It’s a plane … from Indy to Oklahoma to Madison

A private plane left Indianapolis Friday morning and traveled to the University of Oklahoma and Madison, Wisc.

While we cannot yet say definitively who was on the flight, the pattern indicates it was someone connected to Indiana University.

As you are by now no doubt aware, multiple reports indicate Indiana has interviewed Oklahoma offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson and Wisconsin defensive coordinator David Doeren for its open head football coach position.

UPDATE: The plane is owned by a company named “Bogey Bird.” Also, because I forgot to mention this earlier, the same plane traveled to Boston on Wed., leaving in the early afternoon and coming back from Boston at 10:27 p.m.

UPDATE: Some astute readers have noted it is Fuzzy Zoeller’s plane.


  1. Both Wilson and Doeren would be good catches for IU but woukd still like to see Glass interview Chryst and Treadwell.

  2. I also saw a plane leave today from Bloomington. It was heading south–fast. Not sure who was on the plane–I think it may have been a future FB coach. Hard to tell from the ground….

  3. Fuzzy’s plane was the same one use by Greenspan to recruit Hep – follow this lead – it is the right one to follow. Hire somebody that can recruit All American DEFENSIVE players — PLEASE

  4. I hope we at least contacted Sumlin.

    Same resume as Wilson plus success as a head coach and a very good staff in place at Houston (and he’s from Indianapolis).

    Now I’m reading Miami may be after him, so maybe we never had a chance.

  5. Based on the limited information available, it would seem that any of the candidates being mentioned would be a major upgrade for IU. Either successful up and coming head coaches from a smaller school/conference with a proven track record, or an assistant coach from a top ten program that has been well schooled by a proven winner (Stoops). Ironically, I think it’s going to be much harder for IU to attract a head coach from a smaller school/conference than it is to hire an assistant from a top ten program. The younger up and comers are looking to get hired by traditional college power-house programs and might see IU as severe hazard to that objective. Plus, how much more money will IU offer than they are already getting paid? An assistant in his late 40’s from a traditional powerhouse program may be getting worried about being passed over for head coaching jobs as he gets older.

  6. A little late on this one Hugh… we posted this another site yesterday…

    If you need help following the planes.. just ask!

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