1. You want to discuss ? Ok …reporting live via Blackberry from beautiful Orleans Arena in LV …..guess what …Indiana SUCKS again this year ….that
    Big win against Savannah State …tongue firmly puking in cheek….was an illusion ….this group is pathetic and Crean should be demoted to recruiter just like Billy Lynch should be retained as footballs recruiter ….Each and every Hoosier fan we have had the great pleasure of meeting here in LV has said they will refrain from spending $$ until this gets corrected ….Indiana is a joke and …oh ya Verdell Jones should sit on the pine for the REST of the year ….oh, help is on the way ….could we maybe get a Coach that’s has a clue what to do with them ????????

  2. Geezus Wynn, is the world ending? And for what it’s worth, the players he has coming in won’t need much coaching.

    VJ3 has been awful though; beyond awful. He seems to have regressed considerably.

  3. FINAL: COL 78, IU 69.
    IU: Hulls 17, 4ast; Oladipo 16, 7reb; Watford 14; Jones 8; Sheehey 4; Creek 3; Roth 3; Elston 2; Rivers 2.
    IU: 24-59 (41%) FG; 5-14 3PT; 16-25 FT; 30 reb; 12 TO; 14 (22) fouls.
    COL: 24-44 (55%) FG; 3-10 3PT; 27-31 FT; 27 reb; 15 TO; 13 (23) fouls.
    COL: Higgins 22; Relphorde 14; Dufault 10; Knutson 10; Burks 9; Roberson 8; Tomlinson 5.

  4. Can’t wait to read what the knee-jerk crowd has to say about this one. I’m guessing perspective will be in short supply.

  5. No Wisco the world isn’t ending ….however, let me repeat …..Indiana SUCKS ….how about tonights game JPat …and all u sweetheart Crean lovers ….I swear you must think Indiana is like a mentally challenged hoops institution …not making any reference to such ….but, could you please please remember this insanely underperforming ToooooooooooP # 10 class is ridiculously underperforming ??? Hello ??? You should be here to see this joke up front and personal ….we gave our tickets away last night, but were given FREE tickets tonight ….why u may ponder ?? Cuz nobody cares ….there is only ONE good thing about Hoosier hoops ….we have fans that just remember the old days ….Crean sucks and Vertdell sucks and Pritchard ….oh lord have mercy on his basketball self …lol

  6. Oh Wisco ….why do you think that Verdell Jones was VOTED by his Big Ten peers as the Most Overreated player ??? Hmmmm ?? Let’s dissect that ….on one of the Worst BT teams last year he was singled out by AlL the other other players as the most overrated ….well why would that be ??? Bcuz he is a selfish one on one could care less about his team ….if I were his coach, I would cut him and send a message .mmmall kidding aside ….what would Bob Knbight have done with this dude ???

  7. Hoosierwynn,

    Why are you even an IU fan? Wouldn’t you be happier just watching whatever game Knight happens to be calling on ESPN and drooling in front of your TV? Also, that way you wouldn’t be able to mash out your barely intelligible ramblings and prevent any sort of reasonable discussion from taking place.

  8. Look…the sky has not totally fallen in but…Creans style requires an awesome point guard that is also a scorer and he will have to have great supporting cast around a superb point. Crean has the recruits in place but I am like many..I don’t know that we will ever out coach an opponent again..we will only win with superior talent under Creans style; and this is what may drive many of us crazy that grew up watching Knight coached teams.

  9. wynn, I feel bad for you. You have screwed yourself on this blog forever in the future with these nutty posts. You gave your tix away to get free ones tonight….what? You said that crap out of frustration last night, period! You are a joke!

    I am upset tonight. The team did not look focused from the start. The run in the 2nd half was great but close it out guys. Defense is/was so poor. What is up with Creek? Who is going to step up and lead this team? I will not give up on these guys this early or the coaching staff!

    Wynn and others saying this crazy stuff….all I can say is wow. To say Indiana Sucks, wow! I need to get off here for a few days, it has become toxic.

    Merry Christmas to all and have a safe holiday!

    J Pat

  10. If you go back and look at what most of you posted before the season began you should not be surprised by our play. Most of you said you would be happy with a little better than a .500 record and you are getting that. Your memories are as short as some of your brains. Of course, we have no down low defense we lost our only hope for that early on. Of course, Creek is not at 100% it takes 2 years to fully recover from that type of injury. Of course, Jones is a weak guard who can’t dribble, see the floor and is a turn over machine who can’t shoot 3’s. He is NOT a POINT GUARD!! He is a ball hog who needs some pine adjustment. We have a great shooter in Hulls and Roth will come around but we don’t run plays for them because of course, NO BIGS know how to set good picks. Coach needs to stop being so loyal to his older players and tell them they no longer are the top players. Start Hulls and tell him this is his team to run and start Vic,Will,Capo, and Roth the next game and maybe Jones,Watford,Creek,Rivers,Elston and Pritchard will see the light. Of course, help is coming and the help will start next year and the year after. Wake up guys we will win most home games and lose most road games and end up something like 16 and 16 and of course, that is what most of us said would happen. So get a life and be happy with what it is or you are going to pop a vein in your neck and die of stress. Remember Stressed spelled backwards is Desserts so go eat some Christmas cookies and feel better. IU will still be here when you come back refreshed.

  11. Well, first, I never knew VJ3 was all that highly rated to begin with, and thus don’t know that the overrated moniker is that meaningful. Sure, he was one of the higher scoring players on a really young and really poor team. I am disappointed, however, to see that it seems like he is in the slump of a lifetime and/or has really regressed since last year.

    I’m tired, it’s been a long month. I care about the Hoosiers a lot, but it’s not the only thing in my life. I’ll still be able to sleep tonight even knowing that our team–a team that at the very best was predicted to maybe, maybe sneak into the tournament, but likely the NIT and maybe not even that–is struggling. I hope you all can do the same.

    And, Wynn, you’re in Vegas man, have fun. Additionally, when you return to Indiana, please learn how to type, spell, form sentences, etc.

  12. Wynn,

    You’ve picked up a torch by a certain someone who was banned on this blog about a month ago. Welcome to the party! Although I commend your loyalty to acutally attend the games out in Vegas. There is something to be said about that. However, the meathead comments have no place here.

    I’m disappointed with these last two efforts from the team. Unbalanced to say the least. It is not however the end of the world. What I will expect is IU to come back strong with it’s next showing against Penn State. A lull right now is not recommended.

    DD and HK hope you heeded the advice of John Cutter and bet on black.


  13. Crean deserves some major heat. They look real bad. They have digressed. Should be much, much better than this.

    Iu will not have a winning season, even with all the powder puff teams they’ve played. Maybe Crean should apply some discipline and start benching some starters in favor of the lessor players. Nothing like riding the pine to get one’s head out of one’s butt.

  14. podunker, Iu has not only digressed — getting off the point of the offensive and defensive schemes — they have also regressed — getting worse rather than showing improvement and winning some games over teams with superior talent and coaching. not one signature win that I can think of.

    right now, IU has mediocre talent; next year and the year after that, they will have much better talent. the key to tom crean’s success will be whether he stays out of its way and doesn’t screw it up. there is an art to that; just ask jud heathcote. magic made jud a genius coach. some say dwayne wade made tom crean a genius coach at marquette but now its time for a new genius-maker to step forth at tom’s new school.

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