Penn State officially ends Indiana’s bowl hopes

LANDOVER, Md. — Indiana’s football season is officially down to one game. Whether the same is true for Bill Lynch’s career as IU’s coach is yet to be determined.

The Hoosiers suffered their fifth straight loss and their seventh in their last eight games on Saturday, falling 41-24 to Penn State in front of a reported 78,790 at FedEx Field in the Maryland suburbs of Washington D.C. in a “home” game that Indiana was paid $3 million by the Washington Redskins to move.

The loss makes the Hoosiers 4-7 overall, 0-7 in the Big Ten with only the Old Oaken Bucket Game at Purdue next Saturday remaining. It means that for the third straight year and the 16th season in the last 17, the Hoosiers will not reach the six wins necessary for bowl eligibility.

“I’m really disappointed for those guys in that locker room,” Lynch said. “They’re a great group of young men. They battled. They’ve done everything we’ve asked. Certainly that was a goal of theirs since the beginning of the year, and I feel bad for them. I really do.”

The Hoosiers were tied 24-24 with the Nitanny Lions late in the third quarter, and the Hoosiers seemed primed to take the lead after Penn State kicker Colin Wagner missed a 43-yard field goal.

However, the Hoosiers got one first down and then a three-and-out on the next drive and then had a punt block by Penn State safety Andrew Dailey. It was returned for a touchdown by linebacker James Van Fleet, and the Hoosiers were never able to summon a comeback.

“I think it started with the snap,” Lynch said of the blocked punt. “The snap took (punter Chris Hagerup) outside the wall. Then once the ball is outside the wall, it’s very, very difficult for the wall to know where the ball is. They’re reading their keys. They don’t see where the ball is. To me the block came off the edge, outside the wall.”

The Nittany Lions tacked on a 35-yard field goal by Wagner and a 1-yard touchdown run by freshman tailback Silas Redd for the final tally.

Penn State quarterback Matt McGloin threw for 315 yards and two touchdowns to lead the Nittany Lions. Redd and senior tailback Evan Royster each had a rushing touchdown.

Indiana senior quarterback Ben Chappell threw for 235 yards and two touchdowns. That leaves him just 35 yards short of becoming the second Indiana quarterback to throw for 3,000 yards in a season and 78 yards short of Kellen Lewis’ IU single-season passing record.

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  1. Hopefully, Penn State will officially end Bill Lynch’s tenure as IU’s football coach!


  2. Whew! We are now all safe from the Osterman Hypothesis, whereby a 6-6 record would merit 5 more years of Bill Lynch.

    I have a simple message for the boys on the gridiron: don’t hang your shoulders: help is on the way. Losing sucks, but losing today may have been the best thing you could do for yourselves.

  3. Yes, I too had a strange sense of relief after hearing of IU’s loss to Penn State. While I have never rooted against IU, I can not escape the feeling that this had to happen in order for IU to move forward in hiring a competent coach and that finally this nightmare might finally end. Kind of like the unpleasant medicine that one must take in order to cure one’s illness and become healthy again.

  4. I hate being and Indiana football fan ….I try year after year to quit rooting for them …but I never do

  5. I understand what is being opined here, but you gotta wish that Ben and Co. could go out winners…

    Parts of the game today were actually watchable. There was an indication of some imagination on offense that was effective…

    Right before the punt block I mentioned to my friend that I was watching the game with that our punter “has been a bit slow at times”. And Pow!!! there it was.

    Does anybody else watch games like that with a sinking feeling of inevitability? I HATE it!

    Hoops tomorrow. 😉

    Go Hoosiers!!

  6. My favorite part of Hoosier game day has gotten to be what Lynch says AFTER the game … Todays doozie out of his tired mouth … ” Those kids have done everything we’ve asked of them ” ….how sweet Bill ….maybe you and your loser staff aren’t telling those kids the right things to do on the football field !! My God man …is he really as dumb as he comes across ?? Hey did we just get another punt blocked ?? But seriously look at the bright side …Indiana has only given up 124 points in the last 8 quarters ….

  7. Someone saying they were Andre Kates posted. I am thinking that was not actually Kates, because that person does have a long history of posting here about topics not related to Andre Kates. If it was just an attempt at comedy, well done. But let’s try to stay away from posing as current (former?) players.
    Andre — if that was you, please send me an e-mail to and I’ll post your comment again.

  8. What makes any of you think that if Lynch is fired that IU will hire a competent head coach? They haven’t done it since they fired Mallory, with the possible exception of Hepner, which we will never know how that would have worked out.

  9. Let’s hope IU can beat Purdue and win the Bucket next week, so the Seniors can go out with a win, and then we find out on Monday after the game that Lynch got fired. We’ll see shortly if Glass has the guts to fire Lynch and spend some money on a decent coach, or wether he continues to throw the football program further under the bus.

  10. Is it a form of child abuse to raise your son to be an IU football fan? Thank goodness he had to go to religious school last Sat. and missed the Wisconsin game; I lied to him and told him that our tv was broken but that I heard we lost.

    IU needs to wake up to the fact that its basketball program is a has been. Alums are complacent about football because they’re waiting for the hoops glory to return, but it’s not gonna happen. Once the IU base realizes that basketball is just another team, then the athletic dept. can put the emphasis on football and fill up the 30,000 or so empty seats it has on its hands five or six Saturdays a year- that’s a lot of lost revenue that’s sorely needed for the rest of the dept.- tennis, baseball, swimming, track & field, etc. There’s more to a program than basketball.

  11. Jason,
    I wondered the same about Doss. Hiring a good coach might help him decide to stay. Plus, retain the good player or two that usually leaves when a coach leaves.(Alex Smith, BenJarvis Green Ellis)

  12. Indiana has got more attentionin the last 2 weeks than since ….well …for a long time …- mean aren’t you stupid idiotd embarrassed by the laughable …joke of a program that we are ?? Sorry ladies, but one day in 2006 I lost about $ 250 K in the stock market …and I’m not rich …are you seriously telling me that Indiana couldn’t cut that tiny check for a 40,000 student university and tell Lynch …sorry …but even for $ 650 K with your show …even tho he’s got the personality of the gum he thru at Michigan …you need to find work in the wonderful world of fast food dude ! He is actually worse than I even hoped for in 2007 ….this is a mess ….All I can do is make my weekly phone call for the Arizona Hoosier fans begging for a change and something to be done RIGHT NOW …that call as I have done for 12 straight Big Ten weeks …Get it right or just don’t do it any more

  13. Did we just get another punt blocked for a touchdown ? Oh, that was the replay on the BTN ….now I know why they call it Big Ten ….there are 10 …and then there is Indiana …we are a total joke

  14. 3 blocked punts in one year…are you kidding me! Some punters go an entire college career and don’t get 3 blocks.

  15. Honor his contract and let it play itself out next year. That way coaches interested will come forward and make it easier to get it right this time.
    Otherwise, give him a 2 year extension and remain 11th..oops..12th in a 12 team conference.

  16. Attended the game in DC, seemed like 85% of the fans were Penn State faithful. Heard that chappell’s foot/ankle continues to be an issue, likely prompting the QB shuffling. If Wright Baker is going to play, they need to be less predictable and throw some more with him at the helm.

    Late in the game, belcher missed a short pass and started shaking his hands as if injured. Probably should have taken himself out or been taken out by an alert coaching staff. Instead they come right back to him and the ball sailed through his hands out of bounds.

    The blocked punt was no surprise as I also witnessed two up close at champaign! Hope that the AD goes another direction.

  17. I never understand the talk about going to a bowl. Who has IU beaten? The only good that came out of the IU/PSU game was that AD Glass may now begin looking at the football program and a need for a change at the top. IU’s defense starts out slow but in doing so digs a deep hole. How on earth can you start slow after being beaten 83-20 the week before? Our players are not being lead properly nor taught properly. Our offense has no imagination. When Wright-Baker was in it was too predictable. All year long our punter has been slow, doesn’t anyone put a stopwatch on him in practice. You can bet PSU knew they had a chance to get to him. IU football is the definition of insanity!

  18. mercifully, thankfully, it appears the bill lynch debacle will end after this coming saturday’s probably boiler victory and putting another “p” in the chain.

    who then to get? brady hoke? he’s in the mix for michigan if richrod gets canned and probably would choose UM over IU. ditto for jim harbaugh; blood is not thicker than what motivates big time college coaches.

    richrod, if he’s available? even he has standards. he would have been a better fit in bloomington than in ann arbor, though.

    but the devil we don’t know has gotta be better than the one we do. you can honor contracts by buying them out for a fair price, which is better than sticking with an unbearable, untenable situation in which no one is happy.

    IU in the new big ten configuration will never be a power house, but with the right coach they can be a good competent team and finish in the middle of the pack and try to be in the top 25 and go to a bowl most years and every now and then rise up to the top echelon.

    the only problem with that goal is that it’s the goal of every other big ten team and right now, they are all, except for minnesota, ahead of IU in achieving it.

    good luck IU, you’re gonna need it…

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