Big Ten to revisit division names

So you didn’t like Legends and Leaders as the Big Ten’s football division names? Neither did anyone else, which apparently has caused Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany to reconsider.

Delany said in an interview with Chicago radio station WGN the league could change the names as soon as just after the first of the year.

Although the names were selected to highlight the Big Ten’s history, they have “to a great extent it’s fallen on deaf ears,” Delany said.

“I think we have enough experience with names, and expansion and development of divisions, to know that you never, rarely, get 90 percent approval rating,” Delany said during the interview. “But to get a 90 percent non-approval rating was, you know, really surprising.”

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  1. At this point, even though it might not be perfect…just go with regional compass points in some way. It just makes sense and at this point!

  2. Can we get a collective ADUH for the Big Ten?

    Hopefully that logo is the next to go. Delany can feed that line of “the design community likes it” all he wants, except that I work in the design community and no, we do not like it!

  3. I hope they change it and just go with geographical designations: East/West or North/South. Neither is perfect, but nobody would care as long they could keep it straight and it wasn’t some pretentious hog wash.

  4. Dumb division names and an even worse logo but you have to like the fact that Delaney is willing to listen to public sentiment and change the names. Most people in a position of power like that are not willing to admit something they did or were in charge of is ridiculous. Bravo!!

  5. First time I have ever heard of Delany being knocked off his feet. But he is not tone deaf. Oh well looks likes IU will either be in the East or South instead of the Leaders. To bad. C’est la vie.

  6. We all agree the names were terrible. Why doesn’t the league have a fan poll asking for suggestions. Since geographical designations won’t work with the configurations, I am sure there would be creative suggestions.

  7. Like I said when they first posted the names, I knew Clarion would be the only one on here who liked them. 🙂

  8. Definitely a ‘do over’ all the way. Big Ten Eastern and Big Ten Western divisions would work for me. I think putting a 12 where the 11 currently is on the logo would be pretty cool.

  9. Did they not do a test panel to see how the names would go over… or did they just have too many “yes men” who would not tell them the truth about the names?

  10. Mike P.,

    There is no way for me to express to you the number of successes in life I have enjoyed from ostensibly standing out from the crowd(IIRC you physically experience that daily). Thanks for the observation. The Big Ten Leaders & Legends Football Conference Championship promo would have looked good in lights on the marquee at the LOS.

  11. Now if we could only get Mr. Obama to listen to public opinion and react accordingly……….:)

  12. This should not be as difficult my wife dragging me across country to find a pair of blue jeans that fit her butt perfectly. May I remind the Big 10 commissioner that I spend hours shrinking a big ass for the price a loving smile. You paid a lot of money for asses to give you frowns.

  13. For my money, Great Lakes and Great Plains us as good as it gets. Great ties in with Big. Lakes and plains speaks to the geography without being compass points. Evokes images of the heartland. Can’t be copied by anyone else. Not sure who suggested it first, but it’s pretty darn good.

  14. @Pat Beane,

    Exactly! I agree 100% Flipping those 2 easily give a North and a South Region.

    It’s amazing that Delany threw out the geographical names so easily. I’m glad I wasn’t interviewing him on the Big Ten Network the night he revealed Legends and Leaders. I would have laughed my @$$ off and said, “Are you serious?!?!”

    And he needs to revisit the logo because it sucks. We’re back tracking from 11 to 10 showing in the logo after nearly 20 years while now having a 12th member! Totally idiotic. I’ve been saying it since it has debuted along with it looking like the old Big East logo!

    Don’t even get me started about the trophy’s! LOL

  15. Though I initially thought I was being “punked” when a friend told me about these names, I got aggravated when I found out it was true because “corporate” decisions like this are normally defended to the death by the insulated corporate types who make these decisions (think back to the defense from Coke of the disaster named “New Coke”). It is refreshing to see a CEO (Yes…That’s what Delany is) come out and admit that something might be wrong with a descision he made or approved and that he’s going to reconsider the decision. Only time will tell if he means it but I’m glad he at least sees there’s a “big” problem.

  16. Get these guys a “hot-line” to the Kelley Business School at IU. It is called marketing. You use focus groups, test markets, etc. They have been doing it, studying it, writing about it for at least 50 years!

  17. I’d go with the Great Lakes and Great Plains divisions. All states in the conference have at least one connection, and most have both- Indiana’s State Seal has a buffalo on it and Indiana has ports on Lake Michigan, so we could fit into either one. Even Pennsylvania has a port on one of the Lakes.

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