1. Zeller is the man, but Crean is the Godfather.

    He has done what no IU coach has been able to do: snag one of those pesky, talented Christian white kids from the Zeller and Plumblee families.

    Crean is bagging in-state talent like it’s going out of style, and he ain’t stopping any time soon, with two 5 stars in little over a week’s time.

    Congrats Coach, most have us have known for quite some time that you are the savior.

  2. Tards, don’t give us that BS about “as far as recruiting goes.” You can’t half-support a coach. He’s proven you wrong, now get on board and shut up.

  3. What a great get both from the athletic/player standpoint and the symbolic nature of this recruit. He represents all those players that we were losing and now that is going to change.

    Good job coach.

    Congrats to Cody and to Austin. A great class of 2011.

  4. I did not think it was possible but 4fools has just become even less relevant than ever before. What a dire state to exist in.

  5. Clarion- That pan fried fish will taste quite nice tonight, I imagine. Much better than the moldy dead crow being served at the 4tickturds restaurant.

  6. Right on Husky Tom! Crean is the man and most of us felt that way for quite some time. You have to support the coach along with the team — building from nothing Crean is doing a great job! Go IU

  7. Yogi here’s your cue! You’re the best point in the state, let’s make it a full house!! Great job by the fans with the chants ay Night of the Living Red! Finally having things go right feels good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Hey Tom,

    My “gill” filets will have a lite cornmeal breading. As you say 4braincells gets the molding leftover raw crow and Coach Crean is the waiter force feeding him.

  9. A delightful image. First, I hope that you are using a cast-iron skillet; they work oh-so-well for cornmeal-coated fish by sealing in the flavor with their well-distributed heat.

    Second, as Crean feeds 4tards the crow, 4tards will be shouting “But wait, coach, I am off your back ‘as far as recruiting goes‘!!! Did you hear me (choke, choke)! I am off your back as far as recruiting goes!!!

  10. Indy Star spoke to Yogi’s Dad, who said Yogi called after Cody’s decision and said he wanted to talk to him tonight. Looks like that senior year timeline Yogi set may be moving up.

  11. In fact Husky Tom I use an electric cast iron skillet. No that is not a typo, it is as I stated an electric cast iron skillet. Probably have had it for somewhere around 30 years. It was marketed by The House Of Webster from Rogers, Arkansas. Back when I was an up and comer and building a business I for many years used The House of Webster as the vendor for gifts to top customers. They did a superb job maintaining my 100% satisfaction. I have to assume they are still a class outfit although it has been 12 years or more since I have had dealings with them.

  12. I think we should get off 4guards’ back, he said he’d lay off Crean if Zeller committed, and he was very prompt in posting that. I’m not going to split hairs about ‘as far as coaching’ or whatever.

    GFDave, you said exactly what I was going to say. This is a symbolic recruit–the Hoosier schoolboy hoopsters want to go to IU again. I’m not a provincial who wants 13 Indiana kids on the roster every year, but Crean can build the bulk of the team around in-state players. That’s been proven over many decades. That is the importance of it, beyond Cody’s effectiveness on the court.

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