1. How ’bout we guard the jumper and make them drive? Verdell needs to get under control and Creek needs to loosen up. If we play some defense in the second half, we can win this. They will not be that hot in the second half.

  2. Obviously they didn’t need to be “hot” in the 2nd Half. They tie but then don’t know how to take it to them and finish them off. They’ll learn but this year is also going to be frustrating.

  3. FINAL: UNI 67, IU 61.
    IU: Watford 23, 10reb; Elston 19; Jones 7, 5to; Oladipo 4; Rivers 2; Roth 2; Creek 2; Hulls 2.
    IU: 20-47 (43%) FG; 2-13 3PT; 19-28 FT; 27 reb; 14 TO; 13 (21) fouls.
    UNI: 21-49 (43%) FG; 9-23 3PT; 16-20 FT; 31 reb; 14 TO; 12 (21) fouls.
    UNI: Ahelegbe 24; Moran 15; Koch 11; James 6; O’Rear 6, 9reb; Pehl 2; Rank 2; Sonnen 1.

  4. This marks the moment I have given up on Crean. I have defended and supported him in many ways, including with season tickets. He can’t coach. The players don’t know where to be on defense, our offense does not create open shots, and we can’t manage the clock. We got beat twice for layups in the last 2 minutes of the game, we got no shots off even after time outs, and we passed up fouling a 60% free throw shooter in favor of an 83% free throw shooter. We actually let the game get away from us in the first half, during which we left one shooter after another open on the perimeter. We were tentative and out of position from start to finish, and lost to a smaller-than-mid-major program a year after it lost four starters. It is shocking and upsetting. I don’t care what talent we have coming in, we will not be competitive with this kind of coaching.

  5. Outside of Elston, there was no life in the Hoosiers tonight getting out of the gate. I was expecting to see a team pumped and excited to go at it. When a team looks uninspired and lackadaisical(how many times were we burned on backdoors?), there needs to be some deep examination the reasons why. Total lack of focus exemplified by key turnovers in critical junctures, pathetic free throw shooting, attempts to make highlight reels instead of laying the ball up for the sure points, no urgency by our point guard in the final minute, and complete lack of communication on defensive helps. This was not Indiana basketball. Not hard to swallow losses when the team is still dialed in and prepared. This game was hard to watch.

  6. You all have not an idea how embarrssing this was tonight ….Eight of us drove 5 hours to see this crap from Arizona ….We are losing fans each and every game Indiana can’t beat some rocket program like U of Northern Iowa ….Crean should donate his approx $ 100,000 salary for this joke of a game ….sit back and think for a moment ..Indiana yucks it up with their unusual pre-game butt-bumping routine that hasn’t won JACK Felisha in over 3 years ….find a new thing boys ….the mighty’ flyin’ UNI …what’s there nickname …with 4 starters gone … Whoop up on the big time former program Indiana …we have had it …A..NOTH…ER …15 digit Big Ten losing season ….You all accept this ???

  7. wynn, I am lost here. I can imagine how upset you are after driving to watch the game but I watched it on TV start to finish. It was a great game and let’s be honest…North Iowa played the game of their lives and at the very least the game of their season. They will not hit shots they jacked up and pulled from their a$$ like they did last night for the rest of the season. It is not like IU got blown out. How many seniors was IU starting last night and how many were North Iowa? I agree that IU should have won this game after coming back in the 2nd half but for you to be that frustrated baffles me. It is like you have given up on the season. I don’t get the comment about losing fans, simply untrue here in Indiana and b-town…

    hang in there, please!

  8. J Pat, the problem with your analysis is that the ‘jacked up and pulled from their a$$’ shots UNI was hitting were available for them to hit because Indiana’s defense was completely confused. UNI is a typical solid mid-major team: they have great shooters if you leave them open. If you pressure them, they can’t create much off the dribble. Thus the obvious basic strategy is to get in their face and make them put it on the floor. IU did the opposite: stand back and watch them drain uncontested jumpers. Wow what genius coaching that is!

  9. I stand with JP. The D was not good as we have seen in the past but the large % of shots UNI hit was a streak of luck which they will not find easy to duplicate. As the second have gave a hint to. Why did they not destroy SC State or SIUE if they are such prolific shooters? No they got on a role against IU. Also their defense on Hulls was pretty good all night. He is learning to overcome.

  10. Very disappointing loss..This is the type of game they’re going to have to win if they are going to get out of the bottom half of the big 10.
    In defense, they prepared for a team that leads the country in minimum posessions a game on both sides of the ball…not one jacking up 3′s from midcourt- and hitting them!
    This one reminded me of Knight’s last couple of yrs….lay an egg against a team that is clearly less talented.
    Progress is being made, but painfully slow.
    Could be another long yr (short).

  11. Clarion…we agree for sure.

    Eric, I watched it as I woke up this morning again, I know I am a geek like that with IU sports. Many of the shots were contested, I promise you that. Yes, the d was confused at times and help side is bad, really bad. This is happening in my opinion because of lack of playing experiece by Elston. Not making excuses, just saying. The d must improve, I agree with you there.

  12. J Pat, you never have to prove your bravery to me in any other way (as if you had to anyway), if you can watch that game a second time. But enough about the UNI game. Is the Colorado game televised? It’s a rematch of the ’97 first-round game won by the Buffs. Haris Mujicenovicz (sp?) was the only IU player who showed up for that one, and Chauncey Billups was too much.

  13. I figured out that if you go on cbssports.com (formerly CBS Sportsline)and click ‘tv’ and then ‘CBS College Sports’ you can look at the TV schedule for that channel. The IU game is on at 7:30 EST, 6:30 CST.

  14. With Tom Crean as a coach the sky’s the limit. Too bad that, as Clarion astutely noticed, it’s currently falling; damn, we were supposed to soar to it, instead of it coming down to crush us.

    I am not sure UNI was lucky. I think IU continues to be unlucky: so much talent wasted away by poor coaching. Meanwhile Crean has avoided a close encounter of the third kind with Steve Alford.

    Alford is a far better coach. He’s helping his young, inexperienced and far less talented team overachieve. Unlike Tom Crean.

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