Oh yeah, football games

Lost in the chaos of a Sunday spent debating what Hanner Perea’s commitment means to Indiana and what the future holds for Bill Lynch was the game time for this coming Saturday’s home game.

Indiana will kick off at noon on Saturday against Iowa.

The Big Ten also announced today that the Nov. 13 game at Wisconsin will also start at noon.

Iowa will be on the Big Ten Network, while the Wisconsin game is scheduled for either ESPN or ESPN2.


  1. Are they trying to kill the students with all of these noon kickoffs? I’m not even one of the tailgaters, and I think these games are starting consistently too damn early.

  2. There are games all over the country that start at Noon (11 Central) every Saturday. Those students and fans seem to get their butts out of the tailgate lots and in the stands without issue!

    The Big Ten Network, ESPN, CBS, NBC etc. determines when the game starts. If this IU team was 7-1 or 6-2 instead of 4-4 and dropping this would be a 3:30, or 7:30 game.

  3. Chet and Mike P are right! I will also add that I have 9 college buddies and some with family that are coming to the IU/Iowa game. They had all planned on going to the game. Every single one of them has emailed or called and said they will tailgate instead! Very very telling!

  4. I’m taking the opposite approach to previous comments. High temps in 40’s means I’m skipping tailgate, getting to Bton about a half hour before kickoff, and just going to the game until IU is down by more than two touchdowns. I think the last two seasons have officially worn me out.

  5. That’s just sad fellas, get your butts into the stadium and support this team!! A big, rowdy crowd can make all the difference in an upset bid. I just watched the highlights of the 87 upset of Michigan on YouTube, and the crowd was deafening! This year’s crowd for the Michigan game was awesome as well, I was there and could hardly help myself think. Besides, if we’re getting blown out by halftime, the beer will still be cold when you go back out.

  6. I feel ya J Pat, just give em a chance is all I ask. If we’re hanging close at the half, go out and drag all your buddies into the stadium. An upset is possible, unlikely, but possible. Any given Saturday and all that. GO HOOSIERS!!

  7. If you can find 8,000 people on this campus who will gladly wake up pre-noon on a Saturday, I’ll show you 8,000 people who probably weren’t going to the game anyway. It’s not just the drunken idiots who don’t like early games. Some of the “true” fandom(meaning those who don’t come to the game for the tailgate) just doesn’t want to get up that early to come watch football, myself included.

  8. Yea, you have to be in the seats for kickoff and at least the first half. Then, if the game is out of control, leave at half and tailgate with friends. Besides, seeing half the fans leave at half sends a signal to Glass.

    But you got to give them a chance. Who knows, a miracle could happen and then you could say you were there.

  9. Kickoff is at noon, I’ll be in my seats by 11:00 usually, most times no later than 11:30.

    The thing is that IU doesn’t set the schedule, and if you were a fan determined on backing the team you realize that you might have to deal with noon starts, you roll your a$$ out of bed and get there before the kickoff.

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