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Indiana coach Kevin Wilson walks to the podium before being introduced Tuesday. Chris Howell | Herald-Times



Kevin Wilson has an “it” factor that made Fred Glass and Scott Dolson convinced the former Oklahoma offensive coordinator was their man, Dustin wrote. It’s a hire from outside of the family, but Wilson is a Randy Walker guy that was not afraid to talk about his connections to past IU coaches, Andy wrote.

Wilson is a throwback kind of coach, so it makes sense that former players, including Anthony Thompson, praised the hiring, Lynn Houser wrote. There’s no decision on whether or not Wilson will coach in the Fiesta Bowl for Oklahoma, I wrote. Also check out Chris Howell’s photo gallery, including shots of the players watching the press conference.

Those who have coached with him and around him are impressed with Wilson, and everything seems to be in place for him to have a chance at success at Indiana, the Indy Star’s Bob Kravitz wrote. The length of the contract (seven years) means Indiana is going to give continuity a try, something it has not done since Bill Mallory, the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette’s LaMond Pope wrote. Wilson came to IU to win, the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel’s Pete DiPrimio wrote.

Wilson is not a big name, but he quickly became what Glass was looking for, the IDS’ Geoffrey Miller wrote. Glass is confident he has found his man, the IDS’ Connor O’Gara wrote. His increased salary will come from existing revenue sources, not a donor, Miller and O’Gara wrote. Glass got the right guy, the IDS’ Justin Albers wrote.

Here is the hometown angle, which confirms a lot of initial impressions.

Also here is the video report from The Palestra’s Courtney Cronin and Casey Richards.


Mitch McGary said he has a scholarship offer from Indiana for 2011, but maybe not for 2012, and he is unsure whether or not he can do the academic work to get into the class of 2011, Inside the Hall’s Alex Bozich wrote.

P.J. Thompson, a class of 2014 player at Brebuef Jesuit, said he will visit Indiana soon, according to this Kyle Neddenriep Tweet.

Here also is a story from the Charlotte Observer about United Faith Christian Academy, the school Peter Jurkin attends. The 2012 commit hasn’t played early in the season because of a stress fracture in his foot, but had very nice things to say about his experience at the school.


Syracuse absolutely manhandled Michigan State in Madison Square Garden, the Lansing State Journal’s Joe Rexrode wrote. E’Twaun Moore was sensational on both ends as Purdue pulled away from Valparaiso, the Lafayette Journal & Courier’s Jeff Washburn wrote.

Iowa was too big inside for Northern Iowa, the Cedar Rapids Gazette’s Scott Dochterman wrote. Penn State needed a 28-foot heave from Talor Battle to beat Mount St. Mary’s, the Daily Collegian’s Jared Shanker wrote.

Two games tonight. Wisconsin guard Ben Brust is pushing for more playing time against UW-Milwaukee, Madison.com’s Rob Schultz wrote. Minnesota’s Ralph Sampson III and his father are watching his game film with a motive in mind, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune’s Myron P. Medcalf wrote.


There are now 35 bowls. Way too many, probably. And not all of them are going to be fun to watch, so SI.com’s Stewart Mandel unleashed his annual rankings of the bowls.

No. 35? Ohio vs. Troy in the New Orleans Bowl.

A solid guide for you as you figure out which ones to watch and which to ignore.


Johnny Cash’s “I Walk The Line.”


  1. Ok, so when was the last time Hoosier Nation was in basketball season, but anticipating the football season?

    I know that’s a stretch, but you can’t deny that now we’re suddenly waiting for football season to see what we’ve got.

    I love being excited about both football and basketball. I hope the excitement continues once the games start.

    Good luck, Coach!

  2. H-T Guys:

    Any reactions from 2011 verbals to the CKW decision? I’ve heard that Tre Roberson seemed pretty fired up about the decision while he was on 1070 The Fan yesterday, and I saw some blurb online that one of our wavering verbals (Robbins) might now be rethinking his “looking at other schools” stance.


  3. I like when KW said, [if they don’t stay or stay comitted, then we don’t want them here anyway.] But you have to like our chances on retaining and maybe picking up a few steals.


    With the exception of coach Hep, this is the best football
    hire since coach Bill Mallory.

    Kudos to Fred Glass as he has consistently shown to be the best IU A.D. in at least the last 40 years. I love his energy, openminded thinking, and foresight to improve IU athletics.

    The 1 negative: I had planned on selecting my FB season tickets again and maybe moving down 5 to 10 rows. Now with the change of coaches, I am going lock in my present seating. If not, I might wind up 5 to 10 rows HIGHER.

  5. How can the recruits NOT be pumped about this hire? Especially Roberson, I know he’s hoping to play QB and this is the guy who mentored Sam Bradford for cryin out loud. I can understand the defensive recruits waiting to see who the DC is going to be, but they should still be pumped about this.

  6. Agreed, Mattsi4, especially the offensive recruits. These kids, while they may not have known of CKW by name CERTAINLY know what Oklahoma does every Saturday.

  7. Are most of you excited about the new coach or just a change from Lynch and co??? I am about 60% change and 40% new coach. I don’t want to curb positive excitement for the IU football program, GOD knows that but keep this in perspective…Wilson was last a head coach in 1989 at a high school. I have said on here twice that he will have my support until he screws up and I am pumped for next year as well but some of you sound like we just scored Gruden, Dungy, Harbaugh or a Bowden and that we did not! I apologize now if I don’t sound happy, I AM HAPPY! I just read some of these comments and it is like IU hit the lotto…

  8. When/if Mitch McGary ends up in a Hoosier uniform, please don’t tell me the kid is from the Tar Heel/Dukie state because he’s now attending an academy school there. His basketball roots grew from Indiana soil. He’s from the little town of Chesterton in Northwest Indiana. Chesterton High School is the same school Zach Novak attended(Junior @ Michigan..starting guard).
    Former Hoosier, Matt Nover, was another Chesterton kid(’92 Final Four team).

  9. I’ve known several guys that played for the Bowdens and followed Bobby closely when he was at Clemson, as it’s nearby. I’ll take Coach Wilson over Terry and Tommy any day of the week. Phil Fulmer is another name that pops up that we would have regretted hiring. Welcome aboard, Coach Wilson. You are the man.

  10. OMG. He used the dreaded Crean line. “Process…It’s going to be a process”.

    We’ve certainly put out a lot of bread to go along with the cheesy “processed” speeches. Can we now refer to the two major sports programs at IU as a giant grilled cheese sandwich?

  11. J Pat—-Yes, I am excited about CKW being HC at IU. I apologize if you felt that I was pimping him. I have been an IU BB fan for over 55 years and FB fan for over 40 years. Time may prove that I’m wrong; but, I think he is the right person for IU.

    FWIW: your postings mirror my thoughts very closely. As a result, it has not been necessary for me to post. Keep up the good work.

  12. JPat- Here’s a tidbit from a Husky perspective that I think you might find helpful. Steve Sarkisian has Washington back in a bowl game this year (Holiday Bowl vs. Nebraska), only two years removed from an 0-12 season under a pathetic “Nice Guy” coach (WIllingham).

    Washington got to where they are now by hiring Steve Sarkisian, a young OC from USC. Sark had zero head coaching experience and brought an offense-only pedigree with him. Yet, he had a lot of enthusiasm. He got people to believe in his plan early. He was able to convince USCs DC to come with him to Washington won some big recruiting battles, and although he hasn’t been perfect, all agree that he has undoubtedly turned the culture of the program around, on both sides of the ball.

    Sarkisian worked under Pete Carrol at USC. Kevin Wilson worked under Bob Stoops. Would you rather bring someone from the Pete Carrol school or the Bob Stoops school? I think if you are a football person, there is no doubt in your mind which school is superior and more likely to produce the next coaching star.

    It is also worth mentioning that Washington has a rich and long football tradition with a huge following, and yet they still went the OC route…and it is paying off. IU got a better coordinator from a better program…and I expect it will pay off as well.

  13. Downing- Here’s to your Bears crushing the Pats this weekend. Pouty Boy Cutler is finding a way to grind out all kinds of wins these days, with the same bratty expression on his face. I would pay large sums to tailgate in the frigid parking lot of Soldier Field this weekend before watching the Brady Bunch get crushed by the Monsters of the Midway…

  14. D-5: Here’s to your Bears crushing the Pats this weekend. Pouty Boy Cutler is finding a way to grind out all kinds of wins these days, with the same bratty expression on his face. I would pay large sums to tailgate in the frigid parking lot of Soldier Field this weekend before watching the Brady Bunch get crushed by the Monsters of the Midway…

  15. Chet, growing up in SC and having my family and friends throughout that state and the south…I would have taken any Bowden. I don’t know why you would say that. Fulmer I am not sure would be much better than the Wilson hire. Veejer, don’t apologize, I am excited too and he might be the man. To those of us that study the game and love the game..it will be evident if he is the man after the first couple of games.

  16. A Bowden and a Fulmer are not going to sign on for $1.2 Million a year. Look what Texas Tech is paying the former Auburn coach. He was unemployed for a while, but he got a nice compensation package to take over TT.

    I like this hire. Not too old, not too young, comes from a powerhouse program, loves the Midwest and Big Ten. A history of working for some great mentors, and affordable.

  17. Chet,

    Do you meant you followed Tommy Bowden when he was at Clemson? Or that you watched Bobby when he brought Florida St. to play Clemson, cause Bobby was never at Clemson.

    Like J Pat, I would take any Bowden, most especially Tommy if I had to choose one of the boys. As for Fulmer, I would have took him 3 or 4 years ago, not now.

    As for Wilson, I wasn’t excited about the hire at first, but my great uncle is an OU fan, has lived his whole life about 2 hours from Norman. The only reason the have satellite on the farm is because he couldn’t get OU games OTA anymore. My Uncle feels we got a really good coach who can make IU a winner.

    Listening to him at the press conference I felt really good about him, and the things I’ve heard from a couple players after their meeting is all extremely positive.

    I’m excited for spring, to see what he can do with theses kids. Right now though, I am ready to see what staff he puts together, as long as Canada, Palcic & Springer isn’t on it, he will be off to a great start!

  18. Typo on my part. Tommy at Clemson. Actually, I’d take a younger Bobby but that’s not an option. I never saw anything out of Tommy or Terry that impressed me in any way but I did see a lot that I would want IU or its players to be associated with. I have many anecdotes from friends and former students that played with one or the other. Not worth going into but they don’t paint a pretty picture.

  19. Chet, I will take your word for it and leave it as is. Terry does have a 131-59 record and Tommy with a 90-49. They are both winners but Tommy was in a no win situation in SC. Clemson will always play second fiddle to USC with recruits and daddy used to hit the state hard. Tommy had decent seasons for Clemson and was invited to a bowl for nine seasons in a row…I would love for IU to do that!

    I actually am very pumped about Wilson. I have stated a couple things that bug me but I will get off that and support him “Big time”. I hope he does well…GO IU!!!

  20. Husky Tom-

    Sorry it took so long to respond to you, old blogging pal. I am bubbling over with holiday cheer to see my Bears looking like they might just have a winter without early hibernation. Can you believe I’ve never tailgated? I am a virgin tailgater. Sad. Sad and lonely man. The Bears schedule is brutal over the next 4 weeks(Patriots, @Vikings, Jets, @Packers). The Bears will be tested for sure. The defense has benefited enormously from the freakish athletic abilities of Peppers…Bennett(Cutler’s teammate from Vandy) and Hester have been integral to finally getting some 3rd down conversions. I’ve been really impressed with Bennett..Very tough kid..a very solid and pure receiver. Hester doesn’t get near the credit deserved for how he’s transformed himself into a double threat. Johnny Knox, Olson, Urlacher, Briggs…A lot of great personalities. They are a fun as hell team to watch. Maybe this year can be something special again. The 45 rpm version of a “Super Bowl Shuffle” awaits one hell of a party. So close to the turntable needle of a 1976 Panasonic compact stereo with hard-pounding thruster speakers she came. It was not to be. A nightmare in Miami courtesy a “Butterfingers” QB from Bloomington South returned her to a darker life in a dusty box. Although, I’m happy to say, a Bad Company “Running with the Pack” larger piece of round vinyl was elated the opportunity to breakout its sleeve and stir many an old memory and erase the pains a grumpy old Bear.

    Go Bears!!

    p.s. If first impressions mean anything(because I’m surely not the expert on college football coaches), I like the Hoosiers new choice to return IU football to the glorious day a Holiday Bowl.

  21. J Pat, I worked in SC for seven years in the 90s and I’m not sure I agree about Clemson playing second fiddle to USC (the other one). I’d say Clemson has a higher percentage of loyalists in the state than, say, Purdue has in Indiana. I met lots of Clemson fans down there. If the ‘Cocks (can you believe that piece of marketing brilliance?) have an edge, it’s not a big one.
    It was always amusing to me to hear fans casually referring to “Carolina” (which I always associated with the Tar Heels) or “USC” (which I associated with Southern Cal).
    Regional humor, why does USC eat cereal off a plate? They can’t handle a bowl (they had never won a bowl in the 90s).

  22. Chet, thanks for the nice post. I will agree that there are almost but not quite as many Clemson fans in the state of SC as Carolina fans and agree with the way you compare with PU fans in Indiana. When I speak of second fiddle, I mean with recruits and yes on a whole I guess. Clemson is a much smaller school, an ag school. I spent the first 18 years of my life in SC and part of my family is still there. Say I have 100 facebook friends…at least 70 of them are for USC/Carolina. This is just my take and I believe it to be true from my experience. I lived in the up state for 3 years and spent the rest of my time in what they call, The Low Country. Thanks for the respectful reply, GO IU!!!

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