Some vague Zeller news

A source indicated tonight that Washington forward Cody Zeller is likely to announce his decision mid-week, but there is no clear indication of what school he will decide to go to and that Zeller himself may still be deciding. There was talk that he would announce his decision on ESPNU, but that now appears unlikely to happen.

The five-star forward, rated the No. 20 player in the Class of 2011, has narrowed his choices to Indiana, North Carolina and Butler. He made official visits to all three in October, with the last one having been to Indiana on Halloween weekend. Indiana and North Carolina’s coaching staffs both visited Washington recently to attend an open gym.


  1. Glad he won’t be announcing on ESPNU. He may deserve that privilege after enduring this more-than-absurd process he’s so diligently navigated, but no college kid should announce his decision on ESPN anymore than LeBron should’ve.

    I hope he chooses IU, but for his and the fanbases’ sakes, I’ll be glad when this fiasco is over.

  2. I don’t care how you do it, whether it be choosing rabbits with the respective colleg logos on them out of a hat, dressing up as the team’s mascot, or announcing the decision by burping the school’s name, JUST CHOOSE IU

    This just turned into a looooong week.

  3. Casey. I am with you. Its like a soap opera that never ends. The more he delays the less I think of him and his family. It would be great if he comes to IU but it will not be the end of the world if he does not come. I am just tired of my School being played like he is a 1st round draft pick! He’s a good player and he will help IU but he is not a savior. Maybe after a couple of years he has the up side to be a great player and IU gives him the best shot at immediate playing time. So Cody, commit already!

  4. We all knew he was going to take his visits before committing so let’s quit acting like he is somehow delaying now. We have just been spoiled by these early verbal committments…

  5. Why does everyone think this recruitment is so overdone? He had 5 schools, narrowed it down to 3, took visits to all 3, and is now making his decision before his senior season even begins. He’s a top recruit taking the time to make sure he makes the right decision. I can think of 3 or 4 recruitments in the past 5 years that have been filled with a lot more unnecessary drama – Eric Gordon and Kyrie Irving being at the top

  6. Southport,

    With all due respect, I completely disagree with your thinking on Zeller and his family. If I came across as someone who thinks the way he’s handled his absurdly hyped recruitment has been anything but classy, I apologize.

    Zeller said from the start that he would take his official visits, take some time to deliberate, and announce in time for the early signing period. He has stuck to that. He and his family have declined media interviews, and as a result, have refrained from teasing fanbases, fueling rumors or disrespecting the schools recruiting.

    One hundred percent of the hype and speculation that have come about during his recruitment are a result of the fact that people are unreasonably hungry for information and often inconsiderate of the fact that he’s a high school kid picking where he’d like to attend college. I understand, and have repeatedly checked sites for the latest scoop, but acting as if he’s some sort of prima donna simply because he’s not abiding by the schedule we want him to is ridiculous.

    He mapped out his plan long ago, and is sticking to it. That’s admirable.

    I do agree with you that the pressure being placed on him to be IU’s savior is excessive and unfair, and that his immediate impact probably won’t be as huge as some people think. But I’d love to have him, and I think he’d make an even stronger case for other top in-state players to jump on the train.

    Regardless of where he goes, I won’t think less of him or his family because he’s been nothing if not diligent and fair throughout the whole process.

    We shouldn’t mistake our own anxiousness for him being an attention hound.

  7. Right now Cody Zeller is a heck of a lot more entertaining than the slow death that is watching IU football games. I’d rather they just get the execution over with as opposed to continuing this Bataan Death March for the cream and crimson footballers.

  8. My dog’s therapist is friends with Dan Dakich’s dog’s therapist’s sister and she says that she (the sister of Dan’s dog’s therapist) says that her spiritual advisor told her that Dan thinks Cody is just going to get a degree from Ivy Tech and then play in Argentina. But that’s just what I heard.

  9. Casey, you are completely naive if you think all the drama is just normal for a recruit. While I want Cody to come to IU his recruitment and his over told story are anything but normal. He is a media darling from a small Indiana town and they have made this more important than any other recruit in the history of IU basketball. However, it is not a big deal to the rest of the basketball world with maybe NC being the exception. So yes, I do think he and his family are attention hounds. No one has to agree its just how I feel and I am sure everyone has their own opinion.

  10. Southport,

    I’m not saying the drama and attention surrounding Cody’s recruitment are normal. They’re certainly anything but.

    But let me ask you, what has Cody or his family done to fuel that “drama,” other than encourage their son to make an informed decision?

    As I said, they’ve kept their mouths shut and declined media interviews. What else can they do?

    The drama is a result of IU fans being IU fans. It’s a result of media feeding our desire for every possible ounce of information about Zeller, and in turn causing an even higher demand for the inside scoop. It’s the fact that many IU fans view him as the ultimate “domino” that will initiate a sequence of huge commitments.

    All Cody’s done to fuel all of this is be pretty damn good at basketball.

    What should he and his family have done differently? I guess that’s my question. Where are they at fault in all of this?

  11. His plan all along was to announce around the 10th (midweek). He made a plan and stuck to it as promised. Why would think any less of him for that?
    Let the dominoes fall next week. IU basketball hangs in the balance.

  12. Casey, I won’t become like some politicians and tell stories and sling crap back and forth. It is just not right and I agree with you that on the surface it seems like Cody and his family have done everything above board. Let’s just leave at that. I do hope he comes to IU!

  13. 4guards,

    We actually agree on this issue. Go figure!


    Fair enough. I’m acting on what I’ve seen, and you’re obviously acting based on what you’ve been privi to. In both cases, go IU.

  14. IU basketball hangs in the balance.

    Unlike your mental stability which teetertoters with feather of perspective helplessly seated across a ton of exaggeration.


    You are on the money. These people are enjoying the hype. If not, they would refrain from showing up at Hoosier events and feeding off of it. They hold nothing in balance and begin to look like complete clowns when their egos get the best any honest glance an even keel mirror. As I’ve said many times before, they are an insult to the program and the many great Indiana players their predecessors that never saw themselves deserving a bigger stage the school and coach they wanted to play for. Zeller is not to blame. Should we expect something different from kids in this self-absorbed time that measures worth by how many listed friends a Facebook page or followers a Twitter account? We’re all becoming stars are own making. Journalists are born everyday on blogs. The Beatles no longer need to sprout from London caves when we have YouTube to give birth to rock star dweebers named Justin Biebers…Should we really be surprised we now use rankings lists an artificial circuses of hype where experts like 4guards can type in numbers and stars on their keyboards to make the next Oscar Robertsons out of Cody Zellers?

  15. People need to chill! This family has been through this 2 other times and it will happen at their time not ours.

  16. I dont like the sound of him waiting until signing day to announce. sort of feels like something you would do when you know theres going to be backlash.

  17. “IU basketball hangs in the balance.” ???????
    The most ridiculous statement ever posted here.

    I dare say IU BB survived the Big O playing for the Bearcats, Bird to TH and the Big Dog at PUke, it can damn sure survive CZ not playing at IU.

  18. I don’t know Cody or his family at all. But they have proved to be the most upright, credible, disciplined and careful people in the public spotlight. Become a TRUE HOOSIER LEGEND Cody, “It’s Indiana!”

  19. I live in North Carolina and I am a UNC graduate (class of 1970). In response to Southport65’s posting, because Tyler is a current UNC player we would love to have Cody join him. But, because we can more or less pick and choose the players who come here, if he chooses not to attend UNC it will not be anywhere near the loss to us as it will be to Butler or IU. We bring in much higher rated recruits on a yearly basis and will probably get a better player if he doesn’t come here.

  20. Scott,
    Chol and Baru can’t hold Zeller’s jock strap and neither one are ranked as high as Cody, so get your facts straight. Hopefully you can make the tournament this year.

  21. If he has a brain he will stay away from IU and go somewhere where he will get to play in the big tournament.

  22. Scott’s post was typically arrogant but it is true that Cody Zeller gets zero press in North Carolina. He isn’t seen as a terribly important recruit for the Tar Heels.

  23. I like the comment from Niel A. Dixon after the piece. Good percepective for a Hoosier and a Hoosier Basketball fan alike.

  24. All it takes is one tobocco-chewing Tar Heel on here to unite the family. Even Casey and 4G joining forces. ‘Tis beautiful.

  25. I’d bet a headless wild boar on a spit that the “tobacco-chewing Tar Heel” is 4guards’ lover.

  26. Cody is better than Baru and Chol, but James McAdoo is better than all of them.

    If the Heels miss on Cody, life will go on. We’ve got some 5 star big men on the team already, we’ve got one from the ’11 class, and we’ll probably get another from the ’12 class.

    If Cody was a big, heavy, back-to-the-basket type of player I’d be much more excited about him. I dunno. I’m getting tired of big guys that want to play facing the basket. On the other hand, if the Heels can land Ridley, I think Cody could be a nice compliment to him. Somebody that could spread the defense a little while Ridley dominates under the basket. McAdoo would be great in that role as well, but he’ll probably be one-and-done.

  27. I just read the other site plus talked to a young man that is close to Cody this morning at the gas station. He went on to tell me at church yesterday that Cody was talking to a few people about how Butler is his choice. Really didn’t believe him, but then he went on to say that TC and staff want him to be a 3 and let HP be the 4. After he told me that, I kinda felt like maybe, just maybe, he knew what he was talking about. He also went on to say that the Zeller family is wanting to talk to TC and staff to make sure that is what they said. If so, they are going further North than all of us want him to. If anybody has any direct link to TC and staff, or if he looks at this stuff, you better make sure you tell the family you are wanting him to play the 4 position and not the 3 position you told him.

  28. Cody wasn’t talking to anyone at church yesterday about his “choice.” That just isn’t how the Zeller family rolls.

    You are likely the same person posting this stuff on “the other site.”

  29. Sorry if I came off as arrogant. I simply meant that when we land recruits like Harrison Barnes, James McAdoo, PJ Hairston not to mention many others every year, it is not a big disappointment when we miss a few. As for Ben_M’s statement that Duke and UNC do less with more how does 3 National Championships in the last 5 years qualify as less. UNC has 2 of those by the way. I will take 2 National Championships and a runner-up in the NIT every 5 years over anything IU or Butler has done in the last 10 years.

  30. In head-to-head meetings at Final Fours, we put a waxing on your sorry ass. And I’m sure Carlos Boozer and and a #1 Duke team have some fond memories of meeting us in Lexington a few years back. The banner drought has been far too long for IU fans, but it’s still reassuring to know that Tar Heelers and Dukies don’t have much to brag about when running into candy-stripes in mid-March. Will get back their again and you best hope your not in our path. And please don’t take offense if I come off a little arrogant on this Hoosier blog site. Get a life, diptwod.

  31. Again, 2 National Championships in the last 5 years. At its very best IU can’t match that. Also we now have 5 National championships total. I believe IU has 3. Better hurry and “get back” or we will get 2 or 3 more before you can blink. Stick that in your “Hoosier” and smoke it.

  32. Oh yeah I have a very rewarding life. It’s called UNC (University of National Champions) Basketball and at least we have been to a final four in the last decade and don’t have to live in the past.

  33. Scott, Scott, Scott. I am sorry to tell you that IU has had 5 National Championships way before UNC!!!

  34. I find this almost funny, I am a life long (65) IU fan; howver, let the kid make his choice, rejoice he has 3 good options and be done with the hype. He will be a good player no matter where he decides but in the big picture of things he is just a kid and should go where he wants and feels like it is right – the decision will come and life will go on!

  35. Clod felt ‘er? Your sister? Did you ask Hansbrough if she felt good?

    You believe IU has 3 national championships? I believe 3 + 2 = Same as you. Don’t strain yourself. No need to put down your banjo and get off your front porch to find a calculator. I also believe a 2002 Final Four/Championship game in Atlanta does qualify for a trip in the last decade(Don’t worry about it. If you would have got that one right you could have attended Duke). Coincidentally, that was the same year Mike Davis proved he learned more from the best teacher of the game than that Army flunky that gives daily acknowledgment his gratitude for association our coaching legend. It still must hurt a bit to be out-coached by a coach that learned the game from the same coach. And to think we let that guy go because we didn’t think he was up to snuff.
    I do at times wonder how many banners are hanging throughout the land from coaches reaping the benefits of even the most casual associations one of the greatest college coaches ever. Gosh, I wonder how many will hang in the future…? I think Crean just fired a guy named Rosh because he’s was trying to break into some filing cabinets that Knight didn’t get packed on the Mayflower moving truck the day after he got fired for grabbing the arm of this closet Tar Heel dork while trying to teach him respect. You just keep dreamin’ there, Scott. Maybe grab some Scott tissues and dry those eyes before you go on Wikipedia and think you see “three” championships next to the name Indiana. We perfectly understand why you’re on this site. Indiana is the envy of the basketball world. Hope your arm is feeling better than that bitter pill troubling your tummy.

  36. To good for you and Don Mills I stand corrected IU does have 5, as we do. However, ours are recent enough for most of our Alumni to remember. Also, 2002 will soon be 9 years in the past (March) so I was off a year. Would any of you like to place a wager on which team will go farther in the Tournament this year (assuming they both make it). Or how about betting on which school gets back to the final four first? Any takers? and to “Good for You” if you read my postings I do not make snide personal comments. I keep my postings about UNC and sports and do not degrade others on a personal level because of what school they pull for or attend. Try to keep it civilized.

  37. I guess one has to look at which program best suits Cody Zeller as a “Big Man” and which coach who can teach the young man the game as a Big Man and who has that experience to get him to the next level. I know I would love to have him a IU but I don’t think coach crean had anyone in the past that can support that fact. Butler maybe maybe not. UNC has had more than their share of “Biggs” going to the next level. My guess Cody may pick UNC for that reason.

  38. Last National championship for IU, 1987 soon to be 24 years ago. That’s a long time to be out of the national spotlight. Must be really frustrating.

    And for some reason we’re in your spotlight of thoughts? Just nothin’ better to do? Guess we’re relevant enough for you to waste some precious hours your meaningful and fulfilling life. You’re either extremely bored or just plain ornery. You’re not over here offering anything constructive. I don’t think you’re a true UNC fan. When someone has so little class as to rant up a storm for the mere purpose of gloat and ridicule something they pretend to feel superior…? I doubt you’re much a fan of anything. There is more to life than holding up trophies above your head you had nothing to do with, my friend. We cheer on our Hoosiers because in our hearts they’re the best. It doesn’t change because our steadfast voyage a bit longer journey than a wannabe basking(and gloating) in the security of a sunny day his fleeting hour.

    Hoosiers are never daunted. It’s rare a fighter in the ring brags of his sheer number of wins when the opponent he’s about to face seems to have had his number. In the big fights we’ve done ourselves proud against teams your propped-up love. Maybe you should be a little more humble when sticking out that nose that has suffered some pretty hefty breaks our punch.

    Good luck to you, Clod.

  39. Scott; and all – don’t remember from my understanding and recolection – the Tarheels have never beat IU in the championship game – but IU beat the Tarheels in 1981 63/50 for the championship.

    So – head to head in final games – IU is 100% better than the heels!!

  40. Lets see, IU 63 – UNC 50 in 1981. I wasn’t a math major but I think that will soon be 30 years ago. A 24 year wait for a Final Four was bad enough, but 30 years to find a single head to head victory. Man that really MUST be frustrating. Last post. Good luck in the 2010-11 season and I sincerely hope you finally make the tournament again.

  41. Good For You, at first I thought a great philosopher had decided to take your place and wax poetic, but alas the last line revealed your true character, you are just as classless as those you choose to ridicule. I will sign off your blog with the sincere wish that IU returns to it’s rightful place at the upper echelons of college basketball where they belong. Great school, great state and great people.

  42. And your “class” is unveiled in the final empty blurt an original disingenuous intent. Of course we know we’re a great school, great state and great people. That’s why you were here to convince us our ageless adore. I’ve heard your “waxing” routine before. You’re no stranger my ear.



  44. More head-to-head against North Carolina teams(in addition to the 2002 defeat of #1 Duke): In the 83-84 season we defeated a #1 ranked NC team in the Atlanta regional. In 86-87 defeated #17 Duke in a Cincinnati regional.

    We did not have a 24 year wait for a Final Four. Where do you get this stuff? We won the championship in 87, in the Final Four in ’92, and in the championship game in 2002. You really need to work on the history and math before you come on an IU site and drop your drawers to take a dump.




  46. Scott, I have been blogging here for 2 years and I have never seen someone waste so much time talking trash from another team, never. You keep giving UNC a bad name or should I say UNC’s fans. From the numbers you give up top, you are too old for this kind of stuff. Makes me wonder about you, really does…

  47. JPat-

    We can only hope it’s all contrived.

    And what was Scott thinking? He could have easily shot us down by telling us about that kid from Emsley A. Laney High School in Wilmington, North Carolina..Wasn’t he a Tar Heel? …What was his name? Just the biggest clutch performer to ever step onto a basketball court…Just the most gifted at every aspect the game.

  48. …the guy that rescued the NBA from years of blasé ….the guy that put on his shoulders the greatest sports city in the Midwest and brought it back from comatose with 6 NBA titles!…Mr. Clodfelter is a dedicated Tar Heel fan and he didn’t mention MJ?

  49. There’s only one other player in the history of the sport that can come remotely close to the marvels displayed on the hardwood by Michael Jordan. God gave from his hand incomparable athletic beauty to Jordan to showcase how artfully dominant, yet completely unselfish, the game of basketball could be played. Sadly, our glorious basketball state came in a very close second place when it comes to such choices a heaven’s blessing the most uniquely gifted. Did he ever hoist a championship banner for IU? Nope. Are you thinking who I’m thinking? Yup…Dan Dakich.

  50. And for what it’s worth, Scott(’cause I know you’re still reading), of course we would love to be contending for championships regularly again. You have certainly dusted us in recent history when it comes to raising banners. But history is long and the last time I checked no mortal soul keeps pace. It will soon dust us all. And every Hoosier much prefers the bright hope a morning sunrise over only the memories of a long ago setting stardom.

    Here’s to a sincere hope we put an end to this feud and shake hands to honor each the great state pride and competitive spirit our respective programs. I apologize for the insults and the unfair accusation that you’re not a true fan your school.

    Downing’s 5th

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