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Guy-Marc Michel was declared ineligible by the NCAA last week. Chris Howell | Herald-Times



The complicated convergence of three NCAA rules means Guy-Marc Michel will never play for Indiana, Dustin wrote. This is just another example that it is better to lie and cheat when it comes to dealing with the NCAA, I wrote.

Inside the Hall’s Zach Osterman also finds fault with how the NCAA deals with international athletes in general, and also explains the case in great detail.

In terms of basketball, this decision leaves IU with a very thin frontcourt, the IDS’ Nathan Hart wrote.

This, really, was Indiana’s first loss of the season, the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette’s LaMond Pope wrote.


There’s also the matter of a basketball game tonight. November was kind to the team, but December promises road games against better opponents, Dustin wrote.

Verdell Jones said he is ready for the challenge, the IDS’ Ryan Winn wrote. Tom Crean said he is ready to see how this team handles something new, the Indy Star’s Terry Hutchens wrote.

We’ve already seen what this team is capable of, the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel’s Pete DiPrimio wrote.

Here is IU’s video of Tuesday’s availability.


During his final meeting with his team, Bill Lynch was the same as always, demanding that the Hoosiers keep on going and not give up. That meant something, players said, as they deal with what happened, Dustin wrote.

A $5 million gift was given to San Diego State with the express purpose of keeping Brady Hoke with the school, the San Diego Union-Tribune’s Kevin Gimmell and Tim Sullivan wrote. At the same time, Hoke is dancing around questions of Minnesota. No talk of Indiana, though.


Illinois’ seniors were far, far too much for North Carolina in an Illini rout, the Champaign News-Gazette’s Paul Klee wrote. Ohio State was tough enough to defeat Florida State in a game played in a physical manner, the Columbus Dispatch’s Bob Baptist wrote.

Michigan had a 16-point halftime lead and then hung on at Clemson, AnnArbor.com’s Michael Rothstein wrote. Northwestern hit eight of its first nine 3-pointers in a 20-point rout of Georgia Tech, the Chicago Tribune’s Teddy Greenstein wrote. Iowa was the lone Big Ten loser of the night, falling at Wake Forest, the Iowa City Press-Citizen’s Pat Harty wrote.

The Big Ten needs two wins tonight to clinch the Challenge title.

Michigan State has one goal tonight: silence the Cameron Crazies, the Lansing State Journal’s Joe Rexrode wrote. Wisconsin coach Bo Ryan is convinced his team will improve, starting with a home game against North Carolina State, Madison.com’s Rob Schultz wrote.

Purdue’s loss to Richmond means the Boilermakers are trying to figure out what went wrong and what they can fix as it prepares for Virginia Tech, the Lafayette Journal & Courier’s Jeff Washburn wrote. Penn State is focused on stopping one Maryland player, the Daily Collegian’s Alex Angert wrote.


The Pogues “Fairytale of New York.”


  1. This is an effort to begin the Paul Chryst Hype Machine. A guy with an NFL pedigree and some magical seasons as an OC for Oregon State and Wisky. I hope he is on the short list. I think his age, enthusiasm and upside would make him a better fit than the DC from Ohio State.

  2. Gruden is meeting with Miami. All I have read and heard in the media and from people close to me are that Gruden will only coach at ND or in the pros. Glass better have already called him to see if he is interested.

  3. J Pat,

    Via a Twitter report, it is a done deal with a 4 year, 17 million dollar contract for Gruden to The U. Don’t know how much truth there is to it.

  4. Mike, thanks…did not know that. I have said for a year or two that he would at least entertain the thought. He always speaks so highly of Bloomington and IU. I guess Miami can pay more than us at 4 years, 17 mill. I hope down the road I hear that Glass did talk to him. Dammit Miami…why did you have to need a coach this year!

  5. J Pat,

    I don’t think Gruden was on the list at all. Successful NFL coach with a Super Bowl ring, now with a cushy ESPN job for MNF. I think Glass new that Gruden was way out of IU’s price range. Though I guess it doesn’t hurt to ask how much it would take to get him.

    Still can only find the 1 twitter report, so we’ll see if there is truth to it.

  6. Finally, a truly great song posted! There are few things as fun as seeing the Pogues in concert.

    I cannot believe Michigan & Iowa did so well on the road last night. If Penn State beats Maryland tonight, I think IU may be looking at a very rough conference schedule. Here’s rooting for IU to put in a really strong performance of their own on the road tonight.

  7. According to ESPN, Gruden has recieved the “parameters” of a contract, but no official meeting has taken place yet, even though they plan on the meeting happening soon. Of course Gruden in giving the “coach speak” talking about how dedicated he is the MNF and ESPN, but for that kind of money he’d have to at least listen.

  8. Matts, thanks for that. Mike, about a year ago I listened to Kravitz and Eddie one day and I think it was Forde or someone big from ESPN for sure that called in. Each of them talked about IU football for like 2-3 minutes. All three of those guys said that it would not hurt for IU to call if the time came and also said that money talks and also said that he would listen…for sure. I always thought that before and then to hear that from each of them. Maybe Gruden was not on the list now but maybe he was. He was sure on it many years back as you stated and I knew. Now I know in my heart that IU could not afford him, I am surprised Miami can/has ponied up that much $$$!

  9. Devin – thanks for making us aware of what a “truly great song” is. I bet the Scoop is heavily indebted to you for your artistic wisdom.

    Mike P: why so averse to an OC or DC? I feel like a proven coordinator might be better than a guy like Glen Mason who has coached, but at a .500 level, or a Sumlin, who has no sustained record of success.

  10. Husky, I don’t want to speak for Mike but I think he feels like I do…we/IU finally have the facilities and pay to attract a proven head coach from another school.

  11. Husky,

    If you are talking about a short list of canidates, the list of who you really want to take over this program, there should not have an OC or DC name on it.

    The short list of phone calls that should be made are:

    Harbaugh, Patterson, Petersen, Tommy Bowden and Terry Bowden.

    If none of those 5 work out, then list two should start with Brady Hoke and then insert OC-A, DC-A, OC-B, DC-B etc. But until those other names have flat turned down the job, no OC or DC should even be a thought to Glass.

  12. Mike P-

    Actually my next post was going to mention the Bowdens – Tommy in particular. The money would speak to him, and we would have instant credibility. I would even think him capable of picking up the pieces from Lynch’s failures and turn it into a 6-6 bowl game next year.

  13. 6-6 and a Bowl would be considered a success. However I truly believe that IU had a 8-4 team that Lynch coached to a 5-7 record.

    I really think any of the top 5 I listed could go 6-6 or 7-5 next year without Chappell and if Doss jumps.

  14. I also have been thinking about the Bowden’s, but particularly Terry. It is just my humble opinion, but I think he is the best of the offspring. I had high hopes that IU might be able to convince him to come on board when they hired Lynch instead. Can’t say I’d complain if they hired Tommy Bowden though. The only “candidate” that I would like to see hired more than Terry Bowden is Jim Harbaugh, but I’m afraid that’s a longshot.

  15. Props to whoever chose the music today. One of the all-time great Christmas songs. Nothing beats sweet little Kirsty MacColl wishing Shane Happy Christmas by calling him “you scumbag, you maggot, you cheap lousy fa*****.” And he just looks at her adoringly. Funny, touching, and a little sad – Christmas for real people. Now, as for the wisdom of stirring up pro-Irish sentiment on the day of the IU-BC game,….one has to wonder.

  16. Present time high caliber OC’s and DC’s have to be in the conversation as they are the next in line to be the BCS bowl coaches over the next three decades. Patterson and Petersen are not moving, Harbaugh most likely won’t, Tommy B. I deem to old to be highly desirable and Terry B. is a good prospect. But it is like the gentleman who taught me how to sell was fond of saying “if you only have one prospect, you have no prospective buyer at all”. Quality OC’s and DC’s put them on the list.

  17. GOD knows I have always liked the Bowden family…what a pedigree. I would love Terry and Tommy and hope Glass does call them. They won and went to bowls every year at Auburn and Clemson and one bad season and poof…they were gone. I never mentioned them because they have been off the radar for a while, especially Terry. Mike, I was surprised at the amount per year rumored for Gruden. What are the highest in Div 1 football right now? Miami would ne paying him well over 4 mill a year with incentives, crazy!

  18. We don’t need a BCS coach in 3 decades, we need a known name NOW. High School players don’t know the OC or DC from a school until they are being recruited by them. It’s us older guys who really follow the sport that know the position coaches, but IU needs a proven Head Coach not an OC or DC who has worked under an HC, cause you really never know if they can be an HC, case in point, Cam Cameron. Great OC, not so great HC.

  19. J Pat,

    Bob Stoops – Oklahoma – 4.3 mil

    Urban Meyer – Florida – 4.0 mil

    Nick Saban – Alabama – 3.9 mil

    Les Miles – LSU – 3.75 mil

    Jim Tressel – OSU – 3.72 mil

    Those are the 2010 top 5.

  20. Thanks, wow! So that 17 over 4 years would make him a close 2nd to Stoops. what do you bet when it is all over, Gruden will get the most? Thanks for the info. WOW!

  21. so are we going to get Mitch McGary? He can run the floor well and dribble well for a 6’10 guy.

  22. I guarantee every HS FB player worth his salt as a college prospect in the state of Ohio knows what Bollman and Heacock each do in Columbus. The same is true in Georgia, Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska of HS players following their respective teams. These young folks know very well who the leaders of many college staffs are and long before they come courting. OC’s and DC’s have to be considered if for nothing more than to contrast the many styles. The same anecdote can be used about proven HC’s; remember Fred Akers(?), overall at Texas 89-31-2, conference 60-19-1 while in W. Laffy 12-31-1, conference 9-23. So much for known names, they guarantee nothing whether recruiting or to W/L. In any search for management talent no matter what the field you never want to narrow intentionally the boundaries based on personal taste as it quickly reduces the odds of success.

  23. And again, I’m not saying right them off your list, I’m just saying they shouldn’t be your primary targets. The longer the search goes on, the more likely that the next coach will be an OC or DC, hopefully from a top program.

  24. Clarion, I respectfully disagree. I can guarantee you that kids from the deep south for example have NO idea who coordinators are from the state of Ohio. I guarantee that kids from the west coast have no idea who coordinators from the east coast are and so on and so on. State by state or small region, maybe but that is even doubtful. Of course it could go the head coach route as you pointed out but I am thinking IU will have more success with a proven head coach that has won for a few years and/or a big name. That is the camp I am in.

  25. JP, I think you must have been in high gear when speed reading my post and missed my slant. I did not mention anything about talent in the South knowing Ohio State OC and DC. But I still contend the top half of HS talent knows the shakers and bakers at many top schools.

  26. Clarion, I was using that as an example that kids do not know OC’a dn DC’s. Maybe state by state as you say but not out of state. That’s all.

  27. are you saying that a top 5 national high school player from Arkansas knows who the OC of Ohio St or the DC of Texas is???

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