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The Associated Press and the Indianapolis Star are both reporting it is a done deal, and a plane is leaving Bloomington momentarily to head to Norman, presumably to pick up Wilson and his family.

Every indication given to Dustin was that it was a done deal, but the sources were unaware of whether or not a contract (or some other legal agreement) had been signed.

What makes it all the much more fun is that Wilson got off the plane in Oklahoma to find reporters wanting answers. He admitted he had interviewed, but said he had not been offered the job and acted as if it was far from a done deal.

Wilson has to be the guy to do the job of bringing Indiana to prominence, Andy wrote.


Jordan Hulls is up to the challenge of playing power forward in Indiana’s unusual offensive lineup, Dustin wrote.

In my Big Ten power poll, I ranked Indiana No. 8 and Ohio State No. 1.

The Inside the Hall guys took questions on a host of topics in their Twitter mailbag, and also updated their recruiting boards.

Verdell Jones is succeeding despite turning the ball over more than he would like, the IDS’ Ryan Winn wrote.


Concordia hung tough with Michigan for far too long, AnnArbor.com’s Michael Rothstein wrote.

Against Syracuse, Michigan State forward Draymond Green is an incredibly valuable piece, the Lansing State Journal’s Joe Rexrode wrote. Freshman guard Tre Bowman should see more playing time for Penn State today as it faces Mount St. Mary’s, the Daily Collegian’s Jared Shanker wrote.

Iowa’s players have given their input on how to defend Northern Iowa, the Cedar Rapids Gazette’s Scott Dochterman wrote. Purdue schedule a game at Valpo for Robbie Hummel, but will now have to win it for their teammate, the Lafayette Journal & Courier’s Jeff Washburn wrote.


You probably know who Phil Knight is. And if you know about the co-founder of Nike, you surely know about his relationship with Oregon. What makes this Q&A with Knight, conducted by the Oregonian’s Allan Brettman, is the force one man (and his pile of cash) can have on a university.

Knight also confirms that he does have a head set in his box (rumor has it as well that he is allowed to call one play a game).


Weezer’s “The Christmas Song.”


  1. OK, so from the picture above, it looks like he may not have the mustache at the press conference. Please let it be so.

  2. What Verdell does have going in his corner is how he expertly offsets his high number of turnovers by converting an advantageous low percentage rate at the charity stripe (58% on 38 attempts). Point guards do get fouled quite frequently. And let’s face it, free throws are also “overrated” and more often than not a made free one is a lost better opportunity for a higher percentage rebounded basket off a miss much closer than the spot on the floor where the first fouled upon shot was taken to begin with…Thus, Jones is giving us more opportunity for a closer look when he bricks the overrated freebie at the charity stripe. Agree? Stupid ‘purists’ love free throws…They’d prefer a whole game be started and stopped every 30 seconds and played at the line because they don’t have athletes….It’s a Hoosier NAIA thing ..More
    Milan…More Bobby Plump! Only dweebs like Steve
    Alford and old-school dudes like 4guards that still like to play the game in short shorts at Hinkle care about the 15-foot, standing still set shot, given as ridiculous gift by the guy wearing a striped shirt..

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