Kevin Bush to be featured on Big Ten Network For Veterans’ Day

From the Big Ten Network:

Big Ten Network to Feature Indiana’s Kevin Bush on Saturday
Pre-Game Show airs at 10:30 a.m. ET on Saturday morning

CHICAGO – In honor of Veteran’s Day, the Big Ten Network will profile Indiana redshirt sophomore Kevin Bush and chronicle his long, emotional journey from Fort Wayne to the University of Toledo to Iraq to Big Ten football during the Big Ten Football Saturday Pre-Game Show at 10:30 a.m. ET. (click here <> for a sneak preview)

As a football player at Homestead High School in Fort Wayne, Ind., Bush dreamed of earning a scholarship to play football for the Hoosiers. The offer never came, and Bush walked on at the University of Toledo. He left school after one semester and briefly took a job at a steel mill before spending four years in the Army, including tours of duty in Korea and Iraq with the 101st Airborne Infantry.

In the Big Ten Network feature, Bush’s mother Mary Ann describes the overwhelming emotions she experienced while her son was serving in Iraq, “You do what you’re supposed to do. You go to work and you come home, but your mind is never on work or home or anything else. Your mind is always on where he is. ‘Is he safe? Is he okay?’”

In July of 2008, while on patrol in Northern Iraq, Bush’s heavily-armored vehicle was hit by an IED, a roadside bomb. In the Big Ten Network feature, Bush recalls the exact events which nearly took his life and says, “If it weren’t for that truck, I don’t know whether I’d be sitting here telling this story.”

On the GI Bill, Bush enrolled at Indiana University and in 2009, he joined the Hoosiers as a 24-year old walk-on.

In the feature, Indiana football coach Bill Lynch says, “When you have someone who has gone through what he has in the military and he is the hardest working guy on the team, this football team has rallied around him in a lot of ways. Our team really looks at him as a leader.”

Bush says, “It’s not just about getting here. It’s about following through, making an impact and doing what I can do to contribute.”

Bush has played in all eight of Indiana’s games this season as a defensive lineman and special teams contributor.

Mike Hall is the reporter.


  1. As I am also a Vet, I want to say thank you to this fine young man and wish him nothing but the best in everything he does. I am for ever a fan of his! As for making the IU football team, that just tells you what kind of determination that today’s military has on some people that age!

  2. I always watch him on the field. Good things happen when he is out there. I am proud to have him on the team I cheer for!

  3. This guy is absolutely my new hero!!! To have just watched him on ESPN College Gameday, I love this guy and what he has done with his life. I am also a Navy Veteran, and I have done well for myself after I got out, so I beleive that if you really want to do anything you can. I just love his story and how he walked on at Indiana and now starts, that feeling of accomplishment must be amazing!!

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