Glass OK with Wilson coaching

Kevin Wilson will be taking some time away from Bloomington to work for his old boss at the Fiesta Bowl, but his new boss said he doesn’t have any problem with it.

At Wilson’s introductory press conference, Indiana athletic director Fred Glass did not seem fazed by the idea of the Hoosiers’ new head football coach working on Oklahoma’s offensive staff in the Jan. 1 game. He said Monday that he told Wilson before the job was his that he was welcome to coach in the game if he earned the position.

“I told him, ‘I want you all in at Indiana from Day 1 if this works out,'” Glass said. “‘But I’m open to anything you’d need to do with your old team.'”

Glass said it was fine by him for three reasons.

“No. 1, I appreciate loyalty,” Glass said. “He’s been there for 9 years at Oklahoma, Bob Stoops gave him an opportunity there. If Oklahoma sees value in him continuing to coach with them and he wants to do it, I admire his loyalty and as an institution, I think that’s something Indiana University ought to honor. No. 2, there’s very little downside to it. Kevin’s clearly all in at Indiana. The guy’s been working like crazy. He’s been living here since the announcement. He’s clearly all in with us. Plus, it’s not like we’re preparing for a bowl game. It’s a fairly quiet time, so we don’t lose much. And lastly, there’s a certain notoriety that he’s so highly thought of by Oklahoma that they’ve taken the extraordinary step of letting him continue to coach in a major bowl game. When you take all of that together, I don’t have a problem with it.”


  1. Not sure I understand the logic in staying on when Stoops said the new OC will be calling the plays at the Fiesta Bowl. He is basically taking a demotion for his final game to remain on staff.

  2. This is actually good for Indiana. Oklahoma will probably annihilate UCONN anyway, so they might bring up the fact that Coach Wilson left Oklahoma to coach at IU. Any recruits out there watching the game will see this. If anything I think this could be beneficial to the future of this program.

  3. Maybe he can talk some 2nd stringers into transferring, they would be better than most of our starters.

  4. Coach Wilson and IU can gain some national exposure at OU’s expense, While preping for the game he can look at whats going on with a diffrent vision and thought process, not be so focused on the OC’s job but be a Head Coach in training at a bowl game, so when IU gets to play in a bowl game SOON. Can’t hurt either to look around a maybe a couple of other Sooners who might want to come to IU

  5. I think this is a situation where everyone wins:

    Stoops has another set of eyes and a trusted voice help him prepare for the Fiesta Bowl.

    Wilson gets to have one last moment with his current players.

    For IU, when the score is Okie 45, Connecticut 7 in the fourth quarter, the broadcasters will be talking about Wilson’s high-flying offense and how exciting Indiana will be and that can only help recruiting.

  6. Only good can come from him coaching in this game. He has worked hard to get to this point and should be allowed to finsh what he started with his old team. I for one am glad they want him to coach and are not pushing him out the door. Sometime during or leading up to the game the media is going to say something or run some type of story on the fact that he is coaching in this game and is the Indiana head football coach. Considering the publicity Indiana footnall usually receives this will be a welcome change.

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