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Indiana understood what happened in the first half and did what it could to make a comeback in the second half but it was too little, too late, Dustin wrote.

The defense, very good through six games, was very ordinary in the seventh, the IDS’ Greg Rosenstein wrote. This game gave everyone a more accurate preview of what to expect the rest of the season, the IDS’ Nathan Hart wrote.

It’s a loss, but one that gives the Hoosiers something to build on, the Indy Star’s Terry Hutchens wrote.

Here are the highlights.

Inside the Hall has The Minute After, The Four Factors and the podcast (with Chris Korman as its guest).


The IU women play at Clemson tonight as part of the ACC/Big Ten Challenge and rebounding will make the difference for the Hoosiers, Jeremy wrote.

Lindsey Enterline gave up basketball after two years of chronic injuries, but joined the volleyball team and will now be part of the group playing in the NCAA Tournament this weekend, Jeremy wrote.


Brady Hoke would be wise to stay at San Diego State and wait for a dream job that puts him among the conference elite, the San Diego Union-Tribune’s Tim Sullivan wrote. SportsByBrooks, which tends to be right as often as he is wrong, said Tulsa coach Todd Graham is someone to keep an eye on.


The Big Ten won its second challenge, and also the second in a row. Good stuff.

Duke did win the marquee game against Michigan State, on the basis of 20 MSU turnovers and a very good Kyrie Irving, the Lansing State Journal’s Joe Rexrode wrote. Purdue’s JaJuan Johnson forced OT and led the Boilermakers with 29 points in a win against Virginia Tech, the Lafayette Journal & Courier’s Jeff Washburn wrote.

Wisconsin absolutely destroyed a young but talented North Carolina State team, Madison.com’s Rob Schultz wrote. Penn State could not make open shots Maryland gave it during a Nittany Lion loss, the Daily Collegian’s Emily Kaplan wrote.


Dropkick Murphys’ “I am Shipping up to Boston.”


  1. Tom, Wat will have to at least stay through his junior year but yeah…he does look good. Gruden is holding out for the IU job…I tried to tell people this all along!

  2. JPat- Don’t get my hopes up there…Let’s be rational, why would Gruden take 2.5 million less per year to be in Bloomington? Not that I would complain, that would be awesome…

    By the way, I love how this exciting coaching search has put football on equal footing with basketball at the present moment…football is generating just as much, if not more chatter.

  3. Living in Massachusetts the last eight years Made me really sick of hearing this song and Sweet Caroline. That said, I have recently moved and was bummed when I saw IU would be playing there. Ten turnovers were good considering recent stats, and competition. I would like to see Watford emphasized more on the interior offense. we have enough wings. Passing and spacing really needs to improve. We’ll see what they have the next two games. I think they will play Kentucky better than B.C.

  4. Mass.Hoosier,

    I think Todd Graham is one of the best young coaches out there. Yes he jumped ship before, he jumped from Rice to Tulsa after one season.

    Why I say Graham isn’t interested in Indiana is just the man. He is a Texas native, played his college football in Ada Oklahoma, not to far from Tulsa. When he was at Rice, he took a 1-10 team, made them a 7-5 team, was named the C-USA Coach of the year. Rice gave him an extension and a pay raise to stay at Rice. A few days later he was offered the Tulsa job adn bailed back to the area he calls home.

    I say it will take a Big 12 job in Texas, Oklahoma or Kansas to get him out of Tulsa.

  5. Adam- you should be banned for that idiotic comment. I won’t use vulgar language, but I will say that you remind me of a certain feminine hygiene product.

  6. With BTN money growing as with the B10, the B12 soon to be 10 and Tulsa being in Conference USA anything is possible. But I bet TG has ignored interest before when it comes from out of his comfort region. Damn good coach though. If he would give IU a look we could be in the chips as he is better than his mentors Kragthorpe and RR.

  7. Bobby Bowden is on ESPN1000 this morning.

    He said if he wasn’t 81 years old that he would be interested in the IU job.

    Said that Bloomington is beautiful country, IU is a beautiful campus, and that he believes IU can get the job done with the right coach.

    He also said it wouldn’t break his heart if that coach was a Bowden.

  8. Great point husky, no way is Gruden coming to IU. It would be great, but not happening. I think Larry Coker, the old Miami coach, would be a great candidate. Can I get an amen from the bobblehead?

  9. Larry Coker is currently trying to build a program from the ground up. The University of Texas at San Antonio plays their first game in the 2011 season. They will be a D1 FCS (D2) school next year, then in 2013 they will go to the D1 FBC (D1) level.

    Be interesting to see what he does.

  10. Mike P: That is simply great to hear. A name like Bobby giving a plug for the IU job and the town of Bloomington on national radio is a big deal. Even better is the fact that Bobby is simply telling the truth.

    All these years of sorrowful moaning and groaning about how “No one would ever come to IU” really boil down to two things: the money and the facilities. IU is not a great job if it pays miserably and the infrastructure sucks. Change those two things, and you’ve got a really, really nice opportunity.

  11. Mike P, are you serious?? If so, that is pretty darn cool!

    Also, in doing research lately I have been intrigued with Tim Beckman, Todd Graham, and Larry Fedora….what is your take on these guys? I have not given up on the big name but out of like 10 publications of possible coaches I liked these guys.

  12. Mike P, thanks for the info on Coker. Hopefully IU hires someone that’s an established winner, not a young, unproven assistant.

  13. Tom, Mike P. and JP we all agree IU can be something special on the gridiron and with Bobby B. expounding the same is exciting. Maybe he is sending a message to son TB to apply.

  14. J Pat, As I am sure you know Beckman was DC and Fedora was OC for the Cowboys at the 2007 Insight Bowl against the Hoosiers. Both are stretching their HC muscles. I too believe they are quality possibles.

  15. J Pat,

    I am serious, but it was on 1070 The Fan, not ESPN 1000.

    Anyway, if you click on my name it will take you to the Pod Cast.

    Anyway, Big Joe asked if he could put Bobby’s name up for it, to which Bobby answered

    “if that dad-gum age wasn’t so old, you might. You know, I think Indiana University can do it”

    “I think it’s such a beautiful school and area, they’re going to get thing right one of these days”,

    “somewhere there is a guy who is right for Indiana and it wouldn’t make me mad if it was a Bowden”

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