1. Hulls had 6 assists, Creek was 2nd with 2, our whole team had 12 assists. He also finished with 6 rebounds.

  2. I said it in the other thread and I will say it here. Exhibition games are nothing to panic about. Syracuse lost to Lemoyne last year, and Tennessee just lost to Indianapolis. U

  3. Well if you watched the video, you would know they weren’t telling the whole story with Hulls. Hence my comments.

  4. Hulls had good moments and bad moments, but overall I cannot wait until we get a point guard that can break someone down off the dribble. Our offense came to a complete halt over and over again when Ferris State forced Hulls (and Moore) to pick up his dribble prematurely and pressured the wing passes. He played a lot and had some good assists because he is smart and might be our best option right now. However, I hope this is not a sign that he is going to be physically over-matched in conference play.

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