1. I don’t know what time the game is, but I do know that I’m about half nuts with anticipation. It could be another major domino to fall into place for the Hoosiers, or a cruel denial.

  2. Did some digging and it looks like the game is at 7:30EST/6:30 CST. So the announcement must be coming in the next couple of hours! I am half nuts with anticipation too.

  3. If you over sign with 13 players..does that mean one player must go? GettingYogi to comit I think equals 13.

  4. Congrats to Yogi and welcome to B-Town! What an unbelievable job Coach Crean has done on the recruiting trail. Excited about the progress of our 5-0 Hoosiers, but as they say, waiting just might be the hardest part…

  5. At least one member of IU’s team will transfer over the next two years. I’m sure Crean knows what he’s doing.

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