1. Hmm. Change is never easy to accept at first (unless its Lynch being gone). Can’t wait to see what Downing has to say about the new format. It seems…bubbly.

  2. In the interior design field this would be known as too busy. Sorry, I know you’re not changing back but I prefer the old look.
    This new design achieves the same thing they did at Hoosier Hype. You have succeeded in making the journalist look more important the commenter(plainly understood that you’re the educated experts the profession, but that doesn’t mean you let your narcissistic readers feel your superiority. It should be your job to decieve us into a belief of equality). You have shrunk the font size the blogger’s comments and, along with the lighter shade, it’s now very straining on my old eyes to read the postings.

    Finally, I think the new logo looks dated. Prefer the original Scoop header.

  3. The new layout is great! Now to force people to register for a free account so people have to use the same name each and every time!

  4. Like the layout, however the pic of the 4 of you all, is a little goofy/creepy (the way you are lined up, and pissed looking). maybe a new picture and the site would be perfect.

  5. Hmm. Change is never easy to accept at first (unless its Lynch being gone). The new design is certainly snazzier, but one thing I don’t like is that you can’t see as many posts at once, requiring you to scroll more. Just a nit-pick, though. Can’t wait to see what Downing has to say about the new format. It seems…bubbly.

  6. …”bubbly” like the Beach Boys. It makes me feel very claustrophobic(similar to the feeling I get when hearing the Beach Boys “California Girls” or when opening my bedroom closet door and seeing all the clutter long overdue a severe straightening up). I’m also bit self-conscious the artificial enhancement/enlargement of only the fonts used for my screen name. It’s as if the bragging size of my blogging name can’t compensate for the impotence the smaller conversations. There seems to be evidence some savvy research efforts and market segmentation going on here at Scoop. It appears they have a better understanding their readership and the most frequent posters on their site..I would not be surprised to soon see a picture of Jimmy Johnson inside an advertising bubble linking bloggers to Extenze. Hope it won’t be a sign of things to come..Remember when Basketblog started placing the Evony ads?

    That was probably way too much opinion. It’s mostly the product of hearing from an old friend thought to have completely forgotten me. All kidding aside, I actually think the site looks pretty cool.

  7. Atta boy, D. 🙂 One thing I just noticed – and love – is the “Recent comments” box on the right. The Scoop took the one lone positive quality from the Hoosier Hype and applied it to their new format. Luckily they did not follow the Hype with their awful nondescript boxes, where you can barely read the name of the poster.

    Good job, guys, I am liking it more and more.

  8. It was hard to navigate at first but now I love it. Like the latest posts on the right and like the way our responses are numbered. Take it easy…

  9. Hugh, can we get links at the bottom of the page directly to the Big 10 standings and records for all teams in all sports just like you have for the Crimson Quarry?

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