1. Tough loss, being at the game- I thought that Belcher came up with the ball. Seeing that he didn’t protest the officials incomplete ruling gave me the sick realization that he didn’t come up with it.

    Thanks for your coverage- I imagine that it is tough to ask questions about the future of the program. I was impressed with the early use of Doss and some new variations on that zone read- pull up and throwing to the slot.

    I am torn about what should be done in terms of the future. Something needs to change- but is it a coaching upgrade, talent influx, greater depth- or alittle of each.

  2. I only saw the last 2 minutes of the game after the BT channel switched from the UW game. For just a few seconds I was fooled that it could actually be IU who rallys back this time to beat a top ranked opponent – but, no, Demarlo Belcher drops a great pass by Chappell that would have sealed the win. Mr. Belcher…you could have been a hero, instead, you were so afraid of taking a hit in the end zone that you lost concentration and dropped a pass that 99% of receivers your height would have made. How does it feel to be a goat…and, even worse, a loser once again?

  3. FoolMeTwice:
    Whoa bud, how about you lay off of Belcher? Sure he made a bad play, but that doesn’t make him a “goat.” That one play didn’t lose the game, and he isn’t the only player during the game to “drop the ball.” He’s had a great career at IU, and no one has the right to judge his accomplishments off of that one play.

  4. You could see the exact same expression on every single fans’ face coming out of that game. Disbelief, not that we lost, but that for a three hours we thought we could win even though we should have known we were going to lose. It is a team and fan mindset that can only be taken away with the removal of the current staff. As you know I frequently post a list of some of the many candidates for head coach. Those of you who say that many of the candidates are unrealistic will be proven correct if Fred Glass tries to hire a FBS assistant or an FCS head coach. The only way to turn this program around is to hire a proven winner, and ladies and gentlemen that costs money, probably around $2 million. There is a fan base here who is ready to support a winner. Big Ten Network revenue and increased attendance can pay for it. We’ll never have a successful program here if we don’t treat it as one, and $2 million a year to a head coach says we’re serious about are football.

  5. Sorry…Belcher is, indeed, the goat of this game, because this one play – with less than a minute to play – would have won the game for IU. Yes, he has had a good career at IU, but today he had a CHANCE to be a hero. These kind of chances don’t come by very often. Prediction for next week after today’s crushing defeat: Wisconsin 47 IU 16

  6. I thought you guys brought up perhaps the most important and insightful point regarding this team’s improvement, or lackthereof.

    There’s no doubt that things, like the defense, have improved from game one this year to this point.

    Ignore the fact that the offense has arguably regressed since the start of the season, and ask yourself this question:

    Have we improved from last SEASON to this season?

    I can’t argue that we have. We’re on pace for a similar record, are dealing with many of the same difficulties and weaknesses and don’t seem to have any added toughness in times where we need it.

    I can’t, with any honesty say that we’re a better team now than we were last year, and that’s a problem.

  7. Ugh.

    Now the crappy thing is one guy who seems to turn third downs into first downs on a regular basis for IU drops one stinkin’ pass and the game is lost and the chorus of critics can harp for another week without ever giving one iota of credit to the effort the kids put in on the field.

    I’m getting sick of trying to find silver linings like everyone else, but this one particularly sucked because the effort was there, but one defensive lapse and one pass drop and it was the same old result.


  8. IUninethree,

    If, at your job, you had a history of disappointing your boss — whether it be not being prepared for presentations, completely dropping the ball on assignments, or simply not being adept enough in your trade to do the things expected of you, you’d undoubtedly be on a very short leash.

    Now, imagine you had in front of you, a golden opportunity to shine. You put in a lot of hard work, and produce a commendable product, but at the end of the day, it’s still doesn’t generate the results it’s supposed to.

    Your leash is probably shorter, if not gone completely. You may be the nicest person in the world, conduct yourself with class and always look out for your coworkers. But at some point, it’s about results. If they’re absent for long enough, you’re going to be let go regardless of how hard you’ve tried or how nice you are.

    This is no different. Lynch and his team have a job to do. Fans commend the effort of the players for the most part. But as far as the staff goes, at some point, emotion will have to be set aside in favor of a results-driven rationale. Most fans have simply surpassed that threshold.

    This loss was much more than “one defensive lapse and one pass drop.” No loss can ever be attributed to one or two plays. Consider Iowa’s missed field goal, the other touchdown Belcher dropped early in the game, Chappell’s interception, poor run defense throughout the game.

    There were many more factors, and regardless, most close games are decided in the end by one or two big plays. Acting as if it’s some sort of anomaly in IU’s case is silly. What generally separates the Indianas from the Iowas is the ability to be on the right side of those plays. You saw that on display today.

    Every team tries hard. Every coach does what he thinks is right. But as harsh as it seems, at some point, winning has to move to the forefront.

  9. Honestly, the question about whether we have improved v last year is crazy. Improving means finishing at least in the middle third of the Big Ten (4th thru 7th). It means finishing 3-5 or 4-4 in the Big Ten Otherwise its not improvement, it’s picking up a lucky bounce here or there. We’re 0-5, people.

    Right now we have to win at least two of our last three to finish in a tie for 9th place. We have to win one just to equal last year’s 1-7 record.

    I don’t think there is another BCS program in America that would be debating about whether we had improved since last year or not, with the facts that are on the table. It’s that we all like Lynch and want to see him be successful. It’s just not going to happen, sadly. Our only victories are over teams with 0-10, 1-8, 1-7 and 4-5 records.

    As Aruss rightly said today. Stats are for losers. The scoreboard is all that matters.

  10. IU is such a bad team that they can make a good team look bad. Also I am sick of listening to Don Fischer constantly whining about every call. I know he has to be positive but it is really getting old. He should know that when your team is not good you don’t get the calls.

  11. IU, under Lynch finds ways to lose. It does not matter if it was Belcher, it could have been any other player. The point is, Lynch has not created a team, or players, that find ways to win. For some reason, his teams find ways to lose. There is some intangible element at work here. I don’t know how to describe it, but I know it’s there. Lynch’s teams find a way to lose. Call it guts, call it will, call it character, I don’t know what to call it, but I know IU does not have it under Lynch.

    If Lynch finds a way to win one of the three remainig games, Glass will find a way to extend his contract and announce it before the signing date for HS recruits. If IU closes out the season 4 – 8, Glass will fire him. Glass can’t have a coach with one year remaining on his contract because it would kill recruiting for 2012. Lynch is either going to get canned or his contract will be extended. We’ll know by November 28.

    Talk about getting painted into a corner!

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