1. What will people talk about when they don’t have a head to put on a stick. The media generates so much push for these actions, it seems the decision-makers rarely have a real choice in the matters. Tough times to be a coach at any level. Charisma can go a long way with saving your ass and Lynch was seriously lacking in the same abilities our basketball coach when it came to the use of a podium and charming a crowd with buckets of rhetoric. I don’t feel sorry for Lynch. I feel more sorry for those that can’t find anything better to do with their time than spend it taking aim at someone. I wonder how many with such strong judgments hold themselves as accountable within their own professions. It’s a shame we take our university’s athletic programs far more serious than those in charge of classrooms at college campuses. How I would have loved such forces pushing out the stagnant tenured professors far too long stuck in their lazy teaching methods with no outside forces exerting the same pressures holding them as equally accountable the revolving door of ever-changing names at the forefront our sports programs.

  2. oops…“What will people talk about when they don’t have a head to put on a stick?

    DA BEARS!! What happened to that high-powered Eagles offense that put up 28 points in one quarter against Washington? Is it time to fire the Colts coach?

  3. wow. Thought I would at least get an old blogging buddy to bite on this lame comment.
    I must be exceedingly dull. It felt pretty uninspired when I wrote it though I still thought it sufficient to wake up a few zombies. Fire Lynch now…Fire Lynch now….Fire Lynch now…..Fire Lynch now…..Everything hinges on Cody….must honor our contracts….Dakich is a fool….there is a situation…are you aware of the scholarship crunch….a schedule full of cupcakes…I’m hungry for cupcakes and a victory at Kentucky in December….Fire Lynch now….Let Husky back on Scoop…I am a hungry zombie with nothing to say.

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