Wisconsin hands IU historic beatdown

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MADISON, Wisc. — Indiana surrendered more points than any Big Ten team in a conference game since 1950 on Saturday, losing 83-20 to Wisconsin in front of 80,477 on a rainy day at Camp Randall.

The Badgers’ points were the most by a Wisconsin team since 1915 and the most points by a Football Bowl Subdivision team this season.

Wisconsin got most of its yards by simply taking it to Indiana on the ground. Sophomore tailback Montee Ball rushed for 167 yards and three touchdowns while freshman James White rushed for 144 yards and two scores. Senior quarterback Scott Tolzien completed 15 of his 18 passes for 181 yards and three touchdowns.

“We got beat every way possible by a great football team,” Indiana coach Bill Lynch said.

The game turned about midway through the second quarter. Indiana was driving and advanced to the Wisconsin 33, but the Hoosiers were facing a 4th and 6. Lynch said he had a play called to go for it, but senior quarterback Ben Chappell was having trouble moving due to an injured hip. Lynch instead changed direction and had redshirt freshman kicker Mitch Ewald attempt a 52-yard field goal.

Ewald missed, and Wisconsin followed by going 66 yards on two runs for a touchdown to make it 24-10. Backup quarterback Ed Wright-Baker and senior running back Trea Burgess miscommunicated on a handoff on first play of the next possession and lost the ball, putting Wisconsin at the Indiana 32. The Badgers scored five runs later and the route was on.

“I’ve never seen a game get away as fast as that game got away,” Lynch said. “… We played poorly and Wisconsin played very well.”

The Badgers scored six touchdowns before the Hoosiers put another point on the board. After an Indiana field goal, they scored three more, including a controversial 74-yard touchdown pass from backup quarterback Jon Budayer to wide receiver Jared Abbrederis.

It seemed a tad unsportsmanlike to throw a bomb when ahead 69-13, but Indiana coach Bill Lynch deflected questions about whether or not he was offended.

“I’ve always thought it’s our job to stop the team and play the game,” he said. “We didn’t do that very well.”

Lynch discusses the loss

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  1. Yes Bill, your team played poorly. Here’s hoping you do get’em next time.

    Very depressing press conference from Bill Lynch. Just from his voice you can tell his exhaustion. Rightfully so with this game. Historically bad is not the way you want to enter the record books. If Chappell is out I’d be very surprised if IU is close in the next two games.

    Still supporting the team and heading to Purdue for the Bucket Game.


  2. I predicted this beatdown – IU 16 UW 47 – last week after the crushing loss to Iowa. Who would have know that it was going to be much, much worse?! Bill Lynch, the only way you keep your job is to beat Purdue. Lose that game and you shouldn’t even bother getting on the team bus back to Bloomington. Uhg…it’s even worse seeing NU make a few plays to actually hold on and beat Iowa. Hey, but after the Seahawks fire Pete Carroll, maybe he’ll come to IU (yeah, right)?

  3. This is simply embarrassing. IU fans deserve better than this. I feel for the players as well. Lynch is a good guy, no question, but he obviously cant get it done.

    Cutting corners gutted the finest basketball program in the nation. Its time to spend the money, hire a big time coach and get this program out of the dumper. If Northwestern can make their program respectable, so can IU.

  4. first off, we know lynch and his staff all need pink slips…so lets just drop it

    but look on the bright side…

    Our basketball team scored five more points last night than Wisconsin did today =)

    The phrase “Hoosier Faithful” is no exageration

  5. the worst feeling is of those of us that knew giving him a contract 3 years ago was wrong. ive been sick ever since and today just leaves me speechless. maybe our opposition to a career assistant wasnt voiced loud enough. but maybe now the message will be received. 3 years too late, unfortunately.

  6. Gerry-

    I like that way of thinking. Out of the dozens of good arguments to fire Lynch, in my mind the best one is to take a look around at comparable programs in the conference and in the country to IU.

    As JPat so aptly stated, Northwestern is practically an Ivy League school that plays at a “stadium” that looks like a high school field. The student body is less than 10,000. Yet they are sooo, sooo far beyond 40,000 student IU and do such a better job with their program. One of countless measuring sticks that show how badly we fall short.

  7. I was open to give Lynch the benefit of the doubt this year because last year we only got beat 3-4 times on a bad play or two. This year is almost over and we still aren’t winning. Fire Bill Lynch. Pay big bucks for a good coach.

  8. the IU football coaches and players should all apologize for this pathetic debacle to the few fans who are left — and the ones who have left.

    and then they should all quit. resign. leave. please.

    except they already quit — sometime in the second or third quarter today.

    awful, and embarrassing. IU is not worthy of being in the big ten in football.

  9. Lynch has been given a fair shot to turn things around but at some point you have to turn the page. Lynch would do the program a favor if he resigned after the season.

  10. I don’t even know what to say or think…. If we are going to invest what we did in the stadium and facilities, can we not “invest” in someone who can coach a little bit? I can give so many examples of “bad” coaching this year. Not just today. Teams are gonna have bad games, but when you are blitzing the best rushing QB in the big ten (Mich. game) AND playing man up D at the end of the game….. YOU ARE ASKING to get beat, which we did. I just don’t get it. If you keep Lynch, that facility is WORTHLESS!!!!!! He is a good man, but that doesn’t make him a better coach. He’s gotta go. I hate being a doormat…..

  11. #9, it sounds very much like you were one of those voices, well let me tell you I was also one of those voices. I made up my mind in his first year that IU football would get no more of my money from anything football related until they showed that they was doing something that warranted any of my money.

    The only way Lynch had any success his first year was because the kids 1) had been coached up the previous years by a real coach 2) the players were putting it all on the line for the coach that brought them in, they believed in and loved and then was taken away from them in a way that they had no control over. The head coach should be the one that finds a way to get his players to play that way.

    When Lynch was first given the job and I said it was a very big mistake I was shouted down by some and called callous and was accused of not being a faithful or dedicated IU fan. I just hate so bad that I and others had to be proved right at the expense of the hardworking kids on that football team, they, as well as all IU fans deserve better. Hell the few times that he took over for Hep was enough to tell anybody that knew anything about football that he was not somebody to put at the head coaching job and if there was any doubt beyond that one need only take a look at his past head coaching performances to tell you that it was not the right thing to do.

    Could there be any doubt left Glass, if there is maybe the powers that be should seriously consider replacing your a$$ right along with our head coach. If you are the business man that many say that you are then you can easily do the math and realize that you have to spend money to make money. Hell you don’t have to do the math to see it IT”S THAT DAMN OBVIOUS !!

  12. Lynch your a good man but its time to quit- please resign! It you were on the outside in a real job you would already have been fired. There will be better days–take a vacation think about things.

  13. Would it be wrong of this AZ Hoosier fan to say ” FIRE LYNCH NOW “. ? We are the joke of the NCAA football world !

  14. What a laughingstock we are. Lynch seems like a nice guy but we need to let him go now. What a pity after playing Iowa tough last week. Pay off his last year and hire Brady Hoke (former BSU coach and current San Diego State coach). he is young has coached as an assistant at Michigan. So he know the state and Big Ten. He could have us in a bowl game in three years tops.

  15. in case anyone wondered why brad bielema ran the score up so high on iu, it was all about wisconsin positioning itself, versus ohio state and michigan state, to be higher in the bcs rankings so when the rose bowl selects its big ten team, it will be the badgers and not the buckeyes or the spartans who go to pasadena.

    that is really what this beat-down was all about — bowl selection. right now, wisconsin is two places higher than the buckeyes and wants to stay there, but ironically, an 83-20 badger beating of iu might not count for as much as a 38-14 buckeye beating of penn state.

  16. Can someone please post Fred Glasss’s email address? I cant seem to find it on the Athletics or .edu site. I think some polite emails his way wont hurt.

  17. I think the most telling thing is that there are only 20 comments to this story. That tells me that almost anyone who actually cared about IU football at some point this season has already checked out. And who could blame them? Unfortunately, we have all come to expect this kind of debacle under Lynch. I understand that he is a very good person, and maybe if I needed a babysitter I would call him. However, he is a lousy football coach and IU football is going NOWHERE with him in charge.

    I like “OldSportsDude”‘s idea about bringing in Brady Hoke. First, he turned a laughingstock Ball State program into a winner, and now he has quickly done the same at perennial also-ran San Diego State. I would be willing to bet that he could have IU in some sort of bowl game next year.

    As for my dream scenario, I still have not given up hope that we can land Jim Harbaugh. With the Crean connection, we have to at least have a chance. If not, then I would gladly take Hoke as a back-up plan.

  18. The Hoosier Nation is looking up for sure. An AD who seems to be pulling the right strings. Coach Crean who is more than outstanding. And a new football coach who surely must be on the way! When you take one of the most potent offenses in the Big Ten and tell them they can’t do it and opt for a field goal that is not likely…what do you expect from there on. I feel for the team.

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