Indiana football loses commit

Max Pirman, a 6-foot-5, 218-pound outside linebacker from Orrville, Ohio, has switched his verbal commitment from Indiana to Nebraska.

Pirman told (subscription required)┬áthat he was on his official visit to Nebraska when he saw the final score of Saturday’s Indiana game and decided he did not want to be a part of a coaching change at Indiana.

That leaves Indiana with 21 verbal commitments in the class of 2011.

UPDATE, 2:32 p.m.: Orrville High School coach Doug Davault confirmed that Pirman has in fact decommitted from Indiana and committed to Nebraska.

“I don’t know if there is a circumstance that changed or why he’s changing,” Davault said. “He just went (to Nebraska) this weekend and said he felt like that was what he was supposed to be doing.”


  1. Do not blame him… I think Lynch will be gone this year or next. So who is he coming to play for?

    Why not play at a top football program, and still showcase skills in the Big Ten.

  2. Here we go ….what a mess of a program that IU football is ….how much more damage can Lynch do here ?? I guess even a high school senior can tell its over for this staff …

  3. “decided he did not want to be a part of a coaching change at Indiana.”

    That will be every recruit Lynch and staff looks at and talks to for the 2012 class if he is allowed to stay for the last season of his contract.

  4. I don’t know how you could watch your potential future school give up 83 points and feel comfortable saying “I still want to play there.”

    I’d do the same.

    After that performance, if I heard all 21 of our commits backed out, I wouldn’t even be surprised.

  5. He chose IU over Kansas, Bowling Green, Toledo, Ball State, Ohio University, Kent State, Central Michigan and Western Michigan — with Nebraska slow-playing him. He probably had about a 10-15% chance of making people giddy about him in Bloomington.

  6. Mike P, that is why I think his(Glass) hand will be forced. I am sure by the time this is over that if Lynch stays on next year it could really damage the program. Kids will transfer and he will lose recruits for next year because of no contract and what will hurt the most is the kids he will lose down the road that have us on the radar. Cut him loose or he should step down and make a good and well thought out hire but a somewhat quick hire and it won’t sting as bad. Can’t get much worse either way…

  7. Do you guys think that some accounta-Bill-ity on the part of Lynch might have helped this situation?

    I was reading more quotes from Lynch today in the IDS that tried to pin the entire Wisconsin loss on Chappell getting injured; he said something along the lines of “I’ve never seen the momentum of a game shift so much like it did when Ben went down.” This repeats a pattern of Bill blaming losses on one single game-changing play, like the blocked punt at NW last year or Chappel’s bum-luck interception at Iowa.

    To me, it seems like Bill always tries to absolve himself of any responsibility in defeat, as if games are decided only by whimsical forces controlled by the Fates, and which coaches are helpless to change once they occur.

    IUfan23 says that “his staff let him down,” but wasn’t it Bill who confidently declared that he didn’t need to make any changes after last season?

    I wonder if Bill were be more candid and honest, whether that would have changes the mood that you see circulating right now.

  8. Personally I would love to see Lynch do the right thing and step down as head coach but stay on board as the recruiting coordinator.

    Unfortunatly I think Lynch believes deep inside himself that he is capable of turning this program around and making it a winning program.

    What I think will be interesting is what people will point to as the demise of Lynch and staff after going to a bowl as an interm coach in 2007?

    Was it the loss of Coach Gerald Brown?

    How about losing Coach Bobby Johnson?

    Maybe it was the hiring of Dennis Springer as RB coach and now the co-special teams coordinator and assistant head coach? (how is the special teams and running game looking?)

    Or is it something else?

  9. He has too much pride and he truly believes he has the program pointed in the right direction. Termination of the contract is the only way this situation ends well.

  10. For a trip down memory lane, click on November 2007 in the index on the left side of the blog, and read through the discussions about hiring Lynch following the Purdue game. Same questions, same themes, same people saying the same things.

    Actually, the state of the program seems worse now, as there was a lot of talk about things like poor clock management and shaky play calling back then. I’d be happy if clock management was my biggest concern about this season.

  11. Priman switches his commitment, Hardin reaffirms his IU. One is confidant he can help the program improve while the other demonstrates he knows he cannot. IU got the best of those decisions. Sometimes disappointment reveals true character(a soft verbal for insurance until new suitors comes along).

    Tom, I too read the IDS. I try to read between the lines like anyone else. I cannot find anywhere Coach Lynch pointed any fingers or shunned personal responsibility. The fact is as an IU FB fan the air was let out of me when BC could not continue to play.

    Mike P., Coach Lynch may not be B10 or D1 coaching talent but I have always had a jaundiced view of our assistants. Even the ones Hep brought in. I would really like to give Mo and Billy L. a pass. But in college it is easy to coach talent and not expand it into skills. The example being Hardy to the NFL. His talent got him drafted but his skills could not make him valuable enough to keep. We will never know what a staff change could do during the Lynch era unless the last two games are W’s and Glass would decide to let BL off the hook. Which I do not think he would do. If they are wins I think AD Glass would swing for the fences as soon as possible using that momentum. Keeping BL and Jr. as recruiting resources would be good for the program.

  12. I’ve always like the idea of moving Coach Lynch to a recruiting position in the program. From what I understand, it would be really hard to sell that to a new head coach who wants to bring in his own system and people. But there might be a way to do it. I don’t see a reason that this separation can’t be amicable.

  13. Most coaches want their own coordinators but look at the curent staff for their position coaches to fill out the staff. Sometimes it is a clean sweep, but usually you have a couple who carry over.

    If Lynch would be willing to step down and into an office roll, Billy Lynch (Jr.) should be retained to work with the receivers and go ahead and keep Mo with the offensive line. Other than that, there isn’t a member of the staff I would want to see retained past the Purdouche game.

  14. Glass has to assign someone IMPORTANT to get on the phone to each of the 21 recruits that we have today, and the 5-6 recruits that we are still working on, and convince them that their future is bright at IU, and that they will LIKE their coach (new) and have him for their full four or five years at Indiana. This coach search must produce high quality results within 2-3 weeks of the Purdue game!

  15. It seems like that would be a best of both worlds scenario, Mike P. It would allow us to expand our coaching search beyond people with Indiana connections if we retain some of what we have.

    Have you ever been riding in a car when the driver asks you to hold the wheel because he has to find something that dropped on the floor? And you are nervous as #$%# because if even a small rodent were to run in front of the car, you’re sure you would end up in the ditch? And you know the relief when you can let go of the wheel because the driver is back in control?

    I’d have to believe that is the same relief that would come to Coach Lynch if he had a chance to step back into a recruiting position for a new head coach. And, I believe that would really be a prime example of honoring a contract, by both parties.

  16. I agree with Mike P that Lynch would be the one guy that could step down as head coach and not be a distraction as an assistant. In fact, he could be a damn good assistant/recruiter. He’s a quality guy, a good ‘football man’ and seems to have no ego-related problems. He’s done his best in a difficult situation, but he’s just not the charismatic “Hep-esque” guy we need to turn around this train wreck of a program. If Lynch wants to stay, just tell the new coach that he has the opportunity to work with someone who is a top-notch assistant who also knows the program and recruiting in Indiana high schools.

  17. Any new coach who is any good at all will want total freedom to name HIS own staff and to sign the recruits that HE wants!

  18. Pirman won’t be the last IU recruit to change his mind. And the best of the recruits will be the most likely to switch. That’s one reason why Glass has got to get the new coach hired by November 29. He should announce Lynch’s termination at the same time he announces the new coach’s hiring, with a lot more emphasis on the latter than the former. The more time there is between the Purdue game and the announcement of the new coach, the more recruits will jump ship and the worse IU’s fotball future will become. Glass should also be looking at coaches that can bring solid recruits with him to IU. All’s fair in love and war, and if Nebraska can openly go after a kid that had previously verbally committed to IU, than IU’s new coach should go after other kids that have committed to other programs. It ain’t over til the ink is dry on the contract.

    I’m really tired of IU football being treated like a pin cushion and a joke. Time we start fighting back. And to do that, we need to hire a coach that has some fight in him and who is comfortable walking right up to the line, not crossing over it, but right up to it. Lynch is a nice man, an honorable man, but he’s a whimp.

    I predict, that before this is over, IU will lose at least six of their best verbally committed recruits for the 2011 class! So much for justifying support of Lynch based of the strength of the 2011 recruiting class. It’s going to evaporate right before our eyes.

  19. Clarion- the quote I referred to was in this IDS article titled “Lynch expects Chappel to play on Saturday.” Last year that was a typical response pattern for Bill – instead of implicating the coaching decisions in the outcome of losses, he’d always harp on one or two plays, or a bad call by the refs. It’s the same mentality that led to the “We were 12 plays away from 8-4” comment.

    By the way, check out the article that Albers wrote after the Iowa game. One of the conclusions that he makes is that “the defense is legit.” Wow, talk about premature.

  20. After reading two of Albers’ earliest misfires I no longer have to expend energy to resist performing that type of personal behavior from myself. Either the IU Journalism school is seriously over rated or their vast resources are wasted on that kid. A good stint in the infantry would allow him some time to mature and if he is lucky maybe so positively as Kevin Bush.

  21. My question is, what is a kid who’s already commited to one school doing taking a visit at another? Sounds to me like he used his verbal at IU to force another school he was visiting to offer sooner. Better question, why would Nebraska offer to a kid that’s already commited to another school? I could see if they were staying in the Big 12, but they’re not. Way to usher yourselves into the Big 10 Nebraska. I know these things happen all the time, but it still makes me sick. It would have been different if he decommited, and then Nebraska called him. But this has low-class written all over it.

  22. Mattsi4, that is easy-one who is now being offered by much better schools-like Nebraska over IU in football. They don’t sign until February 2012! So no commitment is final until they sign.

  23. The Nebraska offer had come to Pirman soon after his Indiana offer and far before he had committed to IU.

  24. A lot of kids who commit early like Pirman did continue to receiver offers later in the season as their senior year unfolds. Some players from their junior to senior year in high school go from a 2/3 star to a solid 4 star recruit by the work they do in the offseason.

    Lynch and staff are well known for getting kids into their camps in early June, evaluating them there and making offers before the end of the week. That is actually a good way of doing things. Football recruiting rules are much different from basketball when it comes to making offers, and when Lynch and staff usually offer, they are generally the first University from a BCS conference to step up to bat.

    Recruiting is one of the few things Lynch does well.

  25. If you do NOT have 4 recruits from FL, 2 from CA and 1-2 from TX, you can never claim to be a GOOD recruiter in the Big 10!

  26. BeatPur…. (sorry, can’t type it all),

    Didn’t call him a good recruiter, but he does recruit well for who he is and where he is at. While I am far from being a fan of Lynch, do you not agree that from when Hep took over to now that the level of recruits are getting better?

  27. MikeP; sorry, I have to disagree with you. Lynch may be crafty, but he is NOT a good recruiter. He gave up long ago attempting to recruit Big Ten calibar kids. Almost all of his players are MAC level talent and size. Given the choice between a MAC school and a Big Ten school, most kids would choose to play Big Ten. Once in a while we get a nice sleeper (usually at the skill positions) that develops into Big Ten talent, but if you follow FB recruiting, you’ll find the vast majority of kids Lynch and staff go after are being recruited by MAC schools or lower (DII). Hardly any of Lynch’s recruits receive offers from other Big Ten schools. And when they do, like in the case of Pirman, many of them bolt without hesitation.

    All you have to do is look on to the field when IU is playing a team like Wisconsin or Ohio State. The size discrepency, especially on the O and D lines is obvious. Then the game starts and you imediately see the speed differential. Lynch recruits smaller, slower talent. And while he has implemented a solid red-shirt strategy, the kids don’t ever seem to make up the size and speed differential compared to other Big Ten players. Looking at all the injuries suffered during the last three years, the Red-shirting strategy does not seem to offer much benefit.

  28. For the 2nd time, I DID NOT call him a good recruiter. I said he does recruiting well. In that his system for offering kids is actually a sound system. The highly rated recruits that have gave their verbal and eventually backed out, most of those came from having those kids in camps and being one of the first to offer them.

    I will also tell you this, because of recruiting rules, you don’t know who Lynch and his staff is after unless that player is actually interested in IU and list them as schools who have offered. IU can’t talk about a recruit until the day the signed. You just know the players who have gave their verbal and eventually signed. I know kids who went on to play at better schools who showed IU had never offered, yet I personally seen their letter.

    As for the red-shirting, it is the best way to go, and you’re right, it has not paid off. Yes, the talent level is below other teams, but I still think it is on the staff to develop them.

    At times, I swear that Darius Willis and Nick Turner have regressed from high school to now. Willis was a beast at FC, now he can’t stay healthy and when he is, he doesn’t run the same.

    Nick Turner pretty much won the Conference Indiana title. I know there were other players, but his Southport team that was undefeated in conference play would have won maybe 2 games without him.

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