1. Is this reaching Moses Abraham level? I would guess…Yes.

    BTW….talked to someone close to Cody tonight…he said that Kansas was making a late push…could very well be the favorite.

  2. I used to think that the Hoosier fan’s approach to recruiting was one of the main points of pride in our program and what separated us from UK, UofL…etc. Sadly, this is no longer true…at least from what I see in this blog.

    With all due respect for the recruits and their families…we are now similarly panting after 14-18 y.o. (led by journalists who loosely use the word ‘sources’ by itself as if it has any value in the profession) whose only distinction at this point of their lives is their glands, the fact that they can jump up and down and have above average hand eye coordination.

    We’ve just turned it over to Kelvin Sampson and others like him.

  3. Jubilee,
    Yea, I don’t think Cody is the type of kid to go on the radio the same day here in IN if he chooses UNC.

  4. Rabjohns also has a nice article quoting Etherington who talked to Zeller over the weekend and his prediction is IU, says he doesn’t know for sure though.

  5. Strangely enough, I wouldn’t mind losing him to Butler. He would be staying home, and it would be a case of the little guy winning out over the big guys.

    Losing him to UNC, however, would be disgusting.

  6. I cant take NC either, too many in state guys already have chosen them over us, its just sickening! Mays tweet last night was like rubbing our nose in it!

  7. Sounds like everyone thinks this is going to be a long morning. I am going to enjoy it in the same manner RMK has demonstrated, I am going fishing and will enjoy that entertainment when frying panfish for supper. Coach Crean made his decision to offer or not offer the ride and it is up to CZ to now make his decision to accept or not. Nothing I can do could impact the choices either one of them could make.

  8. Living in Charlotte, I already hate UNC as an academic institution and an athletic program. If Cody choose to head south like me, that is just going to fuel my hatred to new and unprecedented levels. UNC in essentially the equivalent of Purdue in my world

  9. Cody is a lock. And where were you guys a few days ago when an NC blowhard was searching for some good old-fashioned Indiana hospitality while gloating on his Tar Heels and degrading our Hoosiers? This Scott Clodfelter dude made some very valid points about Zeller hardly considered vital to William’s deep roster. Going from mountain of hype to pine splinters in tushy doesn’t sound very glorious.
    Cody won’t go to Butler. During his first year he would have to go up against Eli Holman and risk humiliation to a Sampson clay pot tosser. With the addition of Ray McCallum, Jr. and Jason Calliste(a sharpshooter from Canada now academically eligible), the Titans will give Butler all they can handle the next couple of years. Better to get manhandled in the Big 10 on a rebuilding Hoosier squad than face potential disaster in the Horizon League.

    Glory be thy Hoosier!

  10. I am an IU alum now living in NC. I don’t know anybody (besides myself) down here that is paying attention to Zeller’s decision… My friends back in Indiana, on the other hand… Is it 1:05 yet?

  11. So many words, so little content. I make a firm, iron bound prediction. By 1:10 PM today we will all KNOW! What will all the people who make up “sources” do tomorrow?

  12. I have conformation that Mr. Zeller is going to announce for IU football. We are going to try him at LB and see what happens.

  13. What I will be most excited about is how a Zeller commit might influence other recruits. As for Zeller the player, he will be the most important recruit since Hanner Perea.

  14. YEs, 4guards, you are correct. A legend is born, and his name is…….

    TOM CREAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! The best recruiter we’ve had here at IU in a decade.

  15. I hope CZ develops to meet the potential everyone thinks he will because it is a load of expectations.

  16. Congratulations Coach Crean and Austin Etherington for a job well done! Welcome Cody! Enjoy every second! Get your visits done quickly Yogi, we need for you to commit and then to start recruiting for your 2012 class. THIS is the BEST NEWS!

  17. Crean is the best recruiter we’ve had here in a decade. He’s already better than Sampson, and he’s doing it within the rules.

    Just watch as the floodgates open even wider.

  18. Yeah, he should be fired. Because he really didn’t have anything to do with recruiting Zeller, Perea, Etherington, Patterson, Creek, Watford, Elston or Alford.

  19. With Ferrell poised to commit and possibly Harris to follow, not to mention the Lyles and Blackmon commits, IU should fire him now. This program is going nowhere.

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