1. It’s kind of sad, and totally understandable, that in the middle of football season no one is posting about that. It’s all about a basketball player who may play for us in another year. I think that says all you need to know about the state of the football program.

  2. Good god. I commend you guys for getting the live stream, but for the life of me I wouldn’t plan my day around watching this decision.

    Staying home for school is so much more the exception than the rule these days for top recruits. They are going to break your heart 75% of the time. Why invest the emotion?

  3. Agree with Cin and Tom. I will come to work as always and check an update now and then in the afternoon. I still am surprised there has been NO leak so far.

  4. I’m mentally preparing for disappointment now, so that anything other than that is a pleasant surprise.

    Not excited for the potential meltdown of the fanbase if Cody doesn’t select IU.

  5. Thankfully I’ll be on lunch at that time, or else I’d have to make my students watch/listen during 6th period.

    I can only hope and assume that by 1:24, he’s made a decision. I’ll make sure I eat something easily digested just in case the news isn’t as such.

  6. If 4guards was a rational being, he would only blame Cody and the Zellers for not choosing IU.

    Gone are the days where local traditions and state pride play a strong role in decisions. It is much easier to go where you will get the most exposure and the quickest path to stardom.

    If Zeller spurns us, I have a feeling it will be because of this factor and this alone. And yes, I fully expect 4tards to blame it all on the coach.

  7. I will be glad for Zeller and his family no matter his destination. It is his decision and he has to make it for himself, not us as basketball fans. IU will survive with or without Cody. It make be a little more painful from a competitive and a recruiting standpoint without him, but we will survive.

  8. I am having a new padded seat put on the commode,so I will be comfortable for his decision.
    I am so nervous.

  9. It is sad to me that some people are that worried and obsessed about this kids decision. GOD knows I care about IU basketball but I refuse to let one 18 year old kid get me all crazy. He is not bigger than IU Basketball!!! IU basketball will be fine without him. Will IU bball be better with him, most likely so but we don’t even know that for sure. Perea is a much better and bigger talent and all we hear about is Zeller. Perea’s news has been completely overshadowed by all of this and that is sad because he is better and was the first of the bigs to say…I want to play at IU! I have never in my life seen anything like this and will be thrilled, absolutely delighted when it is over. It makes me sick to see some of these repeat posters talk about Zeller like he is the savior of IU. If he chooses IU…GREAT and I will cheer for him and he could be my favorite future player and if he does go to UNC….BUMMER but my school…The Indiana University will survive and that is a fact!!!

  10. Crean will either deserve the credit or feel the wrath of Hoosier Nation. It goes both ways.
    I have said for a while now, that if Crean lands Zeller I will agree that he is turning around recruiting and lay off him on recruiting. Cody is the savior to this storied program. If he chokes again, like we have all become accustomed to, he will be on his way out the door with another poor year on the court. Welcome Stevie Ball Game.

  11. As 500 people have said before, and ill reiterate, one player is not the IU savior! Thats just plain stupid to say, and if he doesnt come here I fully expect its because of the pressure folk like you have put on him!

  12. Cody is going to Butler and thankfully that will be the end of Crean. I wouldn’t be surprised if they fired Crean tomorrow afternoon and try to get Steve (aka the man, the myth, the legand) hired before Friday’s game. I’ve tried to contact Steve thousands of times to see if he would be willing to come back to IU but he won’t return my voicemails, emails, letters, texts, cards, or telepathic thoughts.

  13. 4guards,

    As has been stated several times now, Crean has done everything possible to bring Cody to IU. If Zeller elects to go elsewhere, it won’t be because of anything Crean and his staff have done wrong; it’ll be because IU simply isn’t the school he wants to attend.

    If Zeller doesn’t commit to IU, you can’t automatically revert to the “Crean choked” argument. It’s just not rational.

    For all we know, his potential decision not to attend IU could end up being based on the absurd amount of pressure and hype being stacked on him by fans like yourself. Perhaps it’s not a burden he’s looking to bear.

    You’re oversimplifying a years-long process way too much.

  14. So Crean has nothing to do with none of the states best players wanting to play here? (If we lose Zeller) That is just not rational thinking.
    We are still losing all the states best. We have to stop the bleeding. If Crean can’t get it done, Alford or Stevens will.

  15. North Carolina plucked from the state two of the best big men in the history of Indiana basketball – Eric Montross and Sean May.

    If Zeller goes to UNC, it is far from being a failure by Crean and his staff. It’s just history repeating itself. Doesn’t matter who the IU coach is; UNC is simply perceived as a better program.

  16. We seen Cody today in Washington ( I work at Perdue Farms in Washington) and he was wearing an IU hoodie. Now he has wore this in the past but for speculation it is a fire up for me.

  17. Between what Dakich and Adam said, I know he is coming to IU now….J/K Adam.
    JPat and Casey are right. We all need to chill, be a little more patient and see what Cody Zeller does. We can’t control what he does. What ever school he decides on we will have to accept it. Keep moving on with or without him.
    This is not really about Crean, its about Cody. You can’t blame Crean if he chooses to go elsewhere.

  18. I’ve heard references of IU fans going “Jonestown” if Cody goes elsewhere. Most of you probably already know this but Jim Jones attended IU.

    I can understand Montrose not wanting to play for Knight, May for Davis, and T. Zeller for Sampson, but on this one I think if he goes elsewhere you can’t blame it on the coach.

  19. So if we can’t blame Crean if Cody goes elsewhere, that must mean we can’t give Crean any credit if Cody comes to IU.

  20. I’ve heard references of IU fans going “Jonestown” if Cody goes elsewhere. Most of you probably already know this but Jim Jones attended IU.

    What BS. Most levelheaded IU fans(not the narcissistic blowtards with nothing better to do but be glued to blogs all day and preach of better days our past) understand the complete ridiculousness of the grossly overhyped attention for a recruit that’s no more skilled than Kirk Haston.

  21. Crean has done a great job just getting IU in the hunt for CZ. In the past 5-8 years many of the top in-state kids were not even recruited by IU.

    Crean has COMPLETELY turned around the in-state recruiting situation. One player does not make or break that. Recruiting is like getting new business in sales…..it never ends. And if you stop when you land an account or recruit (even if it is highly sought after) you are already beginning to fail.

    Good luck to CZ no matter where he goes….

  22. If zeller turns into a similar player as Kirk Haston I would be thrilled! Haston was a great talent, and was the man who beat the last #1 ranked team to come into the hall and lose!

  23. Heard a little while ago that Codys parents are going to Tylers opening game on Fri, but Cody is staying home! That might be a good sign for us or Butler!

  24. So landing Hanner Perea (ranked HIGHER than Zeller) and Trey Lyles are not signs that Crean has done a great job recruiting?

    Give it a rest 4 tards.

  25. A-Hope and “a prayer” do not equate to recruiting the best in the state. Are you joking?

    How was that 4guards? Could I occasionally come off the bench for you?

  26. Chandler is a punk, has decommited twice already, ever read his tweets? Guy is a head case or something! The last thing IU needs!

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