The barrel is rolled out. Graham’s IU at Wisconsin musings.


A wet, windy Saturday morning in Buckyland. They’re serving breakfast brats here.  Gotta love it. It’s a good day to wear your cheesehead chapeau, if you’re a local and don’t have an umbrella. The general ambiance outside is pervasive gloom, which is a shame, because this is normally a really rollicking, fun place to watch a ballgame. Kickoff time is 11 a.m. locally, which is pretty early even for hardy and dedicated revelers.

The home team will provide a true physical test for the visitors, and the wind (gusting to 33 mph) could play havoc with Indiana’s passing attack. The good news is that Tandon Doss, coming off last week’s concussion, is fully suited up and looks fine in warmups. Now if the rest of the team can bounce back from the emotional and psychic wounds sustained in the excruciating loss to Iowa, maybe the Hoosiers can hang in there today. Not overly likely, but maybe.

Stranger things have happened. Indiana led 32-0 after one quarter in 2001’s dizzying 63-32 Hoosier win. The IU visit before that, in 1999, it was 59-0 Badgers. So go figure.

And I’ll try to figure out things as today’s ballgame transpires, and comment accordingly, as always, after the jump.

FIRST QUARTER: Wisconsin 10, Indiana 7.

Well, that didn’t take long. After IU started with three ineffectual passes and a penalty, both offenses got down to business. Wisconsin’s Montee Ball did a great John Clay impersonation by bolting through, past and over Hoosiers on five carries as UW (with a facemask penalty tossed in) roared 65 yards on the ground for the game’s first TD. IU’s Nick Turner then roared right back, bolting 67 yards down the near sideline to the Badger 13 before Aaron Henry made a TD-saving tackle. Ben Chappell’s first completion went for a TD to Doss on a slant from the 2. It was 7-7 with 9:44 left in the period.

IU’s defense hung in there better on Wisconsin’s second drive, nearly thwarting a 4th-and-1 (the Badgers were awarded the first down by the tip of the football) and then forcing a field goal. Jeff Thomas already had five tackles from his linebacker spot by that time, and cornerback Greg Heban continued his solid play.

True freshman tailback Antonio Banks picked up an apparent knee injury on IU’s third drive, during which Chappell warmed up through the air. The march bogged down at the UW 30, but Mitch Ewald supplied a game-tying 48-yard field goal at 14:12 of the second quarter. IU finished the first period with 112 yards of offense compared to Wisconsin’s 96.

HALFTIME: Wisconsin 38, Indiana 10.

Uh-oh. Ben Chappell, limping noticeably in the second quarter, left the game with five minutes left in the half with a hip problem. And IU was already on its way out by that time.

After making a game of it for a quarter, the Hoosiers got smoked like a spare brat. It was 24-10 Wisconsin when Edward Wright-Baker came on in relief of Chappell and promptly fumbled the ball away at the Hoosier 24 with 4:51 left in the half. Five Ball carries later, it was 31-10, and the rout was most definitely on. The Badgers added another TD with 46 seconds left to head into halftime to the roars of a happy home crowd.

The only remaining question is exactly how bad it is going to get for the visitors. Well, I guess another question would pertain to who the Hoosiers’ No. 2 quarterback actually is. It’s been Dusty Kiel most of the season, but not today.

Wisconsin fans can enjoy the rest of the game. Everybody else can move on to other games or other, sundry Saturday activities.


  1. PLEASE FIRE LYNCH !! I was on the phone with my 80 year old mother and she said she could only talk for a few minutes …she said the score was 17-10 …as an elderly person she had a hard time since both teams wear red and white ….I told her the easiest way to figure out which team was Wisconsin to just watch the color that scores many many times …just a few minutes later …it was 38 – 10 …. If this crap wasn’t so sad …it would be somewhat funny …years ago under Bill Mallory, about 10 to 15 of us used to travel from South Bend and Chicago to see games in Bloomington …for quite a while tho nobody wants to go any more …so many empty seats in that beautiful new endzone to fill …not enough customers to pay to watch all this losing …. Hey Fred …u see what getting the right man in the job can do with the basketball program right ?? Its called progress ….something Lynch has proven at Ball State and at Indiana that he just simply cannot do ….

  2. I am actually thrilled with these results. Anything less than another humiliating, shameful blowout would give Glass the opportunity to try to sell us another moral victory.

    If there is any crow left over from 4tards’ All-You-Can-Eat Crow Buffet, please, pass it around to the Lynch defenders. This guy is toast, and most of us have known it for years.

  3. hoo..hoo..hooSIERS!!! What an embarrassment today, but Lynch is a nice guy and IU honors contracts.

    Plus we have a nice new end zone enclosure. I’m watching it now to see how many points Wisconsin puts up today.

  4. This was an emotioanal situational hire in the first place. Lynch just happened to be there when the previous coach was going thru his situation. IU did a similar thing in basketball with Davis.

    Is Wisconsin going to break a 100?

  5. God how does Lynch do it ?? I’m sure he will say how great wisky is and they are good…. Husky Tom …I didn’t want to be the first to say it like u did, but I will be a happy 2nd to say it ….I’m glad we are getting pasted ….doesn’t Lynch ever get embarrassed about this crap ?? He is just so unbelievably used to losing ” 21 straight losses at Ball State ” …and now …what 2 Bit Ten wins in almost 3 years !!! You just know that most Big Ten coachs are pissed at Bielema for running up the score on the Hapless Hoosiers cuz me thinks there is a secret pact that when you play Indiana ….make them look respectable so they won’t fire Lynch ….All I can say today is …Thank You Coach Bielema …

  6. Lynch is a nice guy and he really tries to be a class act, but unfortunately nice guys don’t fill stadiums, winners do. It’s time for Lynch to move on to another Ball State team but who replaces him? Is there a winning coach you could pay enough to come coach at IU? How bad does IU want a winning coach? Are they willing to come up with the Green to lure a great coach here?

  7. I think I’ve figured out what Lynch and his apologists’ glass half full postgame spin will be:

    “We stayed with them for a quarter. We stayed with an awfully good football team for a quarter.”

  8. Agreed, Husky Tom. He also mentioned Chappell’s injury about 4 or 5 times as the game-changer.

  9. To give up 83 in basketball is bad …but football ?? E I G H T Y – T H R E E. Any other questions or doubts Mr. Fred Glass ?? You cannot ” spin “. E I G H T Y – T H R E E

  10. We had a lame-duck AD who, when our pretty good coaching situation was ruined by the head coach’s death, made a contract decision based on nothing but emotion. As with basketball, we are simply enjoying the aftermath of Rick Greenspan’s air-headed decisions.

    It’s one thing to honor contracts, of course, but I think this one is in the bag. The Penn State game is likely a lost cause, and I’m not even sure how we’ll play Purdue at this point. 11th place and no wins in Big Ten play will certainly seal the staff’s fate.

  11. Really? Does Chappell play defense too? IN that case, it makes sense that they gave up 83…Chappel is such a vital part of the defense.

  12. how does firing him with 2 games to go solve anything? Also how much will it cost to buy out his contract?

  13. Buying out his contract is not now, nor has it ever been an issue. It will cost 1 years base salary of 250K, I believe. I’m not 100% positive on that.

  14. Don’t know about the contract but Lynch has one year left on his contract, I say let him coach until the end of the season then give him his walking papers. This season is a lost cause anyway. But who knows what Greenspan agreed too in the contract. IU may have to pay Lynch for the next 10 years just to let him go a year early. But a smart guy would have only agreed to pay up to the end of the contract.

  15. Jim,

    I’m fairly sure but not positive that Lynch’s buyout was his base salary (250k) for one season.

    No way Glass can or should fire him until the end of the season, however Lynch himself should come out and publicly announce he is stepping down effective the end of this season. In my opinion.

  16. lynch is only getting 250k a year for D1 coach? no way? that has to be his buyout not his base salary per year, if true, wow

  17. We’ve been competitive in 3 games and been destroyed in 3 games in the Big Ten. I don’t know if the sentiment would be different if we were 3-3 instead of 0-6. There’s no parallel dimension to observe.

    Bill Lynch is just too conservative. I saw it first hand at Ball State when he coached during the team’s 21 game losing streak. All he cared about was managing the clock. He did the same against Iowa, and it cost us. We ran the ball late instead of trying to put more points on the board with our effective passing game.

    All year long we play “bend but don’t break defense.” I don’t know if Lynch is just smart enough to realize our line and DBs can’t be aggressive enough to make plays happen or if he’s just afraid to see what would happen if took a gamble on a play. I’m just tired of seeing our DBs give up 5-10 yards distance on every route and our QB pressure be non existent.

    Let the kids play football and get after it.

    We’re 4-6 and we could easily be 7-3. It’s frustrating. I’m not smart enough to know the answers, but I certainly wish Coach Lynch would be straight with us as fans and straight with his team. Are we just not talented enough to compete, do we choke when have chances, or what?

  18. His salary is $258,750 base. With all the other add on items like his radio show, sponsorships, speaking dates, etc… it works out to around $650k a season.

  19. I don’t know what everyone is so up in arms about. We were only 39 plays away from winning this game today.

  20. Pat Forde just tweeted that “After giving up 83 today, Bill Lynch is gonna be Unemployed Floyd.”

  21. We even lost the coin toss.

    Being an IU fan brings some bad juju. As I walked outside after the game, a bird crapped on my head. Seriously.

  22. In the walk-off interview Bielema said that he went up to Lynch and said they would’ve taken a knee on the next play. After all it was their 4th string QB in the game on the last TD. Priceless.

  23. Smitty:

    As the saying goes, close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. No one in their right mind right now is making the argument that because we’ve played a few teams close on a rare occasion, that the program is on the up.

    The Los Angeles Clippers occasionally play close games. It’s the finishing that counts. We’ve seen Lynch’s staff fail too many times to blame it on bad luck or officiating. And the talent argument no longer holds water. If we had the talent to build huge leads against Iowa and Northwestern on the road last year, and brought back the whole darned offense, then we sure as hell have the talent to expect 3-4 conference wins this year.

  24. I want to read the posts of those still supporting Lynch. Any of you left out there? Come on, it’s going to take some very creative thinking to justify keeping Lynch after this record setting humiliation. Give your best effort.

    I predicted this beat down weeks ago. You could see it coming. IU’s season over, the injuries mounting. IU playing a good team coached by a classless ass known for running up the score. Well, it was een worse than I thought it would be.

    But maybe BB did IU a favor. Let’s hope this day represents the bottom for IU football. Let’s hope that this is the straw the broke the camels back and sets in motion a chain of events that leads to IU football becomeing competitive. If the people in charge of IU (not just glass, but his bosses) have any pride, the decision is automatic, and they must fire Lynch as soon as possible. I don’t care if IU beats Penn State and Purdue and finishes the season with six wins, this beat down trumpts everything else. There is no excuse for this humiliation!.

    Anyone out there still think IU’s players are playing hard for Lynch? If so, then he should be fired for simply not having the ability to field comeptitive talent. Lynch is a loser and it’s time IU administration cut its losses.

    I just hope I live long enough to witness the day when IU returns the favor to Wisconsin. And if we ever find outselves in that situation, I hope the coach in charge keeps his foot on the gas until the final whistle.

  25. it’s inane to think that firing him now would any good at all, might as well ride out the last two games and do it at the end of the season. Remember you get what you pay for and in todays market 250k a year doesn’t buy you much in the coaching market.

  26. This humiliation needs to end. There is no debate that it is time for a new regime.

    However, some of you think you’re sage for predicting Indiana losses. Wow. Way to go out on a limb.

  27. Don’t blame Beliema …THANK HIM …he’s trying to get his team ahead of OSU and MSU to go to the Rose Bowl …blame Lynch bcuz he sucks so fricking bad …Screw it …I wish Wisky would have scored 100 …I mean if it takes that to get rid of this clown and his inept assistants …I AM ALL FOR IT !!

  28. Cincy Dave beat me to it. He’s right. If 20 or 30 plays had gone the other way…
    On another note, I do wish I could have been in Madison for the game. Love the place. Great town, beautiful campus, nice people.
    We all think that Bill Lynch is an honorable man. Now’s the time, Bill. Step down.

  29. My thoughts actually go out to guys like Moriarity, Billy Lynch and people that work hard for IU but can not experience success with IU. I know Mo’s work ethic and his desire to succeed, but why do guy’s go to IU? Did any of these gentlemen really believe that they were going to win at IU. I am talking about true Indiana Guys here. I am sure thats why they are with the program, but who will come here? Who can really change it around? And which team will Mo lead to a state Championship in a year or two.

  30. Oregon was no better than IU just a few years ago. They had no tradition either. Perennial loser. Program was a train wreck. It won’t be easy, but it can be done. Geographically, IU is in a better position to build a winning program than Oregon or Oregon State. The midwest has way more quality players than the Pacific northwest.

  31. 303,

    Maybe so, but does keeping him do any good?

    Obviously were going to have to pay more. I don’t care when the decision comes as long as the search accelerates into high gear now (it shoulda started weeks ago).

  32. NO I agree that he needs to go, just wait until the end of the year. There are people on some of these boards that want him fired now!

  33. Ok, I guess I wasn’t specific enough in my response: what good does it do to keep him until the end of the season?

    I’d say it seems more than ‘some people’ want to dump him now; seems to be about everyone but you.

    Personally, it’s not a big deal to me either way as long as it happens and a quality replacement comes soon after. Just curious as to why you are so passionate about keeping him for another 2-3 weeks.

    He’s a nice guy, I wish him all the best. If he weren’t a nice guy, we shoulda left him in Madison.

  34. We did not simply predict a loss, we predicted a serious beat down, and we were right. It had nothing to do with being sage, it was in response to all those delusional polly anna’s saying IU still had a chance to beat teams like Iowa, Wisc, NW and Penn State (fantasies). If you could not see yesterday’s beat down coming, you were either blind or a really naive optimist.

    It does not matter if Lynch is fired today or on November 29th. IU football’s season is over and so is Lynch’s career as a head football coach. Arguments justifying keeping Lynch were stupid to begin with and are now absurd to the extreme. The only value remaining from this experience is for the administrators resposible for hiring Lynch in the first place must now analyze how they could have gotten it so terribly wrong! What were they thinking? How did they miss the obvious signs? Were they qualified to make the decision in the fist place (obviously not)? Will they participate in hiring the next FB coach (or disqualify themselves)? Some of us were screaming “NO! DON’T HIRE LYNCH” at the time, but they did it anyway. It was a horrific decision, a devastatingly bad decision, and now the administrators responsible (any that may remain) should be held accountable and at least be required to evaluate how they could have gotten that decision so terribly wrong. What a cluster-%#@*! Only in academia can people associated with such a disasterous decision keep their jobs! And don’t blame this on the prior AD, he did not make this decision on his own. It was a committee, and as is usally the case, “a camel is a horse built by committee.”

    IU was humiliated yesterday. IU football became, once again, and maybe worse than ever, the laughing stock of college football. IU administrators need to fire Lynch for the sake of simply showing that they still have some pride. Today, tomorrow, November 29, it does not matter. What matters is that Glass should be working all day today and 18 hours per day, every day, until this historically bad decision is rectified. Find IU a coach. Find the money necessary to hire a good coach. No more excuses. Get it done so the Hoosier Nation can all put yesterday’s humiliation behind us.

  35. ^Awesome. The fact that even blind optimist apologists like Jimmy and Aruss haven’t mustered any comments so far is telling.

    Clarion is slightly more rational regarding the football team, and he hasn’t responded. My guess is that the well of pro-Lynch arguments has run dry. Dry like a summer in Nevada.

  36. Fire him. Don’t fire him. It doesn’t matter. This program is in a melt down and the second coming of Vince Lombardi probably wouldn’t have much impact for a long, long time, if ever.

    The issue is very complex and one thing that has not been addressed in these posts is the ethical/moral dilemma that has to do with sending kids out to play these games unprepared. You can advance the argument that (a) our injuries are no more frequent/severe than anyother D1 program…not buying it; or (b) saying the kids know what they’re getting into and have voluntarily assumed the risk of not being effectively conditioned or coached…also not buying.

    We need to take a look at the entire program and evaluate the realistic prospects of success in the B10 and determine if further participation is warranted. Just changing head coaches is not going to solve much.

  37. It’s a darn good start, buddy. You change the coach, and the new one brings in a whole new team with a different culture, approach, and attitude. I don’t see what else could be a more important “step one” than that.

    Saying “its complicated” is a copout. TOo many programs worse than ours have been turned around recently for that argument to hold any water.

  38. There is very, very little chance of IU shutting down football or leaving the Big Ten Conference. That’s kind of a silly implication, especially after the $40 million spent to upgrade the football stadium.

    And if Mr. Cook (God bless him) can donate $15 million for Cook Hall, IU can find some money to get a new football coach. A fraction of that investment will allow IU to hire a competent coach.

    And it’s not at all a complex issue. IU needs to hire a good football coach. Specifically, they need to find the money neessary to hire a good coach. People keep making statements that imply that turning IU football around is mission impossible. It’s not. It’s been done at many schools that can’t hold a candle to IU! But unless IU administration is going to show some backbone, demonstrate some competence (hey, I got it right again), and make it clear that football is a priority, then the task becomes a lot more difficult. IU administration may need some new blood, cause we know thy’ve made some HUGE mistakes over the last five years!

    Goodness, I can remember going to Madison in the 70’s and watching Corso’s team man-handle Wisconsin (but he never ran up the score). The Badgers were a joke back then. Now look at them. It all began to change for Wisconsin when they went out and got a really good coach. Now they have a great football program (even if their coach is a classless ass).

    And remember, it’s not like anyone expects IU to win the BCS Chamionship game in three years. How bout just winning two or three Big Ten games each year? That’s not asking too much, is it?

    That’s the shame of Lynch becoming IU’s coach. He has never demonstrated the ability to be a good head coach! And he has damaged a program that was just starting to get things turned around under Hep. Hey, IU was on the right path with Hep, but hiring Lynch to replace him was one of the worst decisions IU administrators have ever made. Time to correct that mistake and go out and get another Hep.

    Let’s hope that November 29th becomes a date when IU football begins the long hard journey back to respect in the Big Ten.

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