1. Repeat of football …cupcake ladies of St. Vincent of DePaul are done …they are back baking cookies and getting ready for the holidays ….tonight we had to face that almighty Boston College Eagle hoops program ….I mean all kidding aside …is there ANY major sport …save soccer …that we seriously don’t suck at ??? This athletic program in general and as a whole is in a shambles ….I think Crean probably sleeps at night knowing he makes MILLIONS each year …not about wins and losses ….its …like they say in the deep south …guaaaaaaarraaaannnnnteeeed !

  2. Go be a fan of someone else then Wynn.

    There were positives and negatives from tonight, but what the hell has happened to VJIII?

  3. Wow. You’re an idiot. Do you not see where this program is going? Do you not hear about the 9 recruits that we just picked up in the last 3 months? Sure we scheduled cupcakes in the early part of our schedule, but Boston College is a good team, and IU showed a lot of improvement from last year tonight. I think IU had 1 turnover in the second half, which would have never happened last year. This program is making strides to be relevant again, but obviously you don’t see that. Crean has this program going in the right direction. The record didn’t show it last year, but a .500 record this year would be an expected improvement, which will happen. You just wait. We will make the tournament next year, and it will only go up from there.

  4. You have to look at Boston College and see that they have a lot of seniors. That makes a huge difference in a program. Just wait until our sophomores are seniors, along with the recruits we have coming in…..Indianas is on the way back.

  5. It’s funny how at times like this you find out who the real “fans” are. Anyone with half a brain knew we weren’t going undefeated this year, so why does this loss suprise you so much? This was the first real test for a young, but improved team. We may not be the best team out there, but I guarentee you we will improve on the 10 wins we posted a year ago. If you can’t cheer for this team while we are a little down, then don’t you dare jump on the bandwagon next year when Zeller gets here, or the year after when Yogi, Hanner, and company are on board. Either get on now or get lost, we don’t need any fair weather “fans.”

  6. No inside presence. A point guard that can’t make his own shot of the dribble, and is still growing at the position, poor free throw shooting, shooters left wide open for three pointers. Despite this, they didn’t quit, made a game of it. I like the progress.

    We need to get some “men” on the floor. Look at the other teams (Purdue, Va. Tech, MSU, etc.). Wait until you see Kentucky!

    Lastly, Will Sheehey had no idea where he was supposed to be on defense, but I love his energy. He will be a surprise I think.

  7. Amen, Matt. As frustrating as tonight was, we need to stay behind this team. I was happy with the way we came back in the 2nd half after getting completely outplayed and outhustled in the 1st.

    We should base this season’s success on continuous improvement. Winning 16-17 games and making the NIT would be a huge accomplishment for the program. People really had unrealistic expectations after the 6-0 start.

  8. Iual88: did you watch the game? Hulls had some of his best moves off the dribble in his career! BC’s experience, home court advantage, and our inability to bit open shots early in. the game cost us the W.

    IU did well in it’s first road test. It could have been better, sure, but there are still plenty of reasons to be excited about the season.

  9. Thanks Peter, this is by no means a finished product, it is definately still a work in progress. But these kids are playing thier hearts out for us every night, and they deserve our cheers and respect. I’ve been saying all along this is a bubble team at best, but most likely headed for the NIT. But even that is a major improvement over the last 2 seasons. Help is on the way and the Hoosiers will soon be back were they belong, at the top of the Big 10. But in the mean time they still deserve a packed Assembly Hall cheering them on every step of the way. GO HOOSIERS!!

  10. As others have said, I liked that we did NOT give up and fought back to make it a one point game a couple of times. That was something we have NOT seen the past couple of years. I did not expect us to win this game, so I am not surprised that we lost. I am disappointed of course that we lost, because I HOPE we win every game, but I think any true fan hopes their team wins every game. I am not disappointed in our effort, especially the second half. Watford is a BEAST. Just had to finish with that.

  11. If you are going to come on here and moan and groan about a game that was played at a higher level by IU than we have seen the last 2 seasons, then you are a sucky fan!

  12. I thought IU played really well in the 2nd half. They especially improved their defensive rotation, which was lousy in the 1st half. It did seem that BC collectively had a really good shooting night, and as was noted earlier, they did start 3 seniors and a junior. The freshman that hit the big 3s thus had no pressure on him.I would have liked to see us finish a little better, but they hit everything the last 5 minutes. I’m not discouraged by this game.

  13. Mattsi4: you are an emerging star on this forum. Great post.

    iualum88: I liked how you started out with a whiny post but then turned it into a positive. I know what you mean about getting some “men.” Kentucky is a great example. Terrence Jones already has Karl Malone’s body. I’m afraid we might lose that game by 40.

  14. The home court venue for their underclassmen was big last night. That was good experience and a fair showing by IU. Hulls and Creek are getting more aggressive. Watford is a handful. I am damn glad Sheehey and VO are at IU in tandem. I wonder if the loss of GMM will cost us 3 wins.

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