate me please. Why would JH not look at IU? They have a smaller stadium than IU, their average attendance is less than IU, their facilities contrast vastly to IU, the Stanford fan base is smaller and not very loyal to the FB program, they do not travel well to bowl games let alone away games, their only rivalry is Cal and that is half-assed attended. What they are is a top 10 team and they have no one to rah-rah. What a wonderful environment that is. JH may have his eye on E. Lansing but at 7-5 RR is not leaving in a soon enough time frame. Singletary now has a QB to work with in Frisco so he is not leaving. Palo Alto has weather only for two months out of the year better than B-Town. Where would JH find an AD more willing to accommodate his culture changing coach than FG. It is the B10 with 12 and growing to 14 or 16 in the future, his old stomping grounds and $$$ available from the BTN. No, anyone who thinks Harbaugh is not gettable for IU is doing lightly.

  18. Clarion- Excellent points, although I am sure you meant to say Ann Arbor, not East Lansing. There is simply no football culture in California compared to the Midwest – the closest thing would be the Raiders and the Chargers. Those nauseating Pac 10 games in half-empty stadiums, whether UCLA, USC, Stanford or Cal (not Washington of course) are so emblematic of the wishy-washy California sports fan.

    I’m not sure where I stand as far as the viability of getting JH out here, but I will say that sometimes having family nearby is a deterrent, not an incentive.

    Finally, why are there so many different speculative coach lists circulating? The one I saw in the HT today mentioned the OSU defensive coordinator, but no one else has. I like that idea. A lot.

  19. Husky,

    I know JH is close enough to his family that he has flown into Bloomington to watch his nephew play a YOUTH football game. I think that puts family as a positive.

  20. HT, Me too.

    Here are four more names that interest me because they have good pedigrees and/or strong FB resumes that would make the search even more competitive.

    Chris Creighton HC Drake

    Tim Beckman HC Toledo

    Gus Malzahn OC Auburn

    Jerry Kill HC Northern Illinois

    All have some interesting creative personal traits.

    Creighton I have followed for some time. On occasional I partner with a firm who had something to do with him landing at Drake. His defense cheers, screams, yells and displays positive body language if his offense commits and looses a turnover. He is very big on coaching his team to deal with negatives with a positive mindset for future performance. His record indicates he gets into the heads of his players and makes it work.

    Beckman is strong minded and defense oriented. Michigan and Ohio birth and life connections. He was the DC at Oklahoma State that harassed the IU offense at the Insight Bowl. Is a good HC(making Toledo fans forget about losing Gary Pinkel to Missouri)and could be a DC for near any team in the country.

    Gus Malzahn is said to be the inventor of the “Wildcat”. He is an offensive mind extraordinaire. I know and have worked with some of his extended family. His great great-grandfather took part in the Oklahoma land rush of 1889. As has been the norm with his family, success exudes from him at every challenge he has accepted along the coaching trail.

    Jerry Kill might be the toughest of the four. He has been a cancer survivor for over five years. The IU challenge would not faze him a bit. A couple of years back while at Southern Illinois his team beat IU. His 17 year lifetime HC record is phenomenal. Some BCS school is going to get real lucky and be real good from his efforts.

  21. Clarion- What about Paul Chryst? I just did a little reading up on him, and came away highly impressed. The guy was the OC at Oregon State during one of the finest offenses ever produced in Pac 10 history which included current Cardinals QB Derek Anderson and Rams RB Stephen Jackson. He also was TE coach for the Chargers and taught Freddie Jones. He pumped up the Wisky offense the last two years and has the type of stern, leader-like presence on the sidelines. Would command instant respect based on both his NFL and D1 experience. Might be my new #1.

  22. Clarion,

    No offense to your guy, but I think I’d want to stay clear of anyone associated with Auburn football, especially their offensive side of the ball for a while.

  23. Tom, No doubt Chryst is a good one. I could of made him number 5 on that list but figured he was on the obvious radar. If the Hoosiers could of run like Jackson’s Beavers this topic on the blog would not be discussed.

  24. I do get your drift Mike P. I would say it appears all the wind swirling is around Mississippi State at this time. If it would start blowing in Auburn it would ruffle Chizik as he was the sole recruiter from Auburn for Newton’s services during his year playing in Texas for Blinn College.

  25. Mississippi State is the one who blew the whistle. If it comes out that money was exchanged for Cam Newton’s services, it will be Auburn that burns for it.

  26. “ESPN’s Joe Schad is reporting both Cecil and Cam Newton mentioned a “pay for play” scheme to Mississippi State recruiters. The implication is Newton ended up at Auburn because they paid him.

    Schad had two sources. The first said father of the year candidate Cecil Newton told a Mississippi State recruiter it would require “more than a scholarship” to sign his son and “referred him to a third person.” The second said Cam Newton apologized to another recruiter, claiming he had to choose Auburn because “the money was too much.”.”

    That points DIRECTLY to wrong doing by Auburn. While none of it has been proven true or false at this point, and as much as I want to believe it is all false, until something has been decided about what and who was involved, I’m washing my hands of anyone with ties to Auburn and Cam Newton’s recruitment out of the JC ranks.

    Just my opinion, and nothing personal against the coach you mentioned.

  27. Nothing personal taken. But I also take no personal trust in sports reporters creating headlines. They have been wrong to many times for even Vegas to bet on. Even if something does stick to Auburn, Chizik was the sole recruiter and undoubtedly would be holding the smoking gun.

  28. Clarion,

    Now that Newton and Auburn has been cleared of any wrong doing, then I would put him on my list of coaches to contact if the big name guys don’t pan out.

    I still maintain if there was any doubt of wrong doing by Auburn when it came to recruiting then you would steer clear of anyone to do with that program if you are IU. Just to be on the safe side.

  29. Aaron, check out Dunbar’s comments her first year while IU was at Penn St…classless! Also, Katie won well and had a few down seasons. I have watched Dunbar around town and on the sideline and I am not a fan at all. Dunbar will find out she cannot recruit against Purdue and others…sooner or later. She is doing well now because of the Benson girl only. If you know V ball, you know that is true. Purdue made IU look bad a couple weeks back!

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