1. the highlight this fall for the football team was IU landing Zeller, now that we have him they see no reason to continue on

  2. I’m serious, dead serious…how the hell do you get 83 points scored on you??? I knew Lynch was wrong for the job a few games into the season after the bowl but wow, all I can say is wow. I was embarrassed the last two seasons with IU basketball but this takes the cake.

    By the way, I think the 83 points were scored because they pulled a Dallas Cowboys today after it was 38-10…he lost the team today!!!

  3. Very reminiscent of the Dinardo beat down in his last game at Purdue. But hey Bret Bulemic told Lynch that the 63 pt lead was enough and had IU punted with 10 sec. left- they would have taken a knee.

  4. If this doesn’t get Lynch fired, I don’t know what will. The football program at IU is an embarrassment. He’s a lousy coach, the team has no depth, and another year of no bowl, no Big Ten wins looms ahead.

    Does Fred Glass really expect IU fans to turn out and support this kind of crap? Put a decent team on the field and fans will come, but they’re not going to waste their time on a team that can’t come close to competing in the Big Ten. After they beat up on a few cream puff teams in the early part of the season and get everybody’s hopes up, reality sets in and you see just how ill prepared the team is to compete at the Big Ten level.

  5. Don’t worry Fred Glass has no choice now. Brett Bielema may have been a little classless but he actually did us a favor, the national embarrassment forces us to make a change.

  6. JPat,
    The basketball team the last couple of years has never been like this….with them everybody knew who they were, that they were doing the best they could, and that it was going to be better soon. And three years later, here we are.

    With football? After those same three years(plus a little), here we are.

    I just can’t beat this drum anymore. It is so sad.

  7. Just shoot me please ….this crap was SO laughable that ESPN2 decided to show this…um …game again at midnight …..I don’t know about you Hoosier fans in Indiana, but those of us out here made an agreement weeks ago to deluge Indiana sports information and dead head fred with calls for a change ….who knows if anyone there cares …-f not, that’s cool, but just disband this embarrassment of a program or leave the conference …if dead head fred doesn’t think that Indiana fans are passionate about football… Dead head fred is wrong …I admire him for his ” please we will basically pay you to come to our home games ” with his $ 5 Arbys like tickets ….it aint gonna cut it …. Keep it up Fred and ur next on the chopping block … E I G T H Y – T H R E E ….what a joke

  8. I have no confidence in Fred Glass.

    Can someone explain the reasoning behind taking a home game and moving it farther away than any away game we have and closer to the “visiting” teams campus?

    To cater to our fan base? What does that mean? Washington DC? Maybe Chicago. This may be one of the most idiotic moves in college athletics.

    His failure to act and today’s debacle has set the football program back years.

    All those exciting blog posts a few months back about the 2011 recruiting class…I said it then…those are verbal commitments…and undoubtedly some of those just left the building…

  9. look, don’t blame glass….iu football sucked before glass…he is restoring basketball and soccer and it looks like he is doing alright there so far….football will be next…he has the stadium…the conference..he just needs a coach…iu foodball has always sucked just give it a year or two and deal with it.

  10. Stoyanovich

    Glass made the move for the 3 million bucks. The cater to our fan base is just PR and that is all.

  11. Why move the Penn State game? $2 million to be put toward hiring a new coach. I believe Glass is crazy like a fox. That presumes that a coaching search is about to get underway, of course.

  12. Stoy,

    It’s for the money, man. And I like thinking outside the box. Either way, this was obviously for the money and hopefully he puts it to good use in finding a new coaching staff.

    Also…’set the football program back years’? This football program has been a failure pretty much 115 or 120 out of the 125 years they have played. I don’t think you can blame Glass for that. Nor do I think it’s fair to say that today’s game set us back years, we’ve been getting destroyed in this league more often than not for as long as the game has been played.

    Glass and Co. should have been looking the past couple weeks at least and the search should go into high gear now and a timeline established.

  13. What has really bothered me about Lynch this season has been his continual practice of refusing to acknowledge when his team has blown it, or played horribly.

    “Four plays from winning” against Illinois, among others.

    What a joke. When IU choked against Illinois, that was bad. When IU won by 2 over Ark St, that was just as bad. But he tries to spin things positively. And when you fail to actually label things accurately, nothing’s going to change. So we get this today, and once again, “Wisconsin is a really good football team.” Sure, but they’re not the best team since 1950, or whenever the last time was that this many points were scored. This was an embarrassment, and it deserved to be labeled as such.

    There is a difference in talent between these teams, but it’s not a 63 point difference. To me, the rest of that margin is filled by coaching. What a joke, to have a team so obviously quit.

  14. As if I hadn’t said enough already, I went to the AP game story to find Lynch’s quote.

    “We got beat every way possible by a great football team. We knew Wisconsin was a great football team. We played a quarter and a half and really were playing pretty well and then Chappell gets hurt,” Indiana coach Bill Lynch said. “We didn’t handle it very well.”

    Wisconsin scored every time they had the ball, coach. Come on. Had Chappell stayed in, maybe they only score 60+?

    Such an awful quote. Yet another in a long series of them, and he’s coming awfully close to using that as the main excuse for giving up 83. There’s no logic there.

  15. Brady Hoke.

    Did an excellent job at Ball State. Went to San Diego State and went 4-8 last year. So far this year he is 7-3, losing to Missouri, BYU and TCU. The previous 8 years San Diego was 29-50.

  16. The team simply quit. They could’ve stopped Wisconsin if they wanted to. They don’t like Lynch, the fans don’t like Lynch, and Glass is simply being curteous until the end of the season when he lets him go.

    After being in the AD chair this season, Fred Glass has really impressed me with all of the little and big things this athletics department has done. Just as I thought Cody Zeller would come to IU for a lot of logical reasons, a logical person has to see Bill Lynch as problem 1a with the football program. Spending the money, however difficult that may be, to pay a top 20 level coach to come to Bloomington is priority #1. There’s a lot of great advantages here for a coach able to take advantage of them. Jim Harbaugh, John Gruden, Brady Hoke, and lots of other quality candidates need to be contacted and offered in excess of 3 million dollars annually. IU simply can’t afford to market the program as smartly as they have, grown the fan base as well as they have, and have a head coach that sucks the life out of all of those efforts. The entire athletic department will suffer keeping Lynch past this season.

  17. Lynch is 2-20 in Big Ten play the past three seasons. If Fred Glass is sincere re: wanting to see progress in the team, well, this season has been Exhibit A in a lack of progress and more regress than anything else. Wow. 83 points. Pathetic. Starts at top and even though he has one more year on contract, its time to part ways with Bill

  18. Lynch should have been fired after the Virginia game last year. The team showed in the many games where it built up a big lead that it had plenty of talent to compete but something else was missing. Losing by 40 to Al Groh’s eventual 3-9 team, to me, put the writing on the wall, where it has stayed unnoticed until hopefully now.

  19. Worst part of yesterday was hearing the announcers on the Auburn v UGA game talk about the IU score. They said they thought it must’ve been a misprint until they got one of the studio updates that showed the lowlights.

  20. Last year against Virginia? Lynch should have been fired when you were screaming for it three years ago on IDS Basketblog.

  21. Really? Seriously? Come on! IU football became a joke again yesterday. Repeated over and over on ESPN and other national sports highlight shows and most newspapers across the country.

    And there was Lynch at the traditional post game handshake with the classless BB, all nice and congratulatory, then saying such nice things about Wisconsin football in his post game comments to the news media. Not sure which was more humiliating, the score or Lynch’s behavior after the game. What a whimp, what a loser, what a beat-down dog. Lynch has no pride left. It’s been beaten out of him. Oh yes, he is certainly a nice man, clearly a class act, maybe too nice too classy to coach a Big Ten football team. Oh yes, he’s got integrity and runs a clean program. But superceding those attributes is the fact that Lynch is a whimp, a loser and has no fire, no pride, and no fight left. If he did, he would not have been so “appropriate” and “nice” after yesterday’s destruction. I was disturbed at the lack of disgust, the lack of anger, the lack of passion displayed at the end of the game and in post game comments. Where was the fire? I’m not saying he should have been shouting profanities at BB, but why go over board being so nice when the opposing coach obviously ran up the score like a classless jerk?

    Lynch was a loser before he got the IU job and he has been a loser ever since. And IU football will remain a loser as long as he remains the coach. He is just another example of terrible hiring decisions made by the previous IU administration (boy, they had some whoppers with Sampson and Lynch, didn’t they!)that did (as is still doing) enormous damage to IU ‘s athletic reputation.

    Here’s an idea. IU should fire Lynch (does not matter if it’s tomorrow or on November 29) and any IU administrator that voted to keep Lynch on after 2007. Seriously, any member of IU administration leftover from that decision should be shown the door. Flush anyone associated with that decision. Obviously they showed horrendous judgement and proved they are not qualified to make future decisions about athletic coaches. Let’s get a new (competant) culture started that will honor IU athletics.

    Yesterday’s loss was radioactive and anyone tainted with the decision to hire or maintain the man responsible for the meltdown and humiliation should be asked to resign. Seriously!

  22. Stoyanovich-there are 3 million very good reasons. Thank goodness Glass is running the show and not you!

  23. 16g-one out of three is good in baseball. How naive can you be on Harbaugh and Gruden? But Hoke is a real possibility.

  24. Harbaugh would go to Michigan, not IU, assuming he would leave Stanford to go anywhere. Brady Hoke sounds more realistic for IU.

  25. Only 18 teams out of 139 have given up more points per game than the Hoosiers. One of those 18 teams is the Washington Huskies. Courtesy: cfbstats.com

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