Zeller announcement Thursday

Cody Zeller will make his college decision at 1:05 Thursday at the Hatchet House in Washington, his mother, Lorri, confirmed moments ago.

There was no tipoff as to what college it will be.

Peegs had the info first, by the way.

10:19 A.M. UPDATE: A source with knowledge of the situation said Indiana has not heard from the Zeller family. The same source indicated that it is too early for that to mean anything.


  1. I have a friend who works for a media outlet in Terre Haute who is very close with the family, and he says that Zeller was leaning toward Indiana a few days ago. Hopefully that will be where he ends up.

  2. I am getting this sick feeling in my stomach that the orange man has screwed this up again.
    I guess he would be digging his own grave.

  3. Crean has done everything possible, and in the right way, that it is and was possible to do.

    To say he “screwed it up” if Zeller goes elsewhere is just silly. No coach can guarantee a recruit.

  4. Speedway,
    I have thought all along that Zeller is IU’s. The last couple days things have been occurring to make this unsettling. Why did decision carry over past the 8-10th? Why is his announcement closed to the public? Why has IU not heard from him?
    I am not saying he will not attend IU, I am just not as confident as I have been all along.
    I have also felt if Crean loses Zeller, and the team plays poorly again this year, he could be getting a pinkslip. By the looks of last night, this is going to be a long season. That wasn’t even a great D2 team.

  5. I actually don’t mind most of your comments 4guards but that was actually a really good D2 team with the pre-season player of the year and a top 25 pre-season ranking. That doesn’t excuse the fact that we should have lost just stating your last statement is kind of incorrect.

  6. He’s not an IU fan. He’s a Knight fan.

    I like Knight too, but 4guards act is getting shopworn. Not even Knight landed every single recruit, a fact I’m sure 4guards will conveniently forget if Zeller decides to go someplace else.

  7. If you all are thinking that one player is going to turn this program around, you are sadly mistaken. It takes an entire team. Coach Crean is a tremendous coach, but you are only as good as your best players. These boys need to learn to play together…..If Zeller goes elsewhere, it must have been the right decision. I think it’s a bit conceited that he is having a closed press conference, etc. like he is some sort of basketball God. I mean he’s a great player, but come on! Just say where you are going and get on with it!

  8. Patrick,
    They were like 16-12 last year. I didn’t say they weren’t a good D2 team, I said they weren’t a GREAT D2 team.
    Larry, I don’t expect him to land every recruit. We already missed on Teague and Dawson.

  9. Speedway,

    Oladipo fed 4tickturds a gourmet meal of raw crow last night. The 2010 recruits are going to give him a lot of indigestion.

  10. 4guards

    Teague would have been incompatible with our other recruits. Besides his talent, I don’t know anything about Dawson’s personality.

    Rather than concentrating on who Crean HASN’T gotten, why don’t you grant his success on whom he has? Perea, Patterson, Jurkin, Lyles and Blackmon. And it looks like you might be wrong about Oladipo. He’s going to be a good help for us.

  11. Screwed what up ??? you idiot..Coach has given 100% toward the recruitment of Zeller.I see we have another negative post from ,4guards and his blow up dolly.I am happy that the HOOSIERS found a way to win last night..with OLADIPO’S heart and determination..

  12. Larry,
    Starting talents like Oladipo will result in close games with D2 schools. It sounds harsh, but it is reality.

  13. 4guards –

    Was anybody claiming that Oladipo was a 5 star talent? You, on the other hand, kept telling everyone how useless he was.

    All good teams have players like Oladipo. All great teams have players like Oladipo. We don’t recruit like Kentucky, nor should we.

    you have to get over your dreaming of Brad or Steve. Neither are coming here, and neither would be doing any better than Crean right now.

  14. Sarah,
    I don’t think he can win one way or the other. There was an earlier rumor he was going to announce on ESPNU, and of course all the Lebron comparisons came raining down. Now he’s going with a closed press conference, which obviously is making some people unhappy. He’s damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t. I say let’s leave the kid alone, let him make his decision, then wish him the best where ever he decides to go.

  15. I am curious…does anyone know where his brothers were at when they announced their decision? My first reaction to his announcing this in his high school was that he was going to go to IU…staying in Indiana

  16. 4 guards when you get through making a mess in the front of your pants over your latest picture of Stevie, clean yourself up and walk forward because all of the real IU fans have a pink slip for you.

  17. Ponderosa? Seriously? Tyler Zeller announced he was going to UNC in Ponderosa? Well as strange as that sounds, let’s hope that Cody’s differences from his brother don’t end there, and extend to his choice of college.

    When was IU eliminated from Tyler’s recruiting (sorry that was before I started on hanging on every daily recruiting update)? That might give us some clue as to how positive Cody feels about IU.

  18. 4G,

    I have no idea where he will go, but I think your worry regarding his announcement being closed to the public is silly.

    He’s doing it at a school, during the school day, during the school day. When his older brother announced ND on the radio from school (while I was a student at WHS), I don’t recall them inviting the public into our school’s halls. Perhaps because the other 700 students are in class, and shortly after announcing Cody will be too.

  19. @thinking……there is no school on Thursday.

    I think it’s curious, at best, that he’s not inviting the public to this announcment. I would think that if it’s IU (and I’m not saying that it isn’t) then he would get a pretty loud roar of applause upon making the announcement.

    I can see why people are concerned. I’m not as confident as I once was that CZ will be a Hoosier.

  20. I heard that he was leaning toward IU until the game last night. Now IU is totally out of the picture. He said he has worked too hard and to throw it all away now and take a chance that the coaching at IU won’t get any better.

  21. I actually agree with 4guards reasoning of why this is starting to not look good for IU. I want CZ as much as the next IU fan, but why wait until Thusday in the middle of a school day and close it to the public? I don’t agree that Crean screwed it up or that Crean will lose his job. It just doesn’t seem as positive for IU as it did just a few weeks ago.

  22. Greg-Fishers,

    According to the Washington Community Schools Website Calendar, this Thursday, November 11, 2010 is a scheduled school day. Cody and all his classmates will be in school as normal.

    I don’t know where you got your information from but it is flat out WRONG! Also, it would have took you all of 30 seconds to google it and find out for sure though.

  23. Sorry Mike P. My mistake. I just figured/hoped that they honored our veterans.

    Thank you for putting me in my place though. You obviously enjoy being right, so congrats on that, I guess.

  24. Greg-Fishers,

    Schools should honor our veterans, unfortuantly most schools systems don’t.

    Sorry if I came off wrong, that wasn’t my intention. I’m just sick of all the he said, she said, BS surrounding this announcment.

    Again, wasn’t my intention, just getting annoyed.

  25. During my four years there WHS usually had a convocation on Veteran’s Day honoring vets. Probably more effective than giving the day off to sit home and play video games.

    Cody appears to be doing this exactly as Luke did wen he committed to an in-state school. Luke left a Chem II class, walked down and announced on the radio station that covers Hatchets sports, and returned to class.

    I really don’t think there are any tea leaves to be read here. We’ll know in due course.

  26. 4guards- what is the basis of your opinions? Did you play or coach at a high division one basketball program? E

    Even if all you get is 5-star recruits there are no guarantees you will have great seasons. Just ask Roy Williams about last year.

    We need to stop listening to 4guards -he reads a few articles about basketball and then tries to pass himself off as an expert. Problem is 4guards every time you post you build the case against yourself!

    Let CZ go where he may. Coach Crean is building the program back up the right way with quality kids.

    Win or lose, I will remain a proud Hoosier fan!!!!

  27. Just to stand up for the kid on the announcement thing here, having a press conference subjects him to less media hassle than he would otherwise have. This way, he just has to say everything once and it’s over as opposed to taking phone calls from every media outlet in Indiana and North Carolina as well as the national guys. It’s easy to say this kid thinks he’s a god and egotistical for thinking everybody cares what he’s going to say. But practically, even if there are 1 billion people in China who couldn’t care less, there are perhaps two dozen media people who are going to want to interview him one way or the other. That’s a lot of phone calls to return. Makes sense to just do it once. To answer each question once, and then be done with it.
    As has been stated before. Throughout this process, Zeller has done what he said he would do. The drama surrounding his decision is not something he’s caused or added to. He took his time. That’s it. He’s still signing in the early period.

  28. Few things to say…Dolly is obviously a UNC troll. 4guards is a complete tool who doesn’t know anything about the game of BB.

    As far as Vets day, I don’t know of any school, anywhere that gives Veteran’s day off. Giving kids a day off to sit at home watching TV doesn’t honor Vets either.

    CZ is going to IU. Its a done deal and has been for quite a while.

  29. Mattsi4…I completely agree with you. I completely agree with you. I sort of feel sorry for him. He is, after all, just a kid and he has to make the best decision for himself with his parents help. I think coach has done everything he possibly could to show Cody the best of IU…and I for one will wish him luck where ever he goes. Our team however, needs a LOT of work to have a successful season this year. WOW…

  30. No, I didn’t coach or play at a high D1 school.
    I don’t want all 5 stars on the team. I am thrilled to be getting Etherington and Patterson.
    I am happy with Hulls, Elston, Creek, and Watford which none of them are 5 stars.
    They will be key components. Not sure where you got I wanted all 5 stars. We do need SOME 5 stars though.

  31. I love how everyone is second guessing this decision. The guy hasn’t said a thing. I imagine all the rumors are made up to give some of you guys a good ribbing. I hope the guy comes to IU, but whatever. I think Dan Dakich will need to buy Cody Zeller a nice Xmas present for increasing his ratings 10-fold over the last couple months. Come to IU Cody.

  32. I think people in their distaste for 4guards are down playing this in case Cody doesn’t come here.

    Zeller is a huge recruit, but not just for his own talents. He is a unifying figure, a source of a recruiting ‘win’ and feel good for the fans and program, most likely brings in Yogi and maybe Harris, and needs to feel like he fits here. Also, without him, the next class is currently one (albeit it good) role player and whoever we could still pick up, which leaves yet another year before these ‘high profile’ pickups get here in 2012, and then another 2 before the class of 2014 gets here. I like the recruits we have, but come on people some are over 4 seasons out, we can’t be waiting that long to see if maybe we can be a top team in the Big Ten when we finally get some top talent that will be juniors and freshman.

    I understand people saying that if he goes elsewhere it is because of what is best for him, which I agree with in some ways.

    It’s like Sean May, people were pissed he left, but he went to UNC and got an MVP of the championship game and won a title after saying if Davis wasn’t the coach, I would’ve gone to IU. How can you blame a kid for going to a program that won him a championship and an MVP and got him drafted?

    If Cody goes elsewhere, it is because Crean’s system does nothing to highlight the 4, and he wants to move Cody, or Cody didn’t see his fit here at the 4 setting a high ball screen every play. While this will happen from time to time (your system can’t fit everyone unless its Calipari’s whichever great recruit has the ball just do something with it offense) If we miss out on Zeller, don’t we as a fan base have to ask why our system is not the best fit for a kid like Zeller?

    Cody Zeller may not be the best recruit there is, he may not be able to come in a turn a program around, but he is exactly the type of kid this program was built on and known for for so many years. He is a strong, athletic, smart player who is a good student and citizen and represents what we want in a student athlete. He grew up on basketball in one of the most tradition rich states for it (Our high school tourney is simply the best even with 5 classes) and just goes about his business. We are his home state school that every kid who grew up in the southern half of and was worth anything dreamed of playing for. If this isn’t the place a kid like that wants to play for, then what are we building?

    I don’t dislike recruits from other states, we’ve had good ones in the past and the Maryland boys of present are very good players, but Cody Zeller is the spitting image of what Indiana basketball was known for in its glory days and what we are trying to get back to, so if it doesn’t fit him, then what are we trying to be?

  33. 4guards, pleeeeease do us all a favor and stop posting on here! I really like this blog and reading the comments, but everytime I read one of your posts it makes me want to stop coming back. Thats ashame too, becaaue there are some great people on here, but your negativity is ridiculous. Its like having a 12-13 year old kid on here posting and being pissed at the world all the time! Cant you for once just post like a normal person?

  34. Here is the way im looking at the Zeller situation. If he really wants to go down to NC and play with his big bro and a bunch of 5 star talents, let him. He will get lost in the mix, and IMHO will end up being a mid talent guy, alot like his brother. Hes not gonna be a star or team leader with the other guys they have coming in. If he comes here, its becasue he wants to play with his friends, build something at his home school, and a place where all his friends and family can come see him play at anytime. He doesnt seem like a kid who wants any recognition ever, so that is what sort of scares me. Its like he would fit in at NC better because he will fade into mediocracy, and he might like that. Who knows, im just ready for this to be over!

  35. Common denominator? We’re all really nervous.

    Why? May, Montrose, Oden, McRoberts, (older) Zellers….

    In our favor, however? All the Mr. Basketballs who stayed home, all the Hoosier Nation support we can muster (in spite of our nervousness), the wonderful IU facilities (including Kelley School of Business), our already-committed recruits and the great job Crean and Staff have done with our teams and Indiana high school programs.

    There’s nothing more we (as fans) can do. It’s hard to wait.

    Like everyone else here, I hope Cody says “Indiana University” and that 17,500 fans are able to stand and cheer (and say “thank you”) at the home opener Friday night.

  36. He’s going to IU. No way he would pick UNC or Butler over IU on my fricking birthday. Just no way. We have this in the bag.

  37. Why does everyone assume the “closed to the public” was the Zellers’ doing. Most high schools would probably refuse to let a bunch of lunatic fans on campus for security reasons.

    Also, My HS gets Vet Day off.

  38. KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Indianapolis coach Stan Gouard took a note out of Tennessee coach Bruce Pearl’s own playbook to lead his Division II Greyhounds to an upset exhibition win over the Volunteers (No. 20 ESPN/USA Today, No. 23 AP).

    Gouard, who was part of Pearl’s 1995 Division II national championship team at Southern Indiana, had his players use Pearl’s trademark style of full-court pressure to force 25 turnovers en route to a 79-64 win over Tennessee on Monday night.

  39. Why do you all cater to 4G? If you truly want him to shut up, ignore him.
    There’s a guy just like him at work, he wants attention at any cost. He’s smarter than most of his coworkers though, they’re too dumb to ignore him. Group slap; Stooges style. Ever considered him a “plant” to maintain interest?

  40. UNC boards are reporting Cody has notified Roy of his intentions to attend North Carolina next year. There’s alot of cross confirming posts. Not suprised, he’s a lottery pick coming out of a team with tons of national exposure.

  41. 4guards is Crean’s job security. I don’t think he’s planted, but he’s most certainly contrived.

  42. Of course he is. That entire Damon Bailey thing was a dead giveaway. Nobody thinks signing DB was a big deal but he is a part of the folklore, hence his reference. It’s a character he plays.

  43. Have been trying to find NC blogs but no luck. Did find an article where the NC fans are worried CZ isn’t coming there because of a rumor his brother isn’t happy there. Seems everyone in the running for CZ are doing a lot of speculating. CZ, if you read this blog, all I can say is Indiana needs you and you could end up in the lore that is IU bball for years to come if you do what neither of your brothers did and stay in state and become a hero. We need you bro…..

  44. this directly off carolinablue.com, take it as you will………..


    Is unclogan banned on this board or he just does not post on our board? The guy normally has some good information. I have noticed that he posts a lot on premium, DI and the national board but never posts on this board.

    He made a post on DI today that Cody called Roy this morning and after the call Roy had a smile on this face. Logan says Cody didn’t give Roy an answer but he would call Roy again tomorrow morning. Logan said he should know where Cody is going by tomorrow at noon. If true, at least Roy was not crying after the phone call today….3dSmile

  45. Hope I’m WRONG?? Raally !! However It Appears 2 Most That ZELLER Will Not PLAY HERE@ IU The Reasons Are OBVIOUS Every1 Wants 2 Think& Make OUT This Is “THE TURNING POINT” Well He Is NOT “KENT BENSON” Nor Is He J.Jeffries He’s 6’10 Of Complementarity “PLAYER” Never Has Been Nor Will He Ever Be THE “1” Kids Are Just That ‘KIDS’ He’s NOT The ‘GREATEST” Witch Is Why ALL The “IDIOTS” Have Sent Him ELSEWHERE !! Think About It ZEALOTS HE’S NOT a “GOD” And Doesn’t WANT THE PRESSURE OF BEING LABELED As SUCH!! What NONSENSE !! Enjoy College Not 4 Fools But Yourself !!

  46. I just hope the kid makes his choice wisely. The fans here will turn on him in a heartbeat as they have not had a winner here in several years and are running out of patience.

  47. I dont see the fans turning on a player like Zeller as much as they turn on coaches. At least not true fans who have lived and died with the team for years upon years. I cant say ive ever turned on a player, except some of the guys in the Sampson era, as they shouldnt have ever been here in the first place.

  48. I don’t turn on him in a sense of anger or violence, I mean that he will be the second coming at the beginning. Then if things don’t go well during his adjustment from HS to this level, the fans will begin to put more and more pressure on him and that can be tough.

  49. I won’t turn on the coaching staff if CZ goes elsewhere. I’m sure they did everything they could and now the decision is up to him and his family. No one can force him to come here but we will be darn happy if he does and disappointed if he doesn’t—but won’t turn on the coaches or have bitterness towards CZ if he doesn’t come. Too much other important stuff in life to get bent out of shape over it.

  50. Good grief, somebody cut Last Dino off from the caffeine and give him a few benadryls. I mean good grief, all the caps and exclamation points? I felt like I was being screamed at on a level even coach Knight could never attain.

  51. To all the whiners complaining about the near loss the other night, consider a few things…

    IU was without VJ3 and Roth

    Tennessee lost to INDIANAPOLIS and they are a preseason top 25 team!

    This is an exhibition game!!! A chance to get the lead out!! Stop being retards and think about things logically please. Some of you make Indiana fans look like morons.

  52. I think there will be both a mass suicide and many older men at local bars throughout Indiana if Zeller does not pick IU!!!

    I hope he comes to IU but one kid will not make or break Indiana basketball, period!!!

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