IU posts head football coach position

Below is the job posting. Mostly status quo and HR mumbo jumbo, but thought I’d post in case any of you have a Master’s and five years of coaching experience at the college level.

From Indiana’s employment website:

Job Description: IU is seeking an experienced, successful coaching professional who is committed to compliance, academics, character, diversity, and inclusiveness as elements essential to directing a nationally competitive football program. Responsible for all aspects of the organization, leadership, and administration of the football program, including recruitment of prospective student athletes, competitive game strategy, budget management, coaching staff oversight, and the academic progress of student athletes. Presents a clear vision and strategy for a winning program aggressive in its pursuit of Big Ten Conference success. Embraces diversity and demonstrates inclusion; maintains commitment to departmental engagement, including collaborative interaction with athletics staff and coaches. Serves as a positive, inspirational leader for the football program, athletics department, and University. Engages in the personal and athletic development of student athletes and is responsible for the program’s compliance with University, Big Ten Conference, and NCAA regulations.

Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree required; master’s preferred. Minimum of five years successful coaching experience, preferably at the Division I level, desired. Proven organizational, evaluation, administrative, and communication skills; a demonstrated ability to work well under pressure; and knowledge of NCAA regulations required.


  1. Well, crap! If I can sub in my JD for the Master’s degree, I actually have many of those qualifications. Well, that is, of course, other than the coaching experience. LOL

  2. Just read an interesting tid bit provided by Pat Forde at ESPN.com. He writes that Al Golden in five years at Temple has never beaten a MAC opponent that finished the year above .500. Yikes!

    The new look is certainly sleeker and more techie looking. I’m sure I’ll adjust to the more menu driven interface.

  3. Looks like Ken Niumatalolo may be moving to the top of the list.

    “Rumored candidates such as Temple’s Al Golden and San Diego State’s Brady Hoke both have hefty buyouts, $1.5 million for Hoke and a reported $2 million for Golden.”
    – Minneapolis Star Tribune

    “Scratch Houston coach Kevin Sumlin off lists for Minnesota and Indiana jobs.” – Thayer Evans, Fox Sports

    “My sources tell me IU already has done its research into Leach and ruled him out — completely.”- Bob Kravitz, Indy Star

    Troy Calhoun turned down Tennessee last year.

  4. I have all requirements except for college football coaching experience. I should apply just for the heck of it. Mike P and myself…could have easily won 6 games each of the last 2 years…

  5. Aruss put forth Al Golden’s name on yesterday’s Hoosier Morning. That is all I need to know that Al Golden is not a viable candidate for this job.

    Glass has said IU is ready to spend the money to get the coach they want. The buyout clause is a one time expense that I’m sure Glass has an alumni ready to pay.

    If Kevin Sumlin was on the Glass’ list of potential hires, then IU football will continued to be screwed. Sumlin took over a team that was 6-6, 10-4 & 8-5 the 3 years prior to his arrival. He has been 8-5, 10-4 and now 5-7, the first losing season in 6 years for Houston.

    Kravitz doesn’t know sh*t! Like Glass said, unless it comes from his mouth, then the person telling doesn’t know.

    Can you blame Calhoun for not taking the Tennessee job? After Lane Kiffin’s prostitution recruiting and the rest of the stuff going on in that Athletic Department. Not really an appealing job at the time.

  6. Grateful that Glass fired Lynch so quickly, confirming that the decision had been made weeks prior to the Purdue game. That gives me some comfort. Now let’s hope that Glass also began the search for Lynch’s replacement at that time too. He can’t afford to take too long to announce IU’s next head coach, or more recruits are going to jump ship, leaving IU’s weak roster even more depleted.

    Based on what I’ve seen, Hoke would be a great hire. He’s turned San Diego State into a winner in two years. And that is no small feat given the giant programs that he must recruit against. USC, UCLA, Arizona, ASU,etc. And San Diego State’s campus is a dump compared to IU. It has very little fan support and gets ignored by the So Cal media. The only thing it has going for it is the weather and the beach.

    Hoke is a fantastic recruiter and developer of talent, in the mold of the Boise State coaching staff. He knows the state of Indiana and the surrounding area as far as H.S. recruiting, and now he knows California and the southwest. Hoke did a great job at Ball State. His record there is deceiving, given what he had to start with. But his final Ball State team was far superior to anything IU has fielded in the last three years.

    If not Hoke, regardless of the reason, I agree that IU needs someone with a defensive background. And if Glass really has the money necessary, yea, swing for the fenses, make some news and create some excitement with a shockingly BIG hire. But please Dear Lord, no one with any hint of scandal in his background.

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