Marc-Michel’s status being investigated

The NCAA is investigating Guy-Marc Michel’s amateur status, Indiana announced in a statement.

“Prior to attending North Idaho Community College, Guy participated in club basketball in France, where he finished high school and enrolled in some college courses,” Indiana coach Tom Crean said in a prepared statement. “In three years with the French club, Guy participated as a member of an amateur team. In his third year, he was “called up” for limited participation with a team that included professional players.”

Indiana anticipated an extended review of Marc-Michel’s status.

“We are hopeful for a positive resolution to Guy’s case within the coming weeks,” Crean said. “While he is not eligible to compete at this time, he will continue to improve in practice, and he’ll continue doing very well in the classroom, until the process is complete.”


  1. Figures. Leave it to the NCAA to wait until the day of the first exhibition game to do this. They only had 6 months to “investigate” after he committed…unreal. Watch him be ruled ineligible and Enes Kanter get cleared. The NCAA proves once again how much of a joke it is, and how it could truly be the worst run organization ever.

  2. Andrew, I totally agree. Are junior college’s exempt from the rules?
    if not, why didn’t they catch this there? This is crap!

  3. Having the NCAA rule on anything is not good. Great point Andrew, Kentucky always skates and IU pays the penalty. Crean needs to have a press conference and cry about it…that seems to work for some.

    The NCAA is a complete joke! Always has been (suspending Alford for raising money for a charity by being in a picture for a calendar) and then got worse when Brand was there.

    GMM may have done something wrong in the past by why wait for, what 3-4 months? This is ridiculous!

  4. The NCAA didn’t wait until today to investigate this. IU simply chose to wait until today to tell us about it.

  5. How quickly the negativity returns…

    Let’s all take a breath people. First of all, the NCAA is investigating — they’re looking into it. There may be nothing to this situation at all. Let’s just wait and see what happens.

    Secondly, while he isn’t Jared Jeffries, Marc-Michel can do some things to help us, as evidenced in the first-hand accounts of people who have actually…seen him play.

    He apparently played very competently at Night of the Living Red, and provides the only real shot-blocking presence that we have down low.

    I hope he’s cleared and helps our team.

  6. how can it take several weeks to do this investigation? A few phone calls, a review of financial records. This isn’t CSI: France.

  7. 4 Guards is right in my mind, if there was any inkling of possible professional status. How could the coaching staff not know how this could be construed? The NCAA has a tough call to make, but they also should be consistent.

  8. Totally ridiculous. Where was the coaching staff on this one? They and only they dropped the ball on this. No one to blame but the coaches. They recruited and he accepted. Don’t they think they need to be absolutely perfect for a few years and do their due diligence on everything regarding recruiting in light of the Sampson fiasco? Absolutely unbelievable and no one to blame except Crean and Shooter McClain.

  9. Yep, R squared. Absolutely. People are on the boards are more concerned with IU getting caught than the ethics of the situation, and accountability of the coaches.

  10. People,

    There’s no blame to lay on anyone until we find out what’s actually going on. How do you know Crean and staff didn’t exercise due diligence, and that there’s nothing to it whatsoever? The NCAA may be investigating because they don’t know the situation as well as our staff already does.

    Crean deserves the benefit of the doubt. Lest we forget, this is a man who has done everything right as far as cleaning up our program. Let’s assume he’s still doing that until we have reason to believe otherwise.

    Step back from the ledge, and let things play out. Sheesh.

  11. You people are either: a) Jaded or b) all 4guards under multiple aliases. Let’s just calm down here. This isn’t a violation that Crean or McClain committed. It’s a kid who played for a club team (where they don’t have high school b-ball) who got moved up and played with some pro players… We’re not even sure he received benefits or anything! At the very worst, he’s suspended for a couple of games. And trust me. I’ve been to HH, to Night of the Living Red and to tonights game. We definitely can use this guy (horrible pun intended).

  12. Ah hell we should all be use to IU and their bad decisions by now. CTC will work it out and he will play by the end of November…

  13. 4guards – you have yet to prove that Fife ever wanted the job in the first place, that he was ever interviewed, etc.

    McClain has a ton more experience that Dane Fife, at several levels of play, in many venues, over many years. There simply is no comparison.

    You are also assuming that GMM will 1) never play, and 2) will be useless if he does. But the fact is you have never seen him play except once in a scrimmage, in which he got 14 points and 10 boards. Assuming he’s useless is just as stupid as someone assuming GMM will thereby average 14 and 10.

    You have to get over this “ties to Knight” obsession. There are many, valid, winning ways to play basketball. Not just Knight’s way.

  14. I don’t feel the need to prove it. It was all over the place. Just do an internet search.
    Fort Wayne Paper had the best articles in my opinion.

  15. Those articles were just speculation and “what ifs”, 4guards. There never has been any documentation as to whether ANY of that was a real possibility.

    And how do you know Fife wasn’t asked, and then turned it down? You don’t.

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