Crean on Penn State

With it being Dec. 26 and a large portion of the media out of town, Indiana elected to send quotes from coach Tom Crean in advance of Monday’s Big Ten opener against Penn State.

The game is obviously an important one: the first of the Big Ten season, but also coming off two losses in the Las Vegas Classic. The quotes, pasted below, reflect a coach looking to get more out of his team than he did in Las Vegas.

On the Penn State Game
Tom Crean

“We got back from Las Vegas very early in the morning on Christmas Eve and gave the guys the day off.”

“First and foremost, we saw that we are a far better team when we play as one and within ourselves.  We have a lot of guys on this team who can do good things at any time, but we have to trust our system and most importantly, trust each other.  We don’t have anyone on our team that can carry the load by themselves and when we try that, we don’t have the same success.”

“Our lulls in Las Vegas were because of lapses on offense with quick shots or missed kick outs. We should have played our bench more at certain times of the game against Northern Iowa and Colorado.”

“Our maturity as a team on the court took a step back at times in both games and we are going to learn from them.”

“At the end of the Colorado game, we played with passion on the defensive and with reckless abandon on the backboards.  We have to play like that all the time.”

“As I tell these guys, when you go on the road, your jump shot may not make the trip, but your defensive effort and rebounding always come with you.”

“We are still learning that offense does not win games.  Moving the ball and your defensive and rebounding effort does.”

On Penn State
“They have one of the premiere players in the Big Ten in Talor Battle. There’s no doubt about that. From end to end, his speed is amazing.”

“They are far more than just a team driven by one player.  They have Big Ten experience at every position.”

“It’s not like we have one guy or one situation that can neutralize Battle so we have to have great team defense. We’re certainly going to have to have excellent rebounding and we can not turn the ball over and give them second chance opportunities.  We also have to play good transition defense.”


  1. I hope there will a fairly large turnout for the game. Wish it was schedule during session. I hope the I.U. fans understand what we have here and don’t set our hopes to high for this season. Coach T.C. and the staff is doing an hell of a job. Lets get a win against Penn State.
    Go Hoosiers!!!!

  2. What we have are certain players getting undeserved playing time- no names needed its obvious. If the coaches continue to play guys who don’t play defense , make stupid to’s and fouls, fail to block out, etc. without any consequences then we get what we sow. IU needs to watch Butler play defense or UNI and compare them to how IU plays. The players obviously aren’t required to produce in practice.

  3. While I am still in CTC’s corner in a big way there were some things that were not obvious to me as to why they were done. Maybe the biggest one was when we were making a come back against CU by using the press and all of a sudden he pulls VO and someone else and brings in VJ3 & MC and stops pressing. I hope not doing this kind of thing anymore is one of the things he is talking about when he says we will learn from them and / or when he says that he should have played our bench more at certain times.

  4. Though currently playing in the shadows of the latest media attention-grabber to likely get Rookie of the Year, a kid from Indiana is currently the 9th leading scorer in the NBA(averaging just .3 ppg less than Carmelo Anthony). I wonder how long it’s been since a Hoosier could claim the company of such an elite crowd of NBA scoring machines. A bit strange how his remarkable achievement has been overlooked by sportswriters covering Indiana hoops. The limelight of recognition will hopefully one day deservedly shine on this quiet unheralded star. A congrats to Eric Gordon from one Hoosier basketball fan that was mesmerized by his talent long ago.

    Let’s get a win against the Nittany Lions Monday night!

  5. Hoping for a few adjustments by the coaches and better results from some of the players tonight–it’s a very winnable game and the crew needs to take care of business. Good luck Hoosiers!!

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