Indy Star report not accurate, according to source/Yogi

The Indianapolis Star’s Jeff Rabjohns is reporting that Yogi Ferrell has committed to Indiana.

However, both Yogi Ferrell and another source close to the situation said that report is not accurate.

In fact, Ferrell seems to be quite upset about the whole thing.

Considering everything we know, we suspect Ferrell will still choose Indiana. This report is just premature, and also an egregious attempted ruining of #YogiStock.


  1. Guys,

    Just curious — If you had 100 percent, absolutely confirmed information that indicated Yogi has committed or will commit to IU, would you report it prior to his announcement?

    I’m always interested to get perspective on this. On one hand, you have an ingrained desire and perhaps a duty to report breaking news in a timely manner. On the other hand, there’s the notion that each kid deserves his moment.

    What’s your take?

  2. Hugh,

    Is Rabjohns the worst jounalist in Indiana?
    Hasn’t he tried to pull this “junk” before?


  3. Casey,

    Dustin and I just talked a little about this. I think it really matters what the situation is.
    If we had Cody Zeller to Indiana, we would have broken it and not felt bad about it. It was a huge news story and no one knew what was going on and who he was going to pick. We owed it to our readers to try to find that out.
    But that’s not every situation. Sometimes a source says, “Yeah, it’s going to be X school, but let the kid have his moment.” In that situation, you respect your sources’ desire (because you want him to return your calls/texts in the future) but can also tell readers that you “expect” or “indications are” it’s going to be X school.

  4. @Casey – though I can almost 100% confirm that Rabjohns’ “sources” were the internet message boards.

    Guy’s a douche

  5. @Casey – though I can almost 100% confirm that Rabjohns’ “sources” were the internet message boards.

  6. This comment is made in a vacuum re: Yogi, but it sends up a teeny tiny red flag when he would be so upset about this coming out a day early, assuming that IU really is his choice. Makes me think it’s a selfish ‘I want it to be about me’ bit.

    On the other hand, for an elite HS basketball player, I suppose your signing/commitment day could be on par with a girl fantasizing about her wedding. Having a vision for years exactly how you want it to go and then being really upset when it doesn’t go that way.

    All of that being said, if Yogi wants there to be Zeller-like surprise over his announcement, he hasn’t played it that way at all in leading up to the whole thing.

  7. Hugh,

    Makes sense to me.


    He certainly hasn’t been doing anything to help his credibility in recent months. Off the top of my head, I recall him retweeting a false report, blowing the Cody Zeller Facebook group “story” completely out of proportion, and now this.

  8. I think it is awful this kid will not get his moment, at least without this leak. Very sad, he deserves it just like Zeller. Casey, no…it is bad all the way around!

  9. Bobby Sue,

    I don’t think it’s an indication of selfishness for a player to want to have his day. He’s worked his ass off to create the opportunity for himself to play basketball on scholarship at a major Division One program.

    I think he’s earned the right to announce on his own terms, and its unfortunate that we, and the journalists whose coverage we influence can’t wait an extra day to hear the words from his mouth.

  10. Rabjohns was also the guy who wrote a Zeller story several months before his announcement that said “Who will Zeller choose? Maybe North Caroline, maybe Butler, probably not Indiana.”

  11. after reading the other posts…I am talking out of both sides of my mouth here but I was ok with a Zeller leak because if all the craziness and I was ready for it to be over with. I kind of thought he brought it on himself somewhat.
    With Yogi I feel it is a shame and somewhat because Cody got him moment…Yogi should as well!

  12. Understand the points being made, but if you want your moment, then don’t use Twitter to make it so obvious what you’re going to say when that moment arrives.

    It’s kind of having your cake and eating it too. Comes across somewhat as ‘attention whorish’.

    I’ve heard nothing but great things about Yogi and I’m not reading too much into this. Just an observation.

  13. You can’t say that having a press conference isn’t a little vain. Isn’t this the same kid whose dad took him out of AAU for a couple of years because his head was getting too big? And we wonder where the entitled athletes attitudes come from. There are hundreds of kids who just call the coach and commit. The media then calls the kid to get quotes. Kid doesn’t care-just wants to go to the school of his/her choosing. Still think he commits to IU.

  14. This only supports the Zellers were the smartest people by being the most ethical people on both sides of the recruitment process. Journalists do their best to make these young local heroes bigger than life then want to steal all the oxygen from the room before they can announce their own commitment. This akin to opening a kids present on Christmas morn or even better yet stealing it from under the tree on Christmas eve. It makes little difference to me whether I hear about a commitment today, next week or next month because I will hear it from someone.

  15. If someone had “leaked” Zellers commitment, no one would have believed them anyways. The Zellers made sure there were no “sources” and everyone knew it. If you claimed to have a “source” you were full of it and everyone knew it. Yogi has been much more open and I am sure there are a lot of people who KNOW. I still believe he is for IU or he wouldn’t have cared about the report, in fact it would have been funny for him to prove them wrong. I believe that Hugh is right… no one should try to “steal his thunder”. This is probably the biggest moment in the kids life up to this point. Glad for him and look forward to seeing him in the candy stripes!

  16. I’m no Rabjohn fan but if he has a reliable source with information he has to do his job and report it. However, he should name his source if that’s the case. Otherwise, he’s just stealing this young man’s moment in order to get his name out there. The ego of Rabjohn is his undoing.

  17. So a 17 year old kid wanting to announce where he is going to attend college is “attention whorish” and a “little vain”, yet it is ok for a grown man who is a reporter to race in and try to steal the thunder by announcing it a day before? Keep in mind this kid only gets this opportunity ONCE in his lifetime. Not to mention its not even clear whether Rabjohns actually DID get it confirmed or not. I mean he’s not really going out on a limb by saying its IU. IMO, Rabjohns is just tired of getting beat out EVERY SINGLE TIME by guys like Peegs, ITH, the guys here at the HT, Neddenriep, etc.

  18. One of the many things I appreciate about the Scoop guys is that they understood Yogi’s approach to this whole thing. It cam up in a football chat a couple of weeks back. The young man wanted his moment in the sun tomorrow. He has been building hype very differently than Zeller did.

    What makes it more ridiculous is that the Rabjphn story has almost as little news as a story saying the sun will rise tomorrow. If the story were that he decided to go to Miami after all, that might be worth reporting. But to just release a story saying he will commit to IU the day before he announces seems unworthy of the ink / bits it took to print.

    Unless Rabjohns apologizes, I think he’ll have a hard time gaining any access to high school recruits going forward.

  19. Yogi’s going to get his moment, regardless. It’s a little tainted now, but he’ll be ok. Does anyone really feel any differently now that a “story” has been reported on it. Everyone has felt he’s going to IU all along, but just want to hear it officially from him.

    Anyway, Yogi’s going to have many bigger “moments” on the basketball court with the Indiana Hoosiers. I think he’ll get over it.

  20. When will we know for sure where he is going? Hope its IU, but at this point not a given. He may be so upset that he is about to let a lot of IU fans down.

  21. I agree with what Smitty wrote but would add that I feel bad for Yogi because he only gets to announce his decision once. And from what’s been reported about his personality – here on the Scoop and at ITH – I really think he wanted the spotlight to announce it. And that’s been taken away from him.

    And I don’t feel any differently about the news Rabjohns broke, but I certainly feel a little weird about the implied story of the Rabjohns story

  22. Totally lame that Mr. Rabjohns feels he needs to grab the spotlight from a 17y/o athlete; however, there is no chance that Yogi will punish Crean, Zeller, and IU just because some idiot runs his mouth off. If Yogi has already decided to go to IU, then we’ll see him don the Crimson & Cream in Bloomington in 2012. Yogi…we all can’t wait to see you become the best PG at IU since Isiah Thomas!

  23. Did Rabjohns grab the spotlight or did he just do his job? I’m not sure.

    At the very least maybe he should’ve been aware that Yogi craves the spotlight and wanted to announce it himself. Maybe Rabjohns felt there was enough out there linking him to IU that it wouldn’t be a big deal if he confirmed with sources Yogi’s intention.

    Also, I wonder if this story would get the same reaction had ITH/THS run a similar story. But maybe that’s the point – they didn’t run with it, the Star did.

    It just feels like this story has gotten bigger because of the parties involved and of course, because this is Indiana basketball recruiting

  24. Yogi, if you are listening, EVERY Indiana fan is more than willing to wait for YOU to name your school. We hope it is IU. Bloomington is like family and home for you! Tomorrow is YOGISTOCK! WE are going to celebrate together!

  25. It is my understanding that the word “sources” should never, never be used by an ethical journalist without some kind of identification that correctly defines the value of the source (‘officials at the high school’, ‘sources close to the high school’s team’, ‘persons close to the family’…etc.). This is particularly true today, in the days of the internet blog and postings. Anyone merely writing to this blog could be called ‘a source’ but should be deemed unreliable unless verified and supported by more than two other qualified ‘sources’.

    The problem is that the standards of journalism are quite lax in this context and the word sources is used very loosely by all involved in the blog.

    Worse yet…it makes Yogi’s situation not only frustrating but needlessly so.

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