1. As much as I was impressed with the Zeller Family handling Cody’s announcemnt with class I am dismayed with Yogi’s “star” attitude. What do we know about him? Is he a good student? Will he be a “team” player or one that has to have the world turn around him? His “all about me” attitude seems troubling. You’ve been around him more than any of us….what do you guys think?

  2. Tom Pritchard is a force in the middle for us right now. He is doing everything he is asked to do. His defense is better, shot blocking is better and his hustle is better. With Guy Marc not available we have to depend on Tom. Why don’t the fans appreciate his work?

  3. @Hoosierfan53: I’ve been very impressed with Pritchard so far this year and I think you’re starting to see a lot of fans have the same sentiment. I’ll fully admit I’ve been down on him in the past because he seems to do 80% of the work (ie make a great move in the post) but then not finish (ie throw the ball off the backboard). This year he seems to have taken his game to a new level and hasn’t been in foul trouble nearly as much. Hope he can keep it going as he’s proving to be a big asset so far this year!

  4. Hoosierfan53: From what I’ve heard Yogi is a bright young man and diligent in the classroom, so I don’t think we’ll have any worries there. Yes, he may want the spotlight, but what sixteen-year-old kid doesn’t? Cody could’ve sent an e-mail to the press about his decision or he could’ve called IU and let them announce it, but he announced it because it was his decision and he wanted the spotlight. I doubt Cody’s mom would’ve threatened to slap Jeff Blabjohns, but here’s the thing: unless you’re Michael Chandler or Matt Carlino, you only get to announce your college decision once. And unless you’re a star athlete, only you parents and your friends care where you go to school … about a million people care where Yogi goes, so I don’t begrudge him wanting to make the announcement himself.

  5. Hoosierfan53 – what difference is there between Yogi’s approach and Zeller with regards to announcing? They both are holding press conferences which is what you are refering to when you say “all about me.” The young man deserves the chance to announce without having been scooped by some lame reporter with too much time on his hands. Let the kid (he’s a junior in high school) enjoy his moment. You’ll have plenty of time to criticise him once (if) he plays for IU. But for now, it’s idiotic (yes.. calling you an idiot) criticising a 17 year old kid who you don’t even know.

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