Indiana 88, Florida Gulf Coast 60


Indiana’s Jeremiah Rivers, left, and Tom Pritchard, right, battle Florida Gulf Coast’s Anthony Banks for a loose ball during the 88-60 win on Friday. Click the photo to go to Chris Howell’s full photo gallery.

Here is the Herald-Times’ coverage from Friday’s win:

Indiana missed its first four 3-pointers Friday, but then made eight in a row as the Hoosiers worked the ball around and found the best shots against Florida Gulf Coast’s zone defense, Lynn Houser wrote.

Kory Barnett scored his first points as a Hoosier, but he is not your typical walkon. He wants to be a coach, and this is on-the-job training for him, watching film with Tom Crean and helping to recruit Cody Zeller to Indiana, I wrote.

Here, also, is the full box score.

And now the Big Ten Network highlights.

Indiana won its season opener Friday, defeating Florida Gulf Coast 88-60 in front of an announced crowd of 15, 478.

Christian Watford scored a career-high 24 points on 8-of-12 shooting. After the game, coach Tom Crean credited Watford for driving to the basket and getting fouled on those drives, creating nine free-throw attempts (of which he made seven).

Jordan Hulls scored 18 points, on six 3-pointers. The sophomore guard said he was trying to get lost in the zone and his teammates continually found him open in the corners.

Verdell Jones started after missing both exhibition games. He scored seven points on 3-of-10 shooting in 22 minutes.

IU had 22 assists on 30 field goals and outrebounded Florida Gulf Coast 41-30.

Five Hoosiers scored their first career baskets: junior guard Kory Barnett and four freshmen: scholarship players Victor Oladipo and Will Sheehey, and walkons Jeff Howard and Taylor Wayer.


  1. I liked watching this game. It was exciting to see VO prowl around the perimeter and make things happen, even with the botched dunk.

    Sheehey, in addition, just has a “stud” aura about him, similar to Jason Williams – a white stallion with some confidence.

    Defense could have been better but overall, this bunch has matured and will provide more sparks than last year. What we all need to remember is that Zeller will be joining a mostly junior and senior team, in a conference that will have lost a good deal of its talent. Next year we should come in as favorites.

  2. Rivers had some nice minutes…beautiful pass to the trailing Watford for a fast break dunk. Got the crowd reenergized.

    Sheehey looks like a feisty/heady player with a spark plug personality.

    Pritchard looks in way better condition…much better legs and movement..Very good sign this early.

    Can’t get over how well Watford covers ground for a big. Very impressive all-around game.

    Surprised by Oladipo’s nice form on his jump shot.

    Still think Elston is a hell of a player that just needs more minutes than most to get into the flow.

    Final Thought: This is a very sound group of players that have the potential to surprise when everyone gets 100% and comfortable in their roles. The difference between a 14-16 win season and a 18-20 win/potential NCAA bubble team could hinge on Guy-Marc Michel’s return. Presuming he’s cleared to play before January, Guy could be the solidifying/final piece of depth on the inside that could give our opponents fits keeping us off the boards while trying to choose between defending our athletic forwards around the baseline and our quickly improving perimeter game.

    Go Hoosiers!

  3. I had no idea Creek was still in such bad shape with his leg. Guys easily drove around him. He limped the whole game and looked to be about 60 or 70 percent at best. I guess I thought he would have been closer to full speed than that…

  4. Good shooting night and the ball moved pretty well. But impatience against the zone is still a problem and the cause of turnovers.

    Jones was a little rusty, but his presence allowed Hulls to concentrate on shooting.

    Pritchard needs to stop with the reach-in, ticky tack fouls. He can help us if he stays on the court. Same with Elston, although his fouls are more, shall we say, vigorous.

  5. Maturity is the word for sure HT. There better this year because they have matured some. In another 8 or 9 games Creek will be more dangerous.

  6. Enjoyable game to watch, but still some major concerns. Turnovers, big men (Pritch, Elston, and Capo who cannot score in the paint. Allowing opponents to get into the paint too often. Other team beating us on the defensive end with speed. Watched a bit of the MSU games, and the tempo is quite a bit higher than ours.

  7. I think that the “concerns” that may arise early in the year are things that we need to evaluate through the lens of a program about to receive a major influx of talent. If there is any time to see the “big picture,” it is now, because the big picture looks really, really good. Let’s enjoy watching basketball – god knows the football program has given us absolutely nothing to be happy about.

  8. I agree Rivers played well with the time he was given and that was encouraging. He can be a big factor when he plays like that.

  9. And this is why I come here. You guys are all spot on. I would like to add. I still believe Watford should play and hang around the basket a little more. Seems like better “basketball happens when he is down there. Don’t get me wrong, he’s playing well. But please, FREE GUY.

  10. Good game. However, we are still weak on defense-mostly interior, turnovers-24, and fouls-27. You can not play Elston “more” minutes when he has 5 fouls! Rivers did play well, as did Danny Moore. But you can’t have two guys play 24 and 17 minutes respectively (=41 minutes out of 200), and score only 2 and 1 point (=3 points) respectively. Vic and Will are players. Verdell is rusty, Mo is coming back in a steady fashion. Will someone please explain to Elston, Pritchard, and Capo that when you move on a screen it is a foul! And when you continue to move into an offensive player until you “bump” them, that is a foul! When you add Guy and Roth to this group, IU is going to win some games (19-12 before the Tourneys)! Basketball will be fun again!

  11. BeatPU, I have said 17-19 wins since seeing the first scrimmage…19 and I buy you a round at Nick’s…I am serious!

  12. BeatPrude
    That’s good constructive criticism. There is plenty of room for improvement.I think the fans are getting to the point where some patience can be applied.What is important is that Indiana Basketball is on the road to recovery.

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