Memphis at IU women

This one really got away from Indiana in the second half. Hoosiers had their best offensive game on the same night as their worst defensive effort. Jori Davis finishes with 20 points and 9 rebounds to lead IU, while Aulani Sinclair and Hope Elam added 17 points apiece. Simone Deloach had 8 rebounds off the bench. TIGERS 80, HOOSIERS 71

1:07: Memphis with the ball and the lead. IU has twice had a chance to make this a one-possession game but couldn’t do it. Must get a stop now. TIGERS 75, HOOSIERS 71

3:59: Final media time out at Assembly Hall. Indiana trying to gather itself for one final push. Hoosiers have struggled to sustain a run lately. They get a defensive stop and can’t score. They get a score and can’t get a stop. TIGERS 69, HOOSIERS 65

7:48: Turnovers are just killing Indiana. 21 turnovers equal 25 Memphis points. Indiana doing a good job offensively other than the turnovers. Jori Davis will be at the line with a chance to finish a three-point play when play resumes. TIGERS 63, HOOSIERS 59

11:44: This is turning into a real seesaw affair now. First Memphis with an 8-0 run, then Indiana a 6-0 run. Both teams still suffering from ill-timed turnovers, the most recent costing the Hoosiers big-time. TIGERS 52, HOOSIERS 47

15:20: Jori Davis with eight points in the first three-plus minutes of the half, but Memphis takes its first lead of the game on a 3 from the corner. Indiana has 16 field goals and 18 turnovers so far, which Memphis has converted to 20 points. TIGERS 42, HOOSIERS 41

Indiana weathers the Memphis storm late in the half to take a lead to the lockerroom. The good — 13 Memphis turnovers. The bad — Memphis shot 41.9 percent from the field, a figure that was at 48 percent before the Tigers missed their final five shots of the half.

Indiana shot the ball at a 43.3 percent clip, including 58.3 percent from 3 (7-of-12), but had 15 turnovers. The single-game IU record is 12 3s. Hope Elam has 11 points and Aulani Sinclair 10, while Jori Davis and Simone Deloach have four rebounds apiece. HOOSIERS 33, TIGERS 30

2:56: Memphis doing as good a job attacking the IU zone as any team not named Ohio State and very quick in transition to boot. Only Indiana’s 3-point shooting keeping the Hoosiers in front, barely. HOOSIERS 31, TIGERS 30

9:18: Indiana living by the 3 so far, hitting 5-of-8 from beyond the arc. Memphis getting much easier looks when it isn’t committing a turnover (11). Indiana has 9 turnovers itself. HOOSIERS 21, TIGERS 16

15:13: Indiana has come out on fire tonight, getting a banked 3 from Jori Davis and a pair of 3s by Aulani Sinclair to jump out by six. Danilsa Andujar has taken two charges early. HOOSIERS 13, TIGERS 7

The Indiana women host Memphis tonight in the third game of the 2010-11 season as the Hoosiers look to go 3-0 for the second straight year. The Tigers present more size and athleticism than any team IU has seen so far this year, so with Sasha Chaplin still in a walking boot, the Hoosiers have their work cut out for them.

Indiana goes with the same starting lineup as the previous two games: Andrea McGuirt, Whitney Lindsay, Jori Davis, Aulani Sinclair and Danilsa Andujar. I’ll have updates here and on Twitter.