Indiana grabs two 2013 players

Indiana has secured verbal commitments from Devin Davis and Collin Hartman, according to multiple sources.

I’ll have more on this soon.

7:05 P.M. UPDATE

Collin Hartman was talking about the recruiting process with his mother, Melissa, on the road back to Indianapolis when he came to a conclusion.

“He said, ‘I just don’t know why I would go anywhere else,'” Melissa said Hartman told her.

Hartman called his uncle Mike (a father figure in his life) to get his approval and, after that, they turned the car around and headed back to Bloomington.

There, she and Devin Davis Sr. shared some tears as Hartman and Davis committed to play for Indiana.

It was an emotional scene, but apparently a lively one. Melissa said coach Tom Crean’s reaction was “priceless.”

“He said, ‘Is this for real? Are we really doing this now?,'” Melissa said.

Crean also pounded the table in excitement before everyone hugged each other.

It was an emotional day all-around for the Hartmans. Lifelong Hoosier fans (Melissa recalled her father and brother driving through a blizzard to get home and watch one of the national championship games), Melissa said she was watching Sunday’s game against Evansville and realized he could be playing on the floor at Assembly Hall one day.

“The family environment really appealed to Collin,” Melissa said.

As an example, she noted that it feels like she has known Joani Crean for five years by their conversations. They have met three times.

7:58 P.M. UPDATE

Yogi Ferrell will announce his college decision Wednesday before Park Tudor’s season opener against University.

His father confirmed that Ferrell is down to five schools (Indiana, Butler, Virginia, Florida and Wake Forest). Kevin Ferrell Sr. also wrote in a text message that today’s two commitments will not factor in his decision.


  1. Crean can “flat out” recruit. Everyone knows you have to give an honest coach trying to do the right thing longer than a year or two. I love it!!!

  2. Casey, I agree and it is fun to watch after the stuff I have read that has been posted on here about recruiting troubles…

  3. I agree with 4 guards for once.Awesome job coach.
    Things are really looking great for our future.
    It’s INDIANA

  4. Lester…not being a 4 guards apologist but he has always stated a few things he wanted changed

    1. Recruit the best kids from indiana – check
    2. See that players are improving their skills (I think we have seen this in Watford and Pritch this year, along with VJ 3 from his freshman year) – check
    3. Better X’s & O’s – jury is still out, but Roy Williams wins at North Carolina right?

    I think 4G is a big IU fan….he was just paving the way everybody wanted to see the revival happen….did Tom Crean listen?

  5. Paging Don Jellison, Don Jellison to a Crimson courtesy phone. You can stay on the Butler bandwagon…

  6. Jub, have you really read what the guy has written? He was completely unrealistic. I can forgive him only if he “owns” the mistakes he has made and admit where he was wrong but that has not happened so far…

  7. Wow! Great pickups and a cool story from Hartman’s end. Love where we’re headed and where we’re at right now. All this positive energy around the program is great. Let’s keep the wins coming – on and off the court! Go Hoosiers!

  8. Wow!!

    “Your attention, please! The borders of the State of Indiana have officially been closed. All in-state players who can actually play basketball and want to further their education will be attending INDIANA UNIVERSITY!! Our thanks to Thad Matta, Matt Painter and Brad Stevens for trying, but failing, to close the borders in their favor. Congratulations to Tom Crean and staff for restoring this Knight-era phenomenon.”

  9. 4guards, i challenge you to say one compliment directly towards crean. are you man enough after all the crap you flug at him? man enough to admit you are wrong?

  10. If your on the ground getting kicked and punched eventually your gonna get pissed and come up swinging. I think we just got up off the ground gentlemen….

  11. Wow! Congrats to CTC. However, I want to send a special thanks to Christian Watford, Maurice Creek, Derek Elston, Jordan Hulls. Lets not forget that all of these kids were top 150 players in the country and they choose to rebuild IU when no one else would.

  12. No credit for 4tards for jumping on the bandwagon. This guy was calling Crean a failure, and couldn’t even be patient enough to let things fall into place.

    Now he wants to have in on the fun, while at the same time being the first one to say “See, I told you so” if things go wrong. Two Way Tards.

  13. It’s hard to say what 4guard’s agenda was or is but you do not call 911 when your house is on fire and then stand over the shoulder of the firemen who are trying to put out the fire and criticize them. How long has he been a collage basketball coach? He had better get on board because the train is leaving the station.

  14. Wow, I was floored when I stopped by ITH and saw these two kids commited, especially Hartman, thought he was Hummels boy! Duke really was looking at him hard too, hope the pukies and PUkes both choke and gag after this recruiting binge! Lets get Yogi and Gary now! gary seemed to be enjoyign the game behind the bench today, especially when Creek lit fire, he had a smirk on his face that was priceless! Was glad to see him don the black IU hoodie, he looks great in Hoosier gear!

  15. jason,
    I have already said Crean has turned around recruiting. I love the work he has done on our future classes.
    I think we are a Final 4 team in 2 years from now if Creek and Watford are still around.
    He just did a poor job on our 2010 class. I cannot admit I was wrong about that because I was not.
    My only agenda is seeing IU hang banners once again.

  16. 4gaurds all you did was knock crean….I’m ashamed to have a fan like you root for INDIANA…go follow Alford

  17. • 4guards | July 3rd, 2010 at 8:29 am |

    If Knight were here , we would have the state locked up and the top kids wanting to come here. We would also have another banner or 2 hanging.
    We are in desperation mode with Tan Cream.

    • 4guards | February 10th, 2010 at 10:23 pm |

    It is ridiculous what Tom is doing to Elston. There is no logic to it unless he wants him to transfer. The 2010 class is a joke, so no help is on the way. Just probably transfers so we can listen to the tanned one make excuses again next year about how young we are. When will the cycle end?
    I know.. I know… When the next D.Wade arrives.

    • 4guards | February 11th, 2010 at 5:17 pm |

    Tom should have stayed at Marquette, but he knew they were getting tired of him as well. He is in over his head here and can’t handle a big time program.

    • 4guards | February 11th, 2010 at 9:55 am |

    There are some Crean apologists out there, but much of the fan base is growing very tired of Tom. Alford’s name is starting to come up more and more with the alumni. He has built New Mexico into an elite team.


    This is just a small sample. You have left on Scoop a wasteland of garbage. You are a joke. The only way you could have retained any credibility was to apologize for the premature judgements and buckets of over-the-top negativity you left at Tom Crean’s doorstep for the past year. At minimum, you should have just closed all orifices your body the crap wants to roll out and stayed away for a while. It’s obvious IU means nothing to you. The only thing that matters to you is feeding a ravenous narcissistic hunger never satisfied.

  18. Who cares what 4guards thinks, or whether he admits he’s wrong?

    Seriously. I understand why he bothered everyone to the point that we all rush to see his reaction to every bit of good news, only to be upset that he basically just says that any coach should be doing what Crean does, that Crean hasn’t performed one of the most remarkable turnarounds in recruiting (not just the Sampson era, but losing in-state kids dated back to the end of Coach Knight’s tenure, and it had been steadily downhill for a decade) that anyone has ever accomplished.

    I’m just glad for good IU basketball news at such a constant rate. It feels weird, to be honest.

  19. 4tards is like a parent who constantly tells his kid that he sucks, is worthless, and has done a poor job, without knowing that behind the scenes, his kid has been working very hard and laying out a future for himself.

    Then one day, the kid gets into Harvard, and the 4tards parent says “You’ve really turned it around, kid.” Insulting.

    4tards was wrong about Sheehey and Oladipo, and he was oh-so-wrong in telling us that Crean was turning his back on Indiana kids. He has no credibility whatsoever on this site or as an IU fan in general.

  20. Our 2010 class is pretty good mind you especially considering the program being in the dumps. I love our 2010 kids. The bandwagon isn’t for delusional critics.

  21. Open wide 4braincells. The 2010 class and Coach Crean are happy to oblige preparing your endless meals of raw crow. Please initiate giving Stevie and Stevens your sage advise for it is clear Coach Crean has never needed it.

  22. No tragedy in the 4guards story. The development of his character on Scoop was ingenious. He has carved out a permanent spot as villain and now fans crave him to satisfy a thirst to find direction their own underlying doubts and hostilities. His smallest utterance is now met with tidal wave of opposition as all are allowed to become heroic defenders of something they before likely cared so very little to fight and defend. One weak swing at 4guards makes you a Hoosier fan for life.

    I often wonder how quickly Sarah Palin would have drifted back into obscurity without the taking of bait by those in the media so narcissistically inclined to think it their duty to save the world from her. Much the same with 4guards rise to fame. Every bloggers overreaction to his stupidity is analogous to another CNN story plastering on airwaves a Palin speech she gives daily to tiny factions a public actually adhering to her minuscule representations far removed most Americans belief systems.

    If we could only give these poor superficial attention-seeking souls the disregard they so dearly deserve instead of using them to make ourselves taller. How much more dignified for Tom Crean to have earned the gradual and deserved ascent his Indiana accomplishments without the need of 4guards’ hot air to excite the dead helium and lift him instantly to the heavens.

  23. One guy in the 2010 class is not even eligible and the other 2 have been average players who will not even see significant time on the court as upper classmen with all the more talented players coming in.

  24. I also want to echo what Cutter said about Jellison. But we know that man doesn’t read this blog because if he did he couldn’t have written that TURRIBLE piece of cr.., I mean journalism, last week.

  25. EXCELLENT post Ravenous!

    Followed up by yet another poor, predictable, pathetic 4guards effort.

    4guards, you’ve been wrong about everything else — why are you still in the prediction business? “(Oladipo and Sheehey) will not even see significant time as upperclassmen” . . . do you want to bet on that? Given your track record of being wrong, are you SURE you really want to be on that?

    Maybe you actually just *love* the taste of crow. You keep on begging to get more and more of it to eat.

  26. D-5, stretching 4tickturds cannot make him taller. His every post reduces his size and relevance. But it is something CNN would report. Hell they still have not properly analyzed the results of 11/2/2k10.

  27. I’m off of 4guards’ back. He’s been first in to say how pleased he is and how Crean is doing what the Indiana coach should always do (get the better part of the in-state talent)the last few weeks. I also thought he was unrealistic at times, but he’s on the bus now.

    That said, Yes!!!!!!!!!! We can stock the core of the team with these kinds of players ever year into perpetuity. And then we will again be a perennial national contender.

  28. jayrig5: We don’t log on to read what the inane one has to say, we log on in spite of him. He’s like a mentally handicapped child sitting near you on a commercial flight, you have no choice but to tolerate the noise he makes. Besides, you can predict what he’s going to say, so there is no value to his posts.

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