1. Hmmm. Writing about these games is getting old? I would agree that the schedule has been pretty much a cakewalk. With the exception of Wright State, the competition so far has been lackluster. But let’s not forget from where this team came from. To use Hugh’s words IU was somewhat of a transitional Division I team in 2008-2009.

    They have now made the jump to be potentially middle of the road when it comes to the Big Ten. This year’s schedule builds up nicely for this type of team. Kentucky and the Las Vegas Tourney will provide some much needed challenges at the right time.

    Remember the expectation media wise locally and nationally was anywhere from 6th to 9th in the Big Ten. I would be thrilled if they made the NIT and ecstatic if a NCAA bid was obtained.

    Don’t worry there will be some good competition and in turn better stories to cover with this team as the season progresses. For now let’s enjoy the win.

    I’ve investigated the licensing rights for Zellerpalooza and YogiStock and they are still available. HarrisFest (ala Horde Fest) could be next.


  2. I agree with PB above, have you forgotten who IU is? They won 4 Big Ten games last year, comparing their schedule now to MSU? They aren’t yet MSU. By my account they will have played 5 ‘solid’ teams(WS,BC,Ky,NoI,NM) before Big10 play starts, I think 5 is plenty for this group. I guess it depends on what your expectations are for this team, if you think they are going to challenge for the B10 championship then yes this is probably not helping get them ready for that, if you think they’ll win 17-19 total games then I think there is nothing wrong with these games so far. As far as if you are bored of covering these games, that’s on you, too bad they don’t ask the writers what entertains them.

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