1. I stand by my comment over the summer that Vic can be an AJ Moye-esque spark for this team (for four years to come).

  2. ^^ I agree with you. They really put this old fat guy in limbo last nigt, but I loved it. I know this is just a EXB game, but it does bring back a little joy to my family. Now lets all hope that this week is a good one for the whole program at IU. I know I have said this before, but it is time for the boys to pack their bags and meet up at Cook Hall for the next few years. ALL ABOARD!!!!!!!!!!!! HOO HOO HOO HOOSIERS!!

  3. Great win for us last night. We will be very good this year and win a lot more games provided we eliminate and lessen the number of mental and defensive breakdowns. V.O’s heroics came about when his instincts took over. Same thing with Watford. I am hopeful that as the season progresses that all our guys will relax and play to their natural abilities within coach Crean’s system. Go Hoosiers!

  4. VO pulled this game out! What a pick-up for IU. I remember there were some who couldnt understand why Crean went after this kid?? They said he didnt have a shot–only 3 star – out of state kid. Well last night he hit a giant one! Hey 4 guards do you remember your comments. Give Crean credit now!

  5. I have a strong and reliable source that informed me last night that Cody Zeller was in Bloomington last night for the game.

  6. Sorry, but one game against a D2 team does not change anything. D2 kids score 14 points against D2 teams all the time.

  7. How short people’s memories are. Last year eventual Final Four bound Syracuse lost to Division II Lemoyne in their final exhibition game. Yes, folks, Lemoyne. It is clear that exhibition games are quite meaningless. In this respect, I see last night’s win as a fine tune-up to get the competitive juices flowing. No reason to worry at all.

  8. Agree completely Husky Tom. Syracuse was the first thing that came to mind during last night’s game. Also, it’s almost a guarantee that that will be the worst we shoot all year (knock on wood). It’ll be a good wake-up call to a team that I’m sure came into the game overconfident. That stuff happens.

  9. 4-8 from the field, 1-2 behind the arc, 5-5 foul shots, 5 steals, 9 rebounds, 2 blocks and a 4 point play may not create a headline when playing against a DII team but the impact and manner in which it was achieved by a talent our resident expert said was a low caliber talent from out of state could fill the entire first page of the sports section.

    Add another one that should keep his powder dry.

  10. Victor is now the 3rd best player on the IU team behind only Watford and Creek. I expect Jones to jump right in with this group when he is healthy to play and Michel to jump in with this group when he is cleared to play! That means that the “bust” class of 2010 will have 2 of Indiana’s 5 best players this season! IMO.

  11. “A good wake-up call” in deed. If IU’s coaches and players don’t have major pucker-factor right now, they have bigger problems than just bad shooting against a zone defense. That was weak, very weak. And this IU team has no room to take any opponant lightly, regardless of what Division they play in.

    We witnessed some positives for sure, but overall, that was not a good night of IU basketball. IU should have come out and blown them off the floor. I hope they are not one of those teams that plays to the level of the competition. If so, they’re in BIG trouble this year.

    The team had better demonstrate some good, solid, fundamental play during this run of powder-puffs, or Crean is going to start taking major heat. Most of the Hoosier Nation has given him the benefit of the doubt for two years and are encouraged by the latest recruiting news, but eventually Crean’s got to show major progress on the court. We are very astute basketball fans, Mr. Crean! We don’t expect a run to the final four this year, but we do expect significant progress in your team’s quality of play.

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