Indiana 89, Franklin 37

Christian Watford scored 25 points to lead Indiana to a 89-37 win against Franklin College in an exhibition Wednesday at Assembly Hall.

Indiana played 13 players and 10 scored, but the key may have been on the defensive end.

Franklin turned the ball over 28 times, 14 in each half, and Indiana took four charges.

Daniel Moore and Maurice Creek each had three steals to lead the Hoosiers.

Indiana was without Verdell Jones (ankle) and Guy Marc-Michel.

Indiana announced before the game that the NCAA is reviewing Michel’s amateur status. The junior center, a first-year JUCO transfer, played several games as an amateur with a French team that had professionals on it.

Tom Crean said afterwards he was aware of the situation several days ago but had downplayed it to his team. Indiana is working with the NCAA, Crean said, though there is no set timeline for a decision on Michel’s status.


  1. The Good:

    – Christian Watford looked great and has a very good shot at First Team All-Big Ten.
    – Creek, while noticeably rusty, doesn’t look scared and shows more glimpses of last year’s form each time he takes the court.
    – Jeremiah Rivers is a much more useful player when he’s not relied upon (allowed) to be our primary ball handler. He can focus on defense, and has the ability to make athletic runs to the basket when the opportunity arises.
    – Victor Oladipo went 4-4 and showed why he’s going to be a pain-in-the-neck defender at the college level.
    – Despite the obvious gap in ability between the two teams, IU held Franklin to under 40 points in a 40-minute game.

    The bad:

    – Jordan Hulls still doesn’t look sure of himself on the court. He shows glimpses of brilliance, but seems to offset them with rushed plays or half-effort passes. Hopefully he cuts down on the bad decisions and fills the role we all hope he does.
    – Because of the recent developments with Michel, Pritchard once again was forced to play out of position, and IU still lacks any sort of shot-blocking presence down low.
    – IU allowed a few to many clear cuts through the lane for Franklin early on. Against top competition, that won’t do.

    The ugly:

    – Capobianco’s hair and overall play were both ugly. He continues to look a step behind out there, and often seems confused and disoriented.

    That said, the results of this game are about as telling for this team as the Towson game was for IU football. Hopefully, we’ll fare better than the latter when it comes to playing tougher competition.

  2. Hooray!!! Basketball is finally here. Team ball, IU hoops, and more wins this season. Should be fun!

  3. Casey, usually agree with you 100% but Capo looked quite scrappy, hustled and took a dive for a loose ball, yes haircut is bad. Jordan had 2 sweet passes that connected and split the 2-3 to take the ball to the basket. Jordan looked better last night than he did last Friday night. Wat looked so much better but mainly more confident. I was surprised Crean played Creek so long but maybe he needed it. How about Vic’s shoe blowout???

  4. J Pat,

    It’s funny because I usually defend Capo as being someone who can serve a very specific role for this team. For some reason I just wasn’t feelin’ it from him last night, and I’m not confident in his ability to compete in Big Ten play. I hope I’m proven wrong on that one, though.

    Hulls will be fine — I just think he needs to play with more poise and confidence at times.

    Vic’s shoe blowout is obviously an indication of how hard he runs up and down the court. There’s no other possible explanation.

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