1. Hey, guys. With a new coach coming to town, it seems like a good time to revisit the “Block I” v. IU on the football helmets discussion. How about setting that up as a poll today? Maybe we could lobby Coach Wilson if the “Block I” comes out on top.

  2. Discuss IU vs. uk????

    Here’s my discussion…I WANNA WIN!

    I understand its gonna take max effort from everybody, and its on the road, but how great it would be for these guys to win this one?!?! You gotta believe it can be done!

    Go Hoosiers!!!!!!

  3. cin, I agree.

    So if IU beats UK today I am going to wear my candy striped pants and drive my 4 year old sons motorized GATOR around the neighborhood…Bud light in one hand and IU flag in the other…I am pumped!!!

  4. I much prefer the IU logo to identify IU. Plus it is now universal throughout the Athletic Departments 22 sports. Wilson nor any other coach have the authority to change it.

  5. FINAL: UK 81, IU 62.
    IU: Watford 19, 9reb; Hulls 10; Oladipo 10; Rivers 7; VJones 5, 5ast; Creek 5; Elston 4; Sheehey 2.
    IU: 23-54 (43%) FG; 4-16 3PT; 12-16 FT; 32 reb; 14 TO; 20 (31) fouls.
    UK: 22-61 (36%) FG; 6-17 3PT; 31-44 FT; 43 reb; 6 TO; 10 (17) fouls.
    UK: Liggins 19; Knight 18; Harrellson 14, 12reb; TJones 10; Miller 9; Lamb 9; Vargas 2.

  6. That score does not tell the whole story, although some of our deficiencies are glaringly apparent. Rebounding, Zone D,

    But the effort absolutely was there. The IU team that played today should play in the NIT at least this year.

  7. Nice finish Hoosiers ….this group could ALL be seniors someday and still NEVER beat any of the freshman Calipari could throw out there ….I am so frickin’ sick of frickin’ losing in every frickin’ major sport ….This tragedy is going to be a repeat of the football season …this team WON’T be ONE team that anyone has ever heard of ….7 really bad cupcake wins and 2 losses to decent teams ….If any of you see ‘ moral ‘ victories in a 19 point loss …SAVE IT for yourselves ….

  8. Hoosierwynn, perhaps you should become a kentucky fan because you are obviously not a Hoosier fan. Also maybe you should take your pathetic attitude to “save it for yourself”. The Hoosiers show a whole lot of fight today I am proud of the team and also VERY proud to call myself a Hoosier supporter in ALL their sports.

  9. IU fell apart mid second half. Kentucky just out reached us. To me, you can see the worth of VJ. Hulls played hard, but is to small to play those kind of teams.(at the point) Crean should not just give Watford the green light, he’s not that good. Very sloppy and not very smart basketball mid second half on. 9 minutes without a field goal. Gotta get more people involved on offense. I’m not down on anybody, but IU froze up and Kentucky took advantage. I hope VJ is OK.

  10. Man, the refs decided to take over that game. Multiple fouls on Hulls were phantoms. If Kentucky didn’t shoot 44 free throws it’s probably a very different outcome.

    Hoosiers also got away from their offense. The turning point to me was Creek jacking up that quick 3 in transition with about 10 minutes left, IU either tied or up 1. I believe that miss started the field goal drought.

    Good effort though. A good learning game.

  11. Druid …get lost bud …I’ve been to EVERY Hoosier final 4 since 1976 ….I’ve been to nearly all out of town tournaments for over 30 years from Hawaii to Puerto Rico and everywhere inbetween …listen again dude …as a HOOSIER FAN …I am sick of frickin’ losing all the time …I will never except losing …1e differ, but I would bet I am in the majority of Hoosier fans !

  12. And that was just low …I would NEVER wear anything remotely in the shade of Kin-Tucky blue …Lol

  13. Downing,

    It’s a Google ad. We have no control over what shows up there. None. Whatsoever. But the Google spiders pick up the amount of talk about Kentucky and throw the ad up there.

  14. make sure you stay a realistic fan. IU was in this down to 7-8 minute mark. The refs started calling everything(I watched it on DVR and hit rewind many times) and IU slowly fell apart. UK deserved to win but refs amaze me sometimes. IF this was in Bloomington and the crowd was behing our boys…most likely a win or 1-3 point loss. I am sick of lsoing as well but stay realistic. Starting next year IU beats UK 7-8 out of the next 10…

  15. In a way …I kinda sorta maybe apologize …in well over 30 years …I do not ever remember Indiana being consistently so pathetic in Basketball and Football …for several years ….we are considered such an afterthought that ESPN didn’t even have the courtesy to mention Indiana intheir ad for the game today …I swear the punches just don’t stop to Indiana …In my opinion Crean has beat exactly ONE team in over 3 years that was an upset …Pittsburg in the Garden last year ….and please do not consider NW an upset at home on senior day ….I will throw up my guts if u EVEN consider that …otherwise, Indiana has lost every ounce of hoops credibility we ever had

  16. wynn, you can thank the one and only…KELVIN SAMPSON…a lot of people contributed to this mess but in the end it was SAMPSON…piss on him!

  17. 1scooper; YES! Exactly. I went nuts at the missed bunnies in the second half. How is it possible for a 6’5″ guy, who has already beaten his defender to the basket, to miss the lay-up? Seems like it happens a lot more to IU players than to guys on other teams. that just can’t happen.

    Yea, IU played with a lot of effort, but they lost their focus and compousre in the second half. Missed lay-ups, missed free throws, air balled wide open threes, missed rebounds. It looked like they ran out of mental energy, not physical energy. and it also looks like they’re missing a floor leader.

    Long way to go!

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