Indiana 88, SIU-Edwardsville 54

Indiana opened Friday’s game with a 24-0 run and never looked back, cruising to an 88-54 win over an overmatched Southern Illinois-Edwardsville team in front of 11,908 at Assembly Hall in the Hoosiers first game in the Las Vegas Classic.

The Hoosiers play South Carolina State at 4 p.m. Sunday at Assembly Hall before leaving for two games in Las Vegas.

Sophomore forward Christian Watford scored 18 points and Derek Elston had 14.  The Hoosiers shot 61.5 percent from the field and held SIU-Edwardsville to 33.3 percent.

This victory matched IU’s 100-66 win over Northwestern State for the lagest margin of victory of the season. It eclipsed the win over Wright State on Nov. 14 for IU’s highest shooting percentage.

The Hoosiers led by as many as 41 points.


  1. Felt sorry for the SIUE kids. The crowd actually clapped for them when they hit a few shots, not out of sarcasm but pity.

  2. kenpom predicted 87-55, pretty close. J Hulls had both a great line and a terrible line. Great in that he shot 75% from the field and 50% from 3-pt range. Terrible in that he only scored 7 points.

    Am I the only one that thinks he could turn that into 20 points if he were a little more selfish?

  3. So IU is now 8-0 in meaningless games and 0-2 in real games, how does this equate into the big ten season?

  4. Big Bob,
    When you have only won 16 games the previous 2 years, no game is meaningless. I for one am OK scheduling weak times until we get the talent level up. It is coming up but I am tired of hearing people complain about the schedule. As our talent level increases we will schedule harder opponents. Plain and simple.

  5. As if Iu was alone in this process. It hasn’t been so long ago that North Carolina actually lost to Binghampton and some other type of tea in consecutive games. Earl Gray?

  6. JL, I understand what you are saying but when you are only winning games against sub par opponents you don’t always get the recruits you need to get to that next level. The football team has the same problem. And what some people call competing with some of the big boys is just the other teams seeing IU as no real threat. Sometimes that comes close to biting them in the backside but they usually find a way to overcome it.

  7. Yes, somewhat impressive, but only time will tell. We’ll see if Crean can really coach or not. My thought is that he can’t or does’nt like to coach big men and that could really hurt the Zeller kid. If this holds true we are still in the same boat.

  8. I am thrilled with our record right now. We have won when we were predicted to and lost when we were predicted to…the last 2 seasons we lost games that we should have won. I love Elston in there a lot more than Pritch.

    Quick story: I had 4 balcony seats for last nights game. I tried to offer them to several people for free but NO takers. I was eating on Kirkwood last night and a man from out of town with his two kids were next to us. They were in for a basketball clinic of some kind. I offered the tickets and they were thrilled to death! Hope they pay it forward!

  9. We scheduled to play in the Las Vegas Classic. They decided the pairings. It is, what it is, and it was a win. We have some of the best players in the nation recruited. I really don’t think the game last night had anything to do with their recruitment. Jordan Hulls is a leader and he will do anything coach asks of him. If he wanted to score 20 points a game he could but he is doing what coach wants him to do to win. I like what he is doing and his team mates and coaches do also. He will have some high scoring games before he is done at IU but more importantly he will help IU get back to it’s rightful place in college basketball.

  10. J Pat, that’s great. If they weren’t already fans, IU has now become at least one of their favorite teams.

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