IU looking at Oklahoma OC?

An Orlando-based website called Football Rumor Mill.com is reporting that multiple sources say Oklahoma offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson is in line for an interview with Indiana and that the job is “his to lose,” unless he screws up the interview.

Is this website credible? I have no idea. I just texted Fred Glass about it and he politely reminded me that he’s staying radio silent on all issues. I don’t trust or know the sources well enough to put in a newspaper story, but i think it’s worth discussing on the blog, and since we didn’t include Wilson in our initial list of candidates, this might be a good time to introduce him. A few pertinent points from his resume:

  • Wilson has been at Oklahoma since 2002 and the offensive coordinator since 2006. That means he was responsible for the Oklahoma offense in 2008 that scored more than 60 points five times, an FBS record, and scored a record 716 points for the season. Sam Bradford won the Heisman Trophy for leading that group. Of course, it lost to Florida in the national championship game that year.
  • Wilson has twice been a finalist for the Frank Broyles Award for the nation’s top assistant. He won it in 2008.
  • The Sooners have been to a bowl every year he’s been on staff, including six BCS games.
  • Wilson has Big Ten experience, spending three years under Randy Walker at Northwestern. He also coached under Walker at Miami (Ohio), where he was from 1990-98.
  • As a positional coach, Wilson has worked with quarterbacks, offensive lineman, tight ends and fullbacks.
  • Wilson is a native of Maiden, N.C. and a 1984 North Carolina graduate. Not sure of his exact age, but he graduated high school in 1980.


  1. This would be a good hire if it were true. Good try asking Glass, Dustin… but I bet Wilson isn’t the only guy who’s scheduled for an interview with Glass. It’s also good to see IU swinging for some of the bigger coordinators like Oklahoma’s, plus the ties to Randy Walker (and Hep) make it a nice touch.

  2. According to Wikipedia he was born in 1961. Go to YouTube and type in Kevin Wilson Oklahoma and you’ll get a couple of vids. One is an amusing letter (still shot) complaining about his offense.

  3. He is 49 yr. old and has spent all his coaching time on the offensive side of the ball. I don’t know if that is good or not. He is making just shy of a half million a year. Damn good prospect coming from the coordinators branch of the tree.

  4. The OU Scout Board comments regarding this rumor are rather blase, overall. Certainly there was no unified voice of concern over the prospect of losing him. FYI: his B12 offensive rankings in 2010 and 2009, respectively:

    Scoring Offense: #1 and #4
    Rushing Offense: 7th both years
    Passing Offense: #1 and #3
    Total OffenseL #3 both years

  5. It’s worth noting that Wilson also runs the pistol these days. He also takes a lot of heat from the fans for running up the middle at inopportune times. Sounds familiar. If we are looking at Oklahoma’s coordinators, I’d rather have Brent Venables.

  6. Keep in mind, he put up those kinds of offensive numbers with some of the best talent in the country. Just sayin

  7. Kevin Wilson would be good continuity for the future of Dusty, EWB, Roberson and possibly Gunner.

  8. Possibly going back to Oklahoma looking for Indiana’s next coach for a major program. Hopefully this time, if it turns out true, will work better than that last guy they hired from Norman.

  9. IU had a pretty good offense when completely healthy with Matt Canada as OC despite some questionable play calling at times. These numbers on Wilson mean nothing. Find a coach that knows how to build a program, not just one who was decent at one facet of the game. If Wilson has a reputation of being one of OU’s top recruiters for Stoops and can also bring in a quality defensive staff then we are talking.

  10. My initial thought is this will not be a good hire. Last thing IU needs is another damn OC as the head coach.

    In the last 10 years, IU’s defense hasn’t cracked the top 100 in the country 4 times. The highest ranking has been 71st in the country. The average ranking is 93rd!

    If Glass is going the coordinator route (which I still don’t like), then get one who coaches DEFENSE!

  11. Who cares! Has the football season not concluded with similar results of those played 95% the last 40 years at IU? Do you not smell the same reassuring and familiar stink-it-up odor drifting from the massacres occurred at Memorial’s field the last four decades? When that odor hits your nose it signals a time to let the football ghosts crawl back in their graves. It’s now time to turn our discussions toward the living. Halloween and the zombie movie is over. Let Husky Tom chew on his own arm over the sorry state of Washington Husky football. It’s now time for the sport that gives reason for our university to be recognized by anyone outside the borders this state that doesn’t happen to be your Kentucky relative. Personally, I think it’s terrible that Glass has removed attention from our fine young basketball team with all this tedious football drama at the onset our hoops season. Lynch should have been fired by Glass a month ago and his new coach already been named. And you people call this AD a smart business man?

    It’s very bad business to put the pigskin on the podium at this time of year..Very dangerous indeed..And extremely disrespectful may I add to the unique young men of our hoops “new generation” basketball team that dedicated their 4-year mission to restoring the cream and crimson after she was burned to the ground. Wasn’t “new generation” a marketing term coined by Fred Glass? Dangerous territory indeed when we spit in the face of the sport with storied tradition that brought national acclaim a little town in Southern Indiana. Very insulting to treat basketball this way when she’s a bit down and out and looking for a little reassurance that we’d never allow her a glimpse the same fate her ugly football sister across the parking lot. She’s been down more a decade a putting on some pounds. If we’re not smart she’ll soon look like the same fat lady that’s been signing in the stands at Memorial since Sonny and Cher had a number one song on the charts.

    Sometimes young players need a little more than the motivation their godsend coach to get pumped up for games. Sometimes they may enjoy a few stories from newspaper journalists and a few comments from fans that make them feel almost as important the one-and-done 5-star athlete, next business decision, or multimillion dollar coach that has historically guaranteed zilch in return a faithful cheer.

    Can’t believe we’re actually having a football coaching discussion one week before a basketball game against Kentucky. Yes, Mr. Glass, you are quite the genius. Good job rallying the basketball troops for the biggest battles ever faced a program’s tradition on life support. Just put up some more quotes from Tom Crean on the walls of Cook Hall and soon it will all look like football at IU.

  12. So what if he can gear IU to score 60 points a game. That means we still would lose by 23 to Wisconsin. We tried offensive minded coaches in the past with little success. Why not try a defensive approach?

  13. You all are aware that an “offensive minded” coach is capable of hiring a good defensive staff, right? Glass said the resources will be there.

  14. ProFlush, is that your handle because that what you did to your brains? Dear God man, get a firm grip on reality!

  15. You’re right Jimmy, an offensive minded head coach can hire a defensive staff. The problem with that thought is that a good defensive coordinator that could help this team is already at a big school, making a big paycheck, and isn’t coming to IU as an assistant, they are looking to become a HC somewhere.

  16. Chet and 16guards(Prodoucher), you guys are two of the most famous snubby-nosed fatheads on this blog. Real experts at anal contortion..I consider there to be no finer compliment than a casual insult from the queens of arrogance. “ProFlush” is the dollars IU will send down the pipes on a football coach that won’t change a damn thing. Why do you think the NCAA has never investigated our football program? We can’t even cheat our way to a Holiday Bowl every 15 years. That’s the resulting reality of your passionate blogging efforts obsessing and critiquing your lists of fantasy names the coaches that would require Glass to sneak up behind, snuff with chloroform, and perform frontal lobotomy to get them to sign on dotted line the chance to forever scar their careers on IU football. Did you notice how we’re now looking at assistant coaches for the check-cashing job most suited a hopeless martyr? Don’t get me wrong…Football is a great game when not played in an IU uniform.

  17. Famous to me. You’re a good guy, Chet. You’re not only intelligent, but you’re perfect in so many assumptive ways you’ve let all on this blog a little too frequently aware. If I could only get rid of this horrible constipation issue in your front yard and watch you turn it into a “lovely” rose bed.

    This all reminds me of a quote from a holiday movie I saw recently(The Family Stone). I feel it is worth sharing and applies to you, Chet. “You have a freak flag. You just don’t fly it.”

  18. Did you hear a canine version of Brokeback Mountain is coming out?…“I can’t Shih Tzu.”

    Thanks to Chet…Tonight..Finally…Pro FLUSHED!

  19. I’m willing to believe that we are interviewing Wilson, because a source only needs to see him in Bloomington and then be like “oh yeah IU must be interviewing Kevin Wilson.” But it’s ridiculous for sources to act like they know who Glass’ favorites are. Only he knows who he considers to be the favorite, and he’s not telling anyone.

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