1. I’d like to know how that kid at Kansas can take money and get a slap on the wrist and be allowed to play and this crap happens to our guy.

  2. NCAA is a complete joke, for the amount of money these kids BRING to schools, who really cares if he’s played 5 games overseas. More importantly why is this surfacing now and not during his stint in JUCO? The clearinghouse is an absolute joke.

  3. I think these YouTube videos you guys do really adds a lot to the site. Much cooler than just reading the stories. Its kind of a behind the scenes look. Great stuff.

    Re: Cam Newton…Oregon v. Auburn in the BCS Championship game is waaaaayyy too juicy to mess us for the NCAA. I think this will likely turn into a Reggie Bush situation where implications will be years down the road. If there are any.

  4. I agree with the previous comments about ScoopTalk – I love these videos, hopefully you’ll record them more frequently in the future.

    As far as GMM – was his enrollment in college classes that were administered at his high school in France similar to a high school student in the USA taking AP classes? Or is there a difference? If they are essentially the same (and that is probably a big ‘if’), the NCAA has opened up a gigantic can of worms since any NCAA athlete that took an AP class as a junior in high school would have started their 5-year clock two years before stepping foot on a college campus.

    I wonder if IU ever argued the “GMM taking the college classes in France was the same as a US-based athlete taking an AP class in high school” angle.

  5. Okay, everyone loves the Scoop Talk videos, but come on man, with the new streamlined, more professional look of the Scoop, its time to add some production values to these.

    You need a Scoop Talk theme song, a title page, and some credits at the end. 🙂

    Keep up the good work guys.

  6. I feel very bad for Guy, but this may be somewhat of a blessing in disguise.
    Getting an eligible Michel later in the season was probably not optimal in terms of toying with rotations. Pritchard’s game has shown some added maturity that wasn’t there last season..He’s in better shape and is making noticeably smarter decisions in defending the paint. Crean has far more options with finding the right mixes on the floor during different stretches in a game than the previous two years. No amount of practice can duplicate the experience/chemistry/flow gained when players get comfortable working with each other during games. We’ve lost a truly imposing force in terms of size in the middle without a chance to put Guy in our lineup, but let’s not forget we have two very surprising freshmen that are showing enormous potential. VO and Sheehey will now likely get even more opportunity to step up their learning curves and contribute valuable minutes. The kid from Westfield could also give us some energy off the bench. From what I’ve seen so far in this very young season, all these young men are rising up to the challenge and that might not be such a terrible thing.

    Best of luck to Guy and a hope he knows how much all fans had already embraced him as a Hoosier. I think we should all remember how much this likely broke the young man’s heart.

  7. Hate it! We needed him in the middle.

    Rules are rules…..sounds like his career has been kinda nuts doesn’t it? Started college, played pro or semi-pro, then to junior college and now I.U.

    Sorry to hear it. We’ll live through this. Chin’s up Hoosier Faithful…..lets get behind the great guys we have now!

  8. IU’s basketball and athletic staffers knew or should have known of this PRIOR to Guy’s arrival. It is called ‘due diligence’ IT’S ON US!! NOBODY ELSE!!

    The five year clock, the rules regarding prior play with professional institutions (such as French clubs in their upper divisions); how these combine to affect eligibility have been made clear by the NCAA. Similar (almost carbon copy) situations have happened before.

    Worse, it is NOT the first time it happens at Indiana. The entire Sampson debacle came for lack of controls by Greenspan and his staff. “WHAT?!! Just a little old telephone call???!!!” (do not forget the contortions with banks of cell phones and the forwarding of calls to hide the mess from the NCAA).
    A.D. Greenspan had been at West Point where they BELIEVE in “I will not lie, cheat or steal nor tolerate anyone who does! (West Point Honor Code) Also, “no equivocating!” But…he forgot that part while driving to Bloomington.

    For those who say…but Kentucky!…but Memphis!… but Calipari!!!, but Petino!!!…But Rich Rodriguez!!!… But Mostachioli!!!! Indiana is not Memphis, not Kentucky! We are Hoosiers! Man up (or Woman up!) and stop acting like hysterical little third graders.

    Guy…have a great life, offer yourself as a ‘volunteer’ assistant, enjoy yourself at our (yours and mine) University, …and, most important…become a HOOSIER! Make something great out of your life and we’ll continue to be proud of you.

  9. Thanks for providing the best explanation of the NCAA ruling. I understand that signing the contract would cost him a year and the 5 games he played could cost him 10 games. But I don’t understand why taking some college courses started his athletic eligibility clock. Was it signing the contract that started the clock? If not then this makes no sense to me at all. Kids take college course in HS all the time without it counting against their 5 year window. Of course this is the NCAA so I guess it’s unreasonable to expect any common sense out of this organization which essentially answers to nobody.

  10. Tim, I’m not sure we made this clear. But part of what IU and the NCAA determined is that Michel graduated high school before taking the courses. Fall 2006 was the first time he took classes, but it was also his first opportunity to enroll as a full-time student. They gave us the impression that there were certainly some murkiness there as to what was high school and what was college, but they also gave us the impression that there was something of a graduation there, and that it wasn’t akin to a U.S. high school student taking advanced placement courses.

  11. For Tim, Dopirak…The moment Guy enrolled in college (2006) after HS graduation he started a 5-year clock in terms of NCAA eligibility. If any sanction would have been applied for the “pro-games” he played (say 10 games) it would reduce his eligibility clock by that much as well. There was simply not any eligibility time left in his clock.

    The could happen is that, if for some reason, the NCAA could award him a year, but even then it would give Guy barely two months or so….just not enough time.

    The NCAA book is huge and complex. Glass MUST have someone among his associate administrators who simply becomes an expert in these intricacies. And, that individual…like an Inspector General or the Office of General Accountability must be empowered to stick his/her nose into ANY issue affecting compliance and eligibility without interference, even Glass’. There is no emotion, no favoritism, no shades of gray…the rules…RULE!!!

  12. Tsao Tsu,
    That’s exactly what they’ve done and exactly what most major Division I institutions do. They create a compliance department. Julie Cromer is Indiana’s senior athletic administrator in charge of compliance, and she was actually hired away from the NCAA, where she worked for 11 years. She was on top of this case all summer. Problem was, it apparently took all summer to put together the intricacies of the case and to work through everything with the NCAA. Should she have known about it before Michel signed? I don’t know. I’m not sure how coaches share recruiting information with compliance departments before players sign. She said the compliance department investigated Michel’s status vigorously once he signed because there are obviously many potential amateur snafus with foreign players. As he filled out forms, they were able to put together the whole picture and determined that he was ineligible.

  13. Could this blunder with Guy’s recruitment have any further repercussions? Could this open the door for a committed recruit to back out of his LOI if his decision to come to IU was predicated on Guy being a part of the Hoosier roster? Some have implied that Watford(based on his vast improvement) could possibly decide to take his game to the next level after this season. If this happens, the inside strength of our team takes a severe hit that Michel could have helped fill. Cody Zeller is a great player, but I can’t help but wonder if he’s having mixed feelings now seeing that he may be responsible for much more than originally bargained for when asked to fill the developing/potential holes in our roster at defending/scoring in and around the paint.

  14. John, why would you assume these things. Chances of Wat leaving after this year are not too good…one guy implied it today on this blog…other than that I have never heard anyone anywhere say that. Perea and Jurkin come in the next year after Zeller. I don’t think Zeller is too worried!

  15. JPat, anything is possible. It’s possible Zeller’s game won’t look much better than Tyler’s did against MSU. It’s also entirely possible that after one year of solid experience in on of the toughest conferences in the nation, Guy could have developed into a very strong post player. All indications from journalists making commentary on the major Hoosier sports blogging sites was that his level of athleticism and basketball skills were pretty darn good. This was not a Bawa or Jobe. If Watford were to receive serious interest from NBA scouts, it may not be as far-fetched as you think that he gives it serious consideration. Blunders have repercussions. I don’t think it’s a big leap to assume the “implication” of “one guy” on this site was severely off-target from the reality of what “some” may soon ponder if Watford continues to make it look this easy. My dad is a huge basketball fan(takes in a lot of the NBA) but doesn’t watch as much college hoops and rarely watches the Hoosiers play. He gave me a call today and said he watched IU vs. BC last night…I had told him the game was going to be on TV but I honestly thought he wouldn’t watch. I was surprised he didn’t get disinterested after how bad we looked in the first half. He was far more complimentary of the Hoosiers team than I expected he would be..He added that he thought Boston College looked like a very strong basketball team. We tend to have a lot of tunnel vision on these blogs. The way we see thing is not necessarily the majority opinion. Listening to certain negative rants by a particular person(guess you could also refer to his comments as only the implications of “one guy”) on this blog have led many to believe we have a mediocre team that is only capable of beating “cupcakes” until the arrival the great savior from Washington High School..I’m going to put a lot more stock in the casual observations my old man. He liked the heart and feistiness our team. He thought they showed a lot of toughness in fighting their way back into the game. The 3-point shooting performance of BC’s Jackson and the versatility of IU’s Christian Watford were impressive enough for him to remember their names. My dad is 86 years young and enjoys what he has today. He doesn’t care about what a kid named Zeller(or anyone else) is expected to do for the Hoosiers tomorrow. Perspective.

  16. John, I agree with your dad on this years team. I loved watching the game. I watched that one poster you refer to start rumor after rumor on here…rememeber how Wat was going to transfer and was unhappy just because of the pic with Crean talking to him in the hallway? I watched Guy play in games on 2 different days. He was going to be a 10 and 10 guy, no more no less…of course that is my opinion. I feel he would have been good for 2,3 or 4 games in the Big 10, he will be missed. I just did not agree with you trying to say Zeller might leave because a juco kid that would have been here for ONE year with him and another kid COULD possibly jump to the NBA. I guess it could happen but most likely not. Plus as I said Perea and Jurkin are coming and now that the scholly is open, another big man maybe. I would take the other route and say that Guy not being here will make Zeller more “the man” at the 5 spot in a way. I did not mean to make it sound like I was coming down on you, sorry for that.

  17. JPat,

    No need to be sorry. You’re right. My thoughts are downright delusional. Zeller would never let anything similar my foolish views ever enter his mind. Hasn’t he already demonstrated he believes he has the rocks in his jock to do this alone? He has solely caused the floodgates to open. The rest of the tiny dominoes our powerhouse team of the future have fallen. Now Yogi and the rest any Seven Dwarfs that want to follow shall just whistle while he works. And Watford currently playing like a man and Guy losing out on opportunity to prove likewise are nothing more than insignificant pieces the puzzle a team never needing pieced together. I guess any 16-years-old kid that holds a press conference in his high school gym believing my 86-year-old father(a WW II veteran that flushed his Indiana All-State football honors and two Big 10 scholarships down the toilet to serve his country)might give a rat’s bottom in a fairytale wishing well where he wants to dribble a basketball next year obviously already knows he’s “the man”.

    Thinking you’re “the man” and actually living up to the sell job are sometimes infinite parallel lines to never merge. Look outside your living room window. While Cody was standing tall at his podium that little hard-working squirrel gathering acorns in preparation a cold nasty winter was packing more nuts.

  18. John, your last post was great…I must say! I am watching that squirrel right now as my sick little boy plays with play-dough at the kicthcen table.

    I do hope he is “the man” or we as fans might be in toruble…

  19. JPat,

    Cherish the moments or build a time machine. My kid is now nearing leaving the nest for college. It severely depresses me. The play-dough days become the gems you wish you could have back.

    I best shut my trap for awhile before Hugh decides kicks me in the acorns for hogging the blogging tree. It’s been fun.

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