1. I don’t know why they always do these with three guys, with the third guy sitting too far away to be heard.

    Just go with the H-T guys (it is your web-site), we don’t need media guest stars.

  2. Yeah I could barely hear Dustin back there. They could try and have the red haired kid on one side, with Dustin sitting on Hugh’s lap on the right side. Then everyone could be heard I think. The other guy has a very interesting voice…it almost sounds like he’s being seductive.

  3. Agree you can never hear the guy in the second row, and I think Dustin makes good arguments so id prefer to hear him, although ith is a solid website as well.

  4. It is funny to me and I am actually not talking about just one poster on here…there were many that knocked this class with Vic and Will. I absolutely love these guys. Vic and Will are special kids. They are gifted in that they are confident as freshman, maybe borderline cocky. That is a good thing as long as they do it with class. These two really flew under the radar. Vic can really shoot and I read 100 times that he could not shoot. Will is a player and at 6 foot 6 will take it right to the basket and he can also shoot. I am thrilled with this class of these 2 kids! IU needs that swagger!

    This team is going to surprise many around the nation this year. The depth is so nice to see and they seem to have a passion for the game and a “closeness” this year that was not there the last two years. The defense is looking great! I am excited. Hope Elston is OK and hope Guy is back soon.

    There is still room on the bandwagon…so nice to say that I stayed with them as some didn’t!

  5. am I nuts??? I am watching the football game Saturday and cheering….why??? I think because I am a true fan….heck yeah…that’s it!!!

  6. Was this really our first 3-game win streak under Crean? Wow, that one caught me by surprise.

    JPat, your comments on the 2010 recruits are spot-on. It’s hard to believe that our hoops wizard and honorable mention Mr. Basketball Indiana, 4tards, could so presumptuously criticize these kids without even taking the time to see how they looked in a Hoosier uniform.

    I’m sure Clarion will have something to say on this topic as well.

  7. Actually you two said it better than I about our 2010 class and our resident talent evaluator and his lack of credibility. There will be and endless smorgasbord of raw crow available.

  8. HC, if 4turds was to eat raw crow he might become violently ill and feel so bad that he would not be able to grace us with his supreme thinking and nobody would want that…DWS

    Another plate of raw crow Mr. 4guards ?

  9. Mr. 4guards sends his compliments and regrets:

    “Sorry to say that I am, at this moment, composing completely unwarranted and unfair criticisms of Guy Mark Michel (since he hasn’t played yet) and am not available for crow-eating at this time.”

  10. “Oh, and I am counting the days until Steve Alford comes to Indiana, with Brad Stevens as his assistant.”

  11. “Oh, and Brad Stevens completely outcoached Rick Pitino in every aspect of the game. The score means nothing.”

  12. No it was only me ripping on VO and WS. I said they sucked but uh yea Crean cant recruit and has crappy classes. Uh yea.

  13. Team looked good for playing three in games in five days. I think they were a little tired but buckled down and produced a win. Valuble experience, and a good sign.
    Used my my own plus/minus grading system last night and tried to really pay attention to the play of TP and Capo. Honestly it was a tie. I believe Capo had more minutes though. I know what Professor Hoagland thinks, HaHa. But am I the only one who thinks The offense and defense seems to pick up with Capo in over TP? TP for once, didn’t have a foul called on him every time he farted. And he did have a nice rebound put back at the 17:40 mark.

  14. “You want to take them one game at a time, but it doesn’t sound like much, especially with the Indiana tradition,” Crean said. “There are banners that don’t have any losses up there. To start out 3-0 for us in our era here, that was a big deal.”

    That summarizes an understanding of the past but a realistic awareness of where we are. I think I’ve read that quote four times today, I love it.

    I agree with others… ditch the back row during the ScoopTalk or buy another microphone.

  15. Mass.Hoosier,

    When one of the five is a choice of Pritchard or Capo. I’ll take Capo, he has energy. I swear at times Pritchard plays like he wants to go hide and would rather not be 6’9″.

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