1. Congrats, Yogi, on a huge life decision…see you in 2012, but in the meantime, enjoy the Hell outta high school!

  2. welcome to IU Yogi. This could end up being the top recruiting class. the best part is, Crean could have 3 years in a row of top 5 classes.

  3. Without a doubt Crean is the best recruiter IU has seen in the last decade. Move over Sampson.

  4. Crean may be the best recruiter IU has ever had! Now, if he can coach half as good as Knight, IU should soon be back amongst the elite in college baskeball.

    Great stuff. Congrats to Coach Crean on landing another talented recruit.

  5. It’s pretty funny to think about a certain, suddenly quiet, serial poster dropping a load in his pants when Matt Carlino had a change of heart. Turned out to be the right choice for him.

  6. This class will be the top rated class in the country with Gary Harris. As it stands now, maybe top 3.

    Carlino was a big loss, not sure what that has to do with anything.

  7. you just cant admit you are wrong, carlino will not be a loss at all. we have kids that will run circles around him. he and his dad knew this and bolted. crean knows what hes doing, got it?

  8. Great addition! Great PG. Congratulations to Yogi and his family. Congrats again to Coach Crean and his staff. It’s remarkable the level and volume of talent he has landed in the past few months. Future looking bright at IU.

  9. All over the state of Indiana, high-quality, multi-method, young teachers are being fired due to budget constraints. Therefore, they are not finishing out their contract.

    If our state’s educators can be let go before their contract ends, why not a Head Coach of a football team?

  10. Tards- It is relevant because it is yet another example of the infinite negative BS you spew.

    Here’s another memory from the 4tards collection: “Crean is a joke amongst Indiana kids; he keeps telling each one of them that they are the next Dwayne Wade.”

    Do you remember savoring that piece of BS? It’s so fun to look back on all your garbage now and feed it back to you.

  11. Carlino would have been the best addition to our 2010 class. Crean was a joke out on the recruiting trail, he has turned it around. He is now getting the job done.

  12. 4G, I say this not in a mean way. One of the main reasons people go at you is because while you admit Crean has turned it around, you will not “own up” to other things you have said in the past. Another big reason is because of the comment above calling Crean a joke. You take every chance you can to bag on him but it has been hard lately as he has done so well. On Thanksgiving you still would take that stab at him, I find that amazing. You can’t just say that he was not performing to YOUR standards, you have to say he was a joke. I am trying to help you here with what I am about to say: 98% of the posters here will never take you serious because of the mud you were slinging on here. You truly thought Crean would not succeed and now he has and you tend to get lost in translation now. Your best bet is to stick to another blog and start from scratch, “own” what you have said in the past and admit you were way wrong, or change your name on this blog.
    The “joke” post above lets me know you just don’t like Crean and as I have said before…even if he wins a championship you will not like him. You formed your opinion on him and it is sad that you are narrow minded enough that Crean will never make you happy, very sad. Happy Thanksgiving to you and all other posters on this site!

  13. 4guards will now spend the rest of his day breathing heavily on the Butterball hotline claiming he has a “basting situation”.

  14. 4guards, you don’t know what you are talking about. The Carlino situation went so far beyond Crean’s “recruiting ability.” I’m pretty tight with a guy who is close to the South program and he said that Carlino and his family had a number of issues that led to them leaving Indiana. In fairness to Matt and his family, they sound like stand-up people, so it isn’t proper to spill out secondhand info in the comments section on the blog.

    I’m mentioning this because you have no idea what you are talking about. If I were you, I’d stop while your still behind, but not over the cliff.

  15. 4guards is INCAPABLE of admitting he’s wrong.

    My absolute favorite part is that he’s gone to some length to explain to everybody that there’s no reason he needs to be “eating crow” — but has also outright said “yeah I gave Crean a ton of crap and totally badmouthed him but now that he’s killing it I’m giving him credit” . . . which, as anybody with a 3rd grade reading comprehension knows, is the textbook definition of “eating crow”.

    Bottom line 4g, my little buddy: until you own up, get some humility, and give out a nice big mea culpa, NOBODY and I mean NOBODY is ever going to have any respect for you now.

  16. Hey 4guards youalways said Crean cant recruit Indiana kids? Now look what is being said about Crean! “Tom Crean needs a raise,” Hoop Scoop analyst Clark Francis said. “What he is doing it totally amazing.” Now if your an Indiana fan you should apologize for all the nasty comments you have made about Crean and how he cant recruit. Also, you said VO is only a three star recruit, doesnt have a shot and isnt from Indiana, he can only play defense???? Do you realize how you sounds to other Indiana fans?? I would be embarassed if I were that wrong and bloging about it! Maybe you need to change your handle and start complenting Crean! Sorry but the truth hurts. Go Crean you are the man!

  17. The 2010 class has been what I said it would be, unimpressive.
    Michel is yet to even play a game.
    Sheehey averages 4 pts a game
    VO averages 5 pts a game.

  18. I’m in the camp of who really cares about 4guards …what’s the difference? I mean seriously he has an opinion just like everyone else on here …I and my AZ Hoosier buds are just celebrating the recruiting wins that have happned in the last few months ….always made me ill that Ole Roy and NC would raid our state ….Crean and staff have done what they should do for 2 million grrenbacks a year …lock down the border ….Ok …now we will need to see some on the court results in the next several years ….whatever u think of 4guards …its Crean that’s paid millions …he’s proved the recruiting part now …some top ten teams are next …just my thoughts

  19. As I believe I have mentioned more than once before, by using someone’s name or making references to their comments which clearly identifies them, you only feed the beast. If you truly want he or she to go away (which I doubt–I believe that all of you love the on-line arguments) then completely (not partially) ignore the blogger who obviously gets under your skin.

  20. The game is on BigTenNetwork.com for a fee, I believe. Which figures, since I am having internet issues today, so I’m sure I’ll get a choppy feed from the already crappy BTN feed.

  21. 4guards

    Are you seriously judging the quality of our 2010 class based on their PPG stats after the first 5 games of their college careers? I guess, using your standard, we can safely say that Harrison Barnes has been a colossal bust at UNC. A preseason All-American, as a freshman, he’s averaging only 12 points a game and shooting only 37 percent from the field. Boy, did ol Roy really strikeout on that kid. Clearly he is overrrated and major programs should have steered clear of him.

    Yeah….that makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?

  22. 4guards comments have been what I said they would be, unimpressive.
    He is yet to even admit how wrong he was about Crean.
    He averages 4 stupid remarks per Hoosier Scoop story.

  23. So Harrison Barnes is averaging more than our 3 man class put together? You didn’t exactly make your point.
    I am not sure why you guys insist on harping on our 2010 class. If one of the guys turn out to be a good player, I have no problem admitting I was wrong. At this point, I see nothing different than what I expected all along.

  24. 4guards-

    You didn’t even mention Jeff Howard of Westfield in that 2010 class.

    • 4guards | May 27th, 2010 at 4:42 pm |

    This kid will probably eat Michel and Bawa alive in practice.

    Jared Odle put in the first 5 baskets of the second half against #1 Duke at the 2002 Regional Semifinal game in Lexington. Was he an impressive recruit when he came to Indiana as a walk-on? Is Jeff Howard capable of the same type of contribution four years from now? It could be easily argued we don’t go to a Final Four without Odle’s scoring surge helping to provide a huge momentum shift and erase a 17 point deficit.

    Is a top recruiting class always going to give you top contributors to get you deep in tournaments? There seems to be an interesting and optimal mix for successful tournament teams that often benefit from having scrappy role players that stick around for four years and the highly-touted 5-stars(some of which never stick around more than one or two years). VO, Sheehey, and Howard could turn out to be very key figures/performers by the time they’re in the latter days their time at IU. It’s so simple to look merely at player rankings and make claims of “poor classes” and sub par talent. Any knowledgeable fan of the game of basketball understands the unheralded kids have as much to do with those 5 banners hanging in Assembly Hall than the future NBA stars.

    We may not have landed 5-star talent in 2010. We instead may have landed winners that our proud to wear cream and crimson for four years..Kids that will mature as we watch their games blossom to one day prove they know how to play the game with poise and confidence when it matters most. That’s what makes the game so interesting come March Madness time. It’s not always about the raw talent on a roster.

  25. oops..We instead may have landed winners that [are] proud to wear cream and crimson for four years.

  26. 4’tards is the kind of clown who would have whined about Knight signing Calbert Cheaney back in the day. He wasn’t a 5-star or even a big-name recruit out of high school in Evansville back in ’91. So how could he have been any good?

    4’tards knows much more than any actual basketball coach, you know — and certainly way more than that pretender Tom Crean. Yep, it’s true. Just go find him working behind the drive-thru window of the Dairy Queen in the town where he lives, and he’ll tell you all about it while you order your Blizzard.

  27. ^^^^^ Yeah, that’s right, Odle was always a scholarship player.

    However, in his entire freshman year (not just the first 5 games), he played in only 21 games, scored 3.1 points per game, shot 38% from the floor and 53% from the FT line.

    So, by your genius analysis which has already scientifically determined that VO and WS suck, you CERTAINLY would have called Odle a bust, a loser, a terrible recruit, and all the rest of your BS.

    And, back then just like you are now, you would have been completely wrong.

  28. Not according to Scout. I guess your favorite source for basketball news is not so reliable.

    Former walk-on Jared Odle has come on strong to help in the frontcourt with eight double figures games in the final nine contests

    Chris Monter’s Tourney Outlook

    By Chris Monter
    College Basketball News.com

    Posted Mar 14, 2002

    Either way, I doubt you could claim he was a highly-touted type of talent. You get the point, 4guards. Even if it were possible to load a roster with 5-star talent, it’s rarely the proven formula for success. The guys you are now portraying as unworthy an Indiana roster are the same type of indispensable players that contribute to championships.

  29. Odle actually played in my conference in high school. I never thought he was very good in high school honestly although he was one of the leading scorers in the state. Like I said, guys like Odle do sometimes improve dramatically in college, and if one of our 2010 guys do, then I will admit to being wrong. For now, it is just as I thought.

  30. VO and Sheehey both in double figures tonight. You should be “unimpressed” more often, 4guards. Only six games in and both these guys are showing a level of maturity on the court few expected. They’re contributing beyond just adding late garbage points in games already decided. They’re inserted in the lineup early and the quality of their games are opening the eyes of fans and broadcasters alike. Royce Waltman(color commentator on IU Basketball radio) added many praises for the contagious energy and spark the two freshman are providing the team.

    Looks like you may be proven wrong on a much faster timetable than you anticipated.

    It’s OK. Most people have no problem when someone is wrong. It’s the pessimism and premature judgment part that turns most stomachs. Anyway, what is so impressive about regurgitating what some expert on a favorite rankings site has claimed a class/recruit is worth? That’s basically what you do here, 4guards. I’m not claiming you’re alone in treating kids as if they’re entries in a dictionary. Isn’t it all rather “unimpressive”, unimaginative, stagnant, and unwilling of effort to see beyond the obvious? Very sad that in this game we watch and love(as well as with most things we choose a destiny for and quickly judge in this world)that we can’t go outside the bindings a book of generality and seek to find what the rest of the unimpressed “experts” so casually missed.

    Rather than admit you were wrong(as if it were some wondrous and beautiful human trait), why not challenge yourself daily to see something wrong in what you believe so right in predetermining?

  31. “Odle actually played in my conference in high school. I never thought he was very good in high school honestly” — 4guards

    Well, there’s court exhibit #1,739 of your basketball ineptitude then.

    I don’t think there’s anybody who ever reads these comments who hadn’t figured out that you don’t know what you’re talking about. But thanks anyway for giving us yet another case-in-point.

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