Moye suffers stroke

Former Indiana standout A.J. Moye has suffered a stroke while with his pro team in Frankfurt, Germany.

Peegs first linked to the report.

On Monday, Moye and another player collided with their heads, but the two players were able to continue to practice. On Monday night, the step father of Moye spoke with his step son and noticed that he had problems speaking. On Tuesday at the morning shoot around before the Eurochallenge game against Maccabi Haifa, there was abnormal behavior detected with the Los Angeles native. As his behavior got more intense, Moye was brought to a Frankfurt hospital. At the hospital his condition worsened. The diagnosis that Moye had a stroke has been confirmed in the hospital. Further diagnosis about his recovery and therapy can not be determined at the present moment.

Moye is 28 years old. Obviously a tragic story. The prayers of the Scoop are with Moye and his family.


  1. I am so distraught to hear this. I thought AJ was everything an IU student athlete should be both on and off the court. My prayers are with him and his family.

  2. Never take a head injury or collision lightly.

    This is sad for Moye, truly a beloved IU player for his time here.

    Thoughts and prayers for a full and complete recovery for this young man.

  3. AJ Moye is one of my all-time favorite IU players. I hope he has a full recovery. My thoughts will be with him!

  4. AJ has always been one of my favorite IU players–rotten news by any measure, but my thoughts and prayers are with him for a swift and complete-as-possible recovery….

  5. Sad news. Never an ounce of quit from A.J. on a basketball court. I’ll always remember his uncontainable enthusiasm and pride he felt in wearing cream and crimson. Against top-ranked Duke in the 2002 NCAA Regional he unleashed his infectious no-quit attitude to help spark the Hoosiers from 17 points down in one of the greatest comebacks in our history. I’ll never forget that game and the quirky circumstances surrounding how I landed the tickets. Likely the greatest experience I’ll ever have at a basketball game.

    Get well A.J.

  6. One of my favorite as well. He is one of 3 current Hoosiers that I have an autographed pic of in my basement. I will pray for AJ and hope you all will as well…

  7. His heart and determination are missed, but that is what will get him through this.
    Thoughts and prayers to AJ and family.

  8. Life can deal a hard hand sometimes, and make our basketball discussions seem trivial. My thoughts are with Moye; wasn’t around to see him play, but I consistently hear people say he was the heart of that team that beat Duke

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