Zeller picks Indiana

WASHINGTON — Cody Zeller will be a Hoosier.

The 6-foot-10 center from Washington announced his commitment Thursday in the Hatchet House at Washington, choosing Indiana over North Carolina and Butler.

Zeller said it was a difficult decision, but that he reached the conclusion that it felt right a week ago.

Steve Zeller, Cody’s father, said he debated with Cody about each of the three schools, taking the position that he should go to Butler, Indiana and North Carolina (in that order). It was meant to fortify Cody’s decision.

Zeller said he hopes to be a part of a rebuilding program at Indiana, and that coach Tom Crean told him he would be the focal part of the offense as a power forward.

Asked what he thought he could accomplish in his four years, he said that a championship is the goal.

I also just talked to Kevin Ferrell, Yogi’s father, and he said that Yogi was very excited when he found out.

So much so, that Yogi told his father that he would like to talk about something after practice tonight.

“He’s excited,” Kevin said. “He’s glad Cody picked IU.

“I am not sure if he wants to try to crunch some visits in just to make sure. … It’s interesting. … I am looking forward to it.”

Talking about the potential of a lineup in 2012 that features Zeller, Ferrell, Hanner Perea, Ron Patterson and Peter Jurkin, Kevin said, “that team would be amazing.”


  1. Welcome, Cody. As a graduate myself of the Kelley School of Business, I can tell you that you will get a great education, and you will always be proud to proclain that you are an IU graduate. I am already excited about the 2011/2012 season. Though I now reside in Cary, NC (just outside Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill), I am able to see most games with my BTN subscription with my cable provider. I know you will have a terrific career at IU and under coach Crean.

  2. A laurel and hearty handshake for Cody Zeller. Welcome to the Hoosier Nation.

    Now then, let’s go get Yogi, Harris and/or Hollowell next, shall we?

  3. It was mentioned either on here or ITH that IU was looking to add another big in the class, which would mean oversigning this year. With Chandler decom from Xavier is he a viable option or did the staff cool on him and the possibility of adding a true center in this class?

  4. Thrilled to have him come to IU. He could be my fav future player and I might have to buy his jersey. With that said, I will never ever understand the “hype” around his recruitment…that is unless he is really good and/or wins a championship. Congrats to IU and Coach Crean on this one. A certain poster on here has to be eating some crow…it used to be about how Crean could not recruit in state talent. Chalk one up for Crean!!!

    My advice to people that for whatever reason never liked the Crean hire…when IU starts winning with these great recruits, just man-up and say you were wrong. I was and still am prepared to do that with Lynch and you can do it as well…

  5. Congratulations all around for Cody Zeller and his wonderful family, the great Coach Tom Crean and staff, and to our amazing players and fans!

    WTG!!! IU Basketball is back on the map! Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!

  6. Yessssiiirrr!!

    The only thing: how in the heck could the MC radio guy call it “the University of Indiana”. C’MON! ARE U SERIOUS!!!!!

  7. Great to land Cody. We aren’t back just yet though. This is just another step toward being back. Once he hits the floor with his IU mates and the 2012 class arrives and starts winning and contending for B10 championships and getting to the dance on a regular basis, then we will be back. Not trying to be Debbie Downer, but let’s keep it real. This is a huge step to being back.

  8. It certainly appears the Yogi domino could fall quickly. I also like the thoughts of the 2012 team. I suppose there is some chance to add a guy like Harris or Halloway to that list as well. Plus you will have hold overs such as VO, Sheehey, and Etherington as well as possibly 4 seniors in Creek, Watford, Elston, and Hulls.

    So for a second let’s assume that IU gets Ferrell additionally and that is it. And let’s assume that Watford and Creek don’t go pro (do you think that either will? what percentage would you assign to each?). Here is your potential roster as best I can tell:

    CENTERS: Peter Jurkin (FR) 7’0″

    FORWARDS: Christian Watford (SR) 6’9″, Cody Zeller (SO) 6’10”, Hanner Perea (FR) 6’8″, Derek Elston (SR) 6’9″, Bobby Capobianco (SR) 6’9″, Will Sheehey (JR)6’6″

    GUARDS: Maurice Creek (SR) 6’5″, Yogi Ferrell (FR) 5’11”, Austin Etherinton (SO) 6’6″, Victor Oladipo (JR)6’5″, Jordan Hulls (SR) 6’0″

    That is a pretty solid 12 man roster that probably lacks enough minutes for everyone to play. And outside of possibly Creek and Watford would all appear to be likely to be around barring transfer.

  9. I am not really understanding the eating crow comments. I have been saying for quite a while that Cody is coming to IU and am thrilled about it.
    Until this commit, Crean was not doing his job in the state. That has now changed. I have said I will lay off him in recruiting now. If he learns how to coach, I will lay off him on coaching as well.

  10. Great get for CTC and staff!! Cody won’t have the talent that Erig Gordon had, but he is a more important recruit for so many reasons. I’m so happy that he chose to stay home and represent IU. Things aren’t back yet, but we are well on our way!! Next is Yogi, followed by Harris and/or Hollowell. Good things are coming to B-Town, and most of it is thanks to Tom Crean!!

  11. Well, 4guards, the “eating crow” comments come from the fact that you have bashed, bashed, bashed Tom Crean on here for his inability to recruit.

    It’s SOOOOOO big of you to “lay off him in recruiting now” considering he’s landed AE, Jurkin, Buss, Hanner and Cody Zeller. And, in case they didn’t teach you this in junior high yet, laying off somebody you’ve previously bashed because they’ve killed it = “eating crow”.

    Get ready to eat more crow when Coach Crean also shuts you up and shows you that he does indeed know how to coach. Now that the talent is falling into place, that will soon become obvious even to people like you.

    And seriously dude, listen to yourself: “If he learns how to coach, I will lay off him on coaching as well.” Who the hell are you? How many Final Fours have you been to? How many 5-stars have you signed?

    This is why people are loving it that you’re eating crow now. And can’t wait to stuff more down your throat very, very soon.

    Hope I cleared that up for you.

  12. Where you are wrong is the fact I never said he would never turn recruiting around. I have always said if he lands Zeller it would turn around.
    No crow here.

  13. Lack of experienced players and top-notch recruits are the only reasons Crean hasn’t had more wins thus far. What has he done about it? He has simply gone out and filled the next four years with top talent while building a veteran team from his core 2009 Top 10 recruiting class.

    Smug 4tards sits back as if he is the one who gets to hand out blessings and tell us when and where Crean is successful. What a joke. The bus has left town, and Hoosier Nation has rejected 4clowns half-a$$ed request for a ticket.

  14. Let’s spend one day not bickering, and enjoy the fact that Crean just landed a recruit that will help speed up the rebuilding process significantly.

  15. Oh, so now that he’s landed Zeller he can/will turn it around, huh 4guards?

    I guess that Mo Creek, CWat, Buss, Jurkin, and Hanner friggin’ Perea were all just a bunch of stiffs then, weren’t they?

    You, sir, are indeed a clown as Husky Tom puts it. Your rationalizations are as easy to cut through as tissue paper.

    Try harder next time. Or why don’t you just give in to your true nature and become a Kentucky hoops fan, or Ohio State football? I think you’ll find their fanbases much more welcoming and similar to yourself.

  16. Very proud to be a Hoosier today. Welcome Cody Zeller and hopefully the rest of the Indiana Elite team. Agree with you Casey. Let’s stop the bickering for at least a day and enjoy the moment.


  17. I think it more likely than not that at least one of the two — Creek and Watford — will be gone to the NBA before their senior year.

  18. Just a thought, but it is a sad commentary on the fan base and their basketball knowledge that most of you are more excited about telling a guy to eat it than most likely getting 2 to 3 really good recruits that make these classes.

    I understand the hatred and why everyone is annoyed, I don’t agree with most of what the guy says, but if you are man enough to look in the mirror and at past posts, 4guards has been calling Zeller to IU. He doesn’t like Crean, he didn’t say he couldn’t get Cody, just that in his eyes Crean needed to get Cody to get his respect, now he has and 4guards is doing what he said and approving of Crean’s recruiting.

    On another note, I don’t think Zeller is Damon or Calbert, and I don’t expect him to be, his significance is greater in other areas. If we lost him, then that is another top recruit from the state to leave, and even bigger blow because it has been no secret Crean had recruited him from the beginning. If he missed out on that one, it doesn’t matter that everyone on here would follow Crean into Hell, if recruits don’t want to come here we aren’t getting any better. Especially top 20 in state guys that he has been after since he got here. If he can’t win them, then…

    There is a big difference in the classes of

    2011: Cody Zeller and Austin Etherington
    2012: Yogi Ferrell, Peter Jurkin, Hanner Parea, Ron Patterson, Gary Harris


    11: Etherington
    12: Jurkin, Hanner, Patterson

    so while Zeller is not the end all be all, really he was most likely a 3 really good players, to a possible no player or stuck with Juco’s and last minute scrubs classes. I can see where he was coming from on this. The other guys aren’t scrubs, but none of them verbal-ing led to the extreme likely hood of 2 other top recruits falling in the near future.

    In all honesty, most of the time I’m just as fed up with some of his stuff, but you guys acting like 5th graders who beat some second graders on the play ground courts by 1 point then bragging about it non-stop like you did something amazing is just killing me. If Zeller said Butler or UNC today, how would you all honestly feel? Bring on your rationalizing BS.

  19. I could be wrong and things could change a lot in the next couple of years, but I will be extremely disappointed if Mo Creek and Christian would leave for the NBA. As of right now, neither of them look ready and when they came here they said the same stuff about wanting to help bring Indiana back and winning and stuff, then as soon as we might be close to being top in the Big Ten they are just going to leave. I just feel like this would be a huge mistake. I don’t look at either of them and think NBA player right now, they would get killed or sit the bench on an NBA roster if it were today. Why not get us on top in the Big Ten and back in the sweet 16 before you think about the NBA.

  20. Have we now passed that magical point where we no longer feed the Crean-Hater, Knight Groupie and Man-Crush-On-Alford trolls? Arguing with them has gotten to the point that it resembles arguing with a drunk or a two year-old: even if you win the argument, you look like an idiot.

  21. I mean I think we just have to wait and see how Creek and Watford develop. No one is saying it’s a sure thing that they leave after next season. However, if you had to pick two guys on the current roster with the most NBA potential it is clearly them.

  22. Welcome to the IU family Cody! Look forward to seeing you next season but good luck to the Hatchets this year.
    I see no reason to worry about Creek or Watford leaving school early for the NBA. Neither is ready or shown the ability to truly dominate at the college level yet. They will be great 4 year college players. Someone else mentioned Hulls as a senior when the 2012 class comes in, he may be a walk on by then if Crean keeps the recruiting momentum up. I like the kid but I don’t see him getting any bigger or faster.

  23. Oh now it’s Crean can’t coach. If anyone out there knows 4guards personally do an intervention and get the poor pathetic soul some help. This guy REALLY has issues and should not be allowed to walk around in public. (even though he rarely leaves his keyboard)

  24. Thank God, this is all over, and by the powers that be we actually beat out UNC for once on a guy! Im soooo glad Cody is coming, hes already mentioned Yogi twice today. 4guards, regardless of what happens bad or good, you will always have something to complain about. You are just a negative person anyway you look at it. I would hate to wake up each day with that feeling. Thanks for “laying off the recruiting” since its quite possible the 2012 class will rival the Fab Five once its complete!

  25. Cody Zeller-obviously a class act. Excited about all the players that have signed to play at IU. So glad to have a little flicker of that old Hoosier pride sparking again. In one day, the last 10 years seems very far away now. It isn’t Cody Zeller, per se, but the fact that we are able to compete in state again and have some of that Steve-Alford, Kent-Benson, Damon-Bailey kind of pride. Love being a Hoosier fan today!

  26. saw that Michael Chandler from Lawrence North decommitted from Xavier today. Speculation he wants to go to IU. Opinions?

  27. Not only can Zeller play basketball but he has great parents and comes from a very solid family. He is a good student and not stuck on himself. What maturity he exhibited in the interview immediately following the announcment. Quality, talented, mature young men will bring IU back. Great job Coach Crean!

  28. I heard Chandler’s grades aren’t coming along very well. Would love to have him if that wasn’t the case.

  29. Devil’s Advocate: you are the true duntz here. Forums and blogs, by nature, are places to disagree, insult each other, argue, etc. The fact that you expect this to be some sort of a church group where we all blindly agree and hold hands says more about your naivety than anything else.

  30. Devils, I can only speak for me but I would feel fine if Cody picked another school. I made that perfectly clear in other posts. I am glad he picked IU but I don’t care who he brings with him… one kid will not make or break my Indiana University, period! As far as jabbing at 4G, he said over and over and over and over and over and over again that Crean could not recruit in-state and he was wrong and I normally would not let someone know about it on here but when you come on a blog and trash a man because of in-state recruiting and the coach has been in office for less than 2 years at the time…to hell with ya…you were wrong and OWN IT!!! I don’t care if he called Zeller, I called it many weeks back myself and many others did too…I am talking about the entire Tom Crean can’t recruit in-state crap. WRONG and will be more WRONG soon and will not own it, sad!

    As long as I have been blogging here I have never met a more irrational person. Someone who made his mind up to dislike a coach when they were coaching mid-tier talent at best after a major castastrophe, hating on the man over and over. What is funny is that now it is “he can’t coach” but the 4G has not ever said specifics on why he thinks that. I was fortunate enough to work with Crean this early fall side by side for a few weekends in a row and he is a class act that absolutley nobody will outwork…the hours he puts in are triple to what Knight would have put in. He is a family man and a Christian and just as good a guy as Bill freakin Lynch! Judge the man if you want but in the end he will make an a$$ out of you, trust me!!!

    Where is the tylenol?

  31. Great job CC! Welcome to IU CZ! Now let’s go out and hang another National Championship banner (or two) in Assembly Hall during the next 5 years, it’s been waayyy to long!

  32. JPat,
    Crean had done a poor job recruiting the state. I stated that. He has now turned it around and I state that. I never said Crean will never be able to recruit the state, I actually stated if he landed Zeller the tides will have turned.
    The reason I stated he can’t coach is due to the crap offense we run, the undisciplined turnover prone play, and lack of effort on defense, not to mention the poor free throw shooting and fundamentals. You are just wrong when you say I never stated specifics. You really should get your facts straight or pay attention. Also I have never doubted Crean’s effort.

  33. You hated on him so much that there is hardly a person on here that respects you…that is really sad! The crap offense you talk about. Break it down, give me some X and O specifics. If it is so crap, let me know some little things within that you don’t like. He has had 2 full seasons with little to no talent. To be fair you cannot even judge him on the first year. Knight in the final years, Davis and Sampson had most if not all of the things you mention above. Yes, the free throw shooting was bad, I will give you that. Turnovers by Moore off his foot and Story throwing the ball away and to say poor fundamentals, that is a joke. Break it down for me and explain what you don’t like. You take the easy way out above! I hated the many passes and constant scfreening with Knight, Davis admitted to having over 90 plays and then a kid admitted to not knwoing all of them and the spacing crap works in the NBA only, Sampson ran a small set of plays and some dribble drive with an emphaisis on D. What do you hate about Crean’s offense? Do you even know bball?

    My facts are straight. If I wanted to I would go back and break down a lot of what you have written and even you would gasp but I don’t play that and I need to get my kid’s in bed. Give me more and tell me why you hate this man so much? I will set it up for you to go to cook Hall so you can meet him sometime, just let me know…

  34. Love the get of Zeller, but not so sure about Chandler. This is the second time he’s decommited, and from what I hear his grades aren’t the best. Kid seems like a headcase to me, I don’t think the rewards outweigh the risks with him. We’re turning this around the right way, let’s not screw up all this momentum by taking a chance on him.

    3 things I’ve heard Crean bashed for the most:
    1. He can’t get big-time recruits
    2. He can’t recruit the state of Indiana
    3. He can’t recruit big men.

    Now after careful calculations and carrying the 1, I believe that’s 3 birds with one stone. Good job coach.

  35. Jpat,
    I do not hate the man. I love some of the things he is doing off the court. I am liking what he is now doing on the recruiting trail. I just do not think he is a good coach.
    I am not going to give you a lesson on his dribble drive offense, but basically there are far too few screens set and too much of a reliance on the outside shot. There is too much dribbling and too little passing.
    Our defense, I don’t even know where to begin. I am not even sure he is even teaching help side D, if so the kids are not getting it at all.
    We almost lost an exhibition game to a D2 team the other night for crying out loud.
    I don’t know why people insist on me talking about the negatives right now. I just wish to enjoy the huge pickup of Zeller and we can deal with this later.

  36. Mattsi4,
    What do you want me to say? Before today, Crean had never landed a 5 star (Yes, Perea will prob end up one as well but we will find out what he finishes next year), he wasn’t landing the best IN has to offer, and our big men have consisted of Jobe, Muniru, Capo, Michel, etc…
    That all changed today. I agree. That doesn’t mean I was wrong about what transpired in the past pertaining to recruiting. Can’t you just be happy we all agree that going forward Crean has turned recruiting around?

  37. Beard, you need lots of help! How can you forget to mention RON PATTERSON? Ron will take a back-seat to NO ONE!

  38. I am totally happy with our 2 recruits for 2011. I don’t see a need for a 3rd. I will be totally happy with 5 recruits for 2012. I DO NOT LIKE the idea of running any current player off-calling it a transfer to get more playing time-just look at how effective Danny Moore is heading into his third season. You need experienced role players even if their talent is not what you are now able to recruit. That does not include a 5th year for Matt.

  39. If 4tards was a man he would own up. He did not. He is not. But then, we all he wouldn’t man up.
    He has never demonstrated that he knows the first thing about basketball or anything else. He is a clown. Nothing more.

  40. Hey 4 guards you ever get tired of trying to explain too others what you think you said?? It is to the point I really get to laughing at reading your replies. Keep it up — I dont think you’ll have any problems keeping it up because of all the negative things you have said in the past and evidently there are many posters on here that remember as I do!

  41. 4 is a jerkoff, plain and simple. crean has proven that it takes years to recruit a 5* kid with Zeller, they dont just jump on any boat, because they have tons of choices. 4f-tards cant grasp his own retarded logic when he trys to slam crean. you expected crean to show up and land 5*’s left and right when we had been decimated by the thugs and bums that you so desperately wanted to keep around. he is doing it the right way, the way 99% of IU fans get. you just dont. big middle finger to you 4tards.

  42. Well Jason pretty much summed up everything I was going to say. You can’t just walk up to kids anymore and say “It’s Indiana” and expect them to sign up. It takes years to form a relationship between player and coach (Crean spent 2 and a half on Zeller alone), to get the player to trust that the coach and the university are the right fit for him. Crean has done the best he could with what he had to work with, which wasn’t much. It seems like things are all right with the universe once again, the best in the state are going to IU, and Purdue has been put back in it’s rightful place as our ugly little brother.

  43. i’m going to have to agree with 4guards on this one. i’ve witnessed a lot of shortcomings in terms of coaching, fundamentals, execution, grammer, etc. he is undeniably a fantastic recruiter. i’m willing to reserve final judgement until he has a veteran team. i’m very excited about the future.

  44. I said Crean had never landed a 5 star in his career, not just at IU. Doesn’t matter anymore.
    Zeller changes everything. Bring on Yogi Next.

  45. A fact that 4guards seems to overlook, despite his constant love of glorifying IU’s past to diminish the present, is that not many coaches would have taken the IU job. Tony Bennett passed. Sean Miller passed. Jamie Dixon passed. Tom Crean accepted the job. Let’s think about why he would do that, and why the others wouldn’t. They thought it was a hopeless cause. There was nothing for them to gain by coming here and taking a beating for years, nothing to gain by coming here and doing a full-fledged rebuilding project. Tom Crean accepted the challenge. Why? He said because “It’s Indiana.” I obviously don’t know how much of that was PR and how much was true, but even if it was a little of both, it was still the right thing to say. He’s done everything right, and he deserves way more credit than certain people give him for simply taking the job and staying with it once more sanctions and academic issues came down the line. (None of which were his fault. Dakich kicked guys off the team. Bassett would maybe have been brought back, but his grades never came around. Ray McCallum orchestrated Eli Holman’s transfer. Crawford complained about others running, and had been suspended midseason. Yet he would have been welcomed back. He chose to transfer. And even if he had stayed, how many wins would that have been worth the next season? He’d have gone to the NBA anyway.)

    So. Now, on to recruiting Indiana, and how Crean had failed until signing Zeller. Who else should he have gotten? While under NCAA restrictions for issues that weren’t his fault? He signed Jordan Hulls (beating Duke for him) and Derek Elston. Should he have given Tijan a scholarship? Maybe not, but in the end, who was available that late that he could have signed? Bawa was a project that many other D1 powers were willing to try. Crean got him. It didn’t work out, and now he’s gone. The 2008 class was a hopeless endeavor. The fact that he signed VJ3, an potential All-Big Ten player, is amazing. 2009, he signed a top-10 class, including two of the best players in Indiana, and two more All-Big Ten candidates in Creek and Watford, and did it under recruiting restrictions. The 2010 class was disappointing, but Oladipo can play. Guy should at the least be a vast improvement over Tijan/Bawa, and who knows what Sheehey can be. Who else should he have gotten from Indiana? So out of his first three classes, under extraordinary and almost unprecedented circumstances for a program of IU’s stature, he signed one great class, one mediocre class, and then the 2008 mishmash that still yielded a very good player and some decent role-players.

    2011-Cody Zeller, Austin Etherington. Two of the best players in the state, one of the best players in the country. How can that be argued?

    2012-Perea, Jurkin, Patterson (and probably at least 1 of Ferrell, Harris, or Hollowell.)

    Those are two straight classes, one a top-20 class, the other potentially top-5, maybe number 1. Almost exclusively made up of Indiana kids.

    So, he’s had or will have three great or better than great classes out of his first five. And that’s including the disaster he walked into in 2008, and how far back that set the program. And I’m supposed to believe that until today, he’s been failing, and after today, he’s merely done what any average stiff could do?

    He deserves more than just “laying off him.” He deserves unequivocal and effusive praise for his recruiting.

    As for X’s and O’s. He’s basically had two straight brand new teams. The first year, come on. No coach in the country could have done better with that team, and no coach would have been able to build a truly better team given the circumstances. Last year, there was significant improvement, and the team played at a level that to any reasoned observer, was at least acceptable. And now, I’ll look for more improvement. If this team beats almost every team it should beat, I’ll be totally satisfied. The Big Ten is loaded. Finishing 8th this year would be a fantastic performance. And if they come close or achieve an NIT bid? In Crean’s third year, given everything I’ve talked about? That’s not just doing his job. That’d be one of the most impressive sports stories of the decade. Remember, he could have pulled a Dan Dakich and left after the new developments in the sanctions. He stayed. He wanted this job, and he’s succeeded. If you don’t like him, well, okay. The Internet is full of people who are blind to reason, fact, nuance, subtlety, history, and context. The problem people have with 4guards, though, is that while the Internet may be full of people with the particular deficiencies, the Indiana basketball fan base is not. As a whole, I’d say IU has one of the smartest, most knowledgeable fan bases of any sport in the country. So 4guards stands out, and I’m sure he/she loves it. More power to those people. But at this point, if you can’t be part of a reasonable basketball discussion, I’m not going to include you. Hopefully others will do the same. I apologize for the novel.

  46. I was a big advocate for Van Treese over Bawa, and Van Treese is turning some heads in Louisville, looks like he will see some major minutes for Pitino as a Sophomore. This is an Indiana kid who wanted to play at IU and got shafted for Bawa. He just started in the exhibition game for Louisville as a Sophomore.
    But the only class I will complain about as a whole is the 2010 class. You guys fail to neglect that much of what I have said lately was IF WE LOSE ZELLER….

  47. The only thing I disagree with is that X’s and O’s determine how good a coach is…..don’t get me wrong, it helps a lot…..but at the end of the day, it is players that win the games

    ask Roy Williams..

  48. 4G you are an idiot, and delusional. how can you expect anyone, TC or not, to come into the situation that existed and expect to recruit successfully anywhere, in state or not. year 3 and he has made leaps and bounds of progress. criticizing his recruiting and coaching in that situation is ignorant and short sided. face it – you look like a moron now so just accept it – or leave and go root for calapari or some other “great coach”. hoosier nation doesnt need negative losers like you.

  49. Yes, Scout has reported that Chandler has de-committed from Xavier. However, I’m guessing Crean is not very interested in signing a guy who has never really shown any interest in becoming a Hoosiers. Hey…there is a scholarship available at Butler.

  50. Just because Zeller is a great player, does not mean I agree with everything that comes out of his mouth.
    Great article on cbssports from Gary Parrish talking about the importance of Zeller and Stevens had been talked about as a possible Crean replacement. Also how Crean finally landed a top in state kid.
    You know like I have been saying all along…..

  51. The answer to what I wrote up top is just like I thought it would be…

    I am a fair person, a rational person, a realistic person and think that everyone deserves a fair chance…maybe I am crazy?!?

    I read what Parrish wrote and he does what many do on here…he never states sources and will get opinions from blogs and random people like you and me and then write on it. If you have read Parrish for as long as I have…you know that already. He writes for shock value.

    jrig5, enjoyed reading what you wrote, well said!

    I hung my IU flag last night and turned the porch light on and have my jersey on here at work! I am proud today!

    I listened to the Pete Rock Mixx of “Shut em down” by Public Enemy on the way to work this morning…it was very ironic that it was the first song off the Ipod…very ironic!!!

  52. Your fine JPat. We all know who the irrational one is. There are some good people on here with smart and clever comments. We all know this and that is why we read these posts. It is fun to see what other people say and what they think. And, in my view, there is only one person on here that goes out of thier way to be an ass or apologize if somone misreads his opinion. It just reeks of the guy wanting to be wanted. Grasping , clawing for any little hope of being credible. All I can think of is that guy in a bar that dosen’t shut up, that most people try to get along with or include. You know he is getting on everyones nerves and everybody is embarrassed, hoping the guy will leave or get a clue. Finally somone has to ask him to shut the fu!! up, or punches him right in the nose. Mouthguards is that guy.

  53. Great, great post, jrig5.

    Shows that there actually is some purpose to people rebutting the inane spinning 4guards is doing! Sometimes somebody writes something in response that is really worth reading like that.

    And 4g, you know, you’d be doing yourself a favor if you could just be humble and, well, eat your crow already. And if you don’t get the fact that a person who says “ok, I’ll lay off him now” after the person who has been criticized knocks the freakin’ ball out of the park is the TEXTBOOK example of “eating crow” . . . well, then there’s just no hope for you, kid.

  54. I’ve read many articles by Gary Parrish and after reading the most recent one only makes my opinion of him more solid, he is low life.

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